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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A confession!"
2.  "Athos! Porthos! Aramis!"
3.  "Listen, my dear girl," said D'Artagnan; "you cannot butperceive that all this must end, some way or other. Miladymay discover that you gave the first billet to my lackeyinstead of to the count's; that it is I who have opened theothers which ought to have been opened by De Wardes. Miladywill then turn you out of doors, and you know she is not thewoman to limit her vengeance. "Alas!" said Kitty, "for whomhave I exposed myself to all that?"
4.  "Certainly."
5.  "You speak very much at your ease, madame," said Bonacieux, hurtat the little interest his wife showed in him. "Do you know thatI was plunged during a day and night in a dungeon of theBastille?"
6.  "You must give your recipe to Planchet. I may be besieged in myturn, and I shall not be sorry for him to be able to let me enjoythe same advantages with which you gratify your master.""Lord, monsieur! There is nothing more easy," said Mousqueton,with a modest air. "One only needs to be sharp, that's all. Iwas brought up in the country, and my father in his leisure timewas something of a poacher."


1.  It is true that the habit of a huntress became her admirably.She wore a beaver had with blue feathers, a surtout of gray-pearlvelvet, fastened with diamond clasps, and a petticoat of bluesatin, embroidered with silver. On her left shoulder sparkledthe diamonds studs, on a bow of the same color as the plumes andthe petticoat.
2.  She calculated that to cross this corner of France and return tothe cardinal it would take her at least three days. Add anotherday for landing, and that would make four. Add these four to thenine others, that would be thirteen days lost--thirteen days,during which so many important events might pass in London. Shereflected likewise that the cardinal would be furious at herreturn, and consequently would be more disposed to listen to thecomplaints brought against her than to the accusations shebrought against others.
3.  "With women, perhaps; but not with men. I know something ofhim."
4.  The cardinal was left free to carry on the siege, withouthaving, at least at the present, anything to fear on thepart of the English.
5.  "That will be useless."
6.  "With those studs?"


1.  'Well, I will give it up, then," said the young woman, sighing."It is well as it is; say no more about it."
2.  "Yes; I am a man of honor," said D'Artagnan, determined tocome to an end, "and since your love is mine, and I amsatisfied I possess it--for I do possess it, do I not?""Entirely; go on."
3.  "There is one comfort, we are all in cash," said D'Artagnan."Well, for my part," said Athos, "I found Aramis's Spanish wineso good that I sent on a hamper of sixty bottles of it in thewagon with the lackeys. That has weakened my purse.""And I," said Aramis, "imagined that I had given almost my lastsou to the church of Montdidier and the Jesuits of Amiens, withwhom I had made engagements which I ought to have kept. I haveordered Masses for myself, and for you, gentlemen, which will besaid, gentlemen, for which I have not the least doubt you will bemarvelously benefited."
4.  "Monsieur de Cavois?"
5.   On her side the lady, who from time to time blushed, darted withthe rapidity of lightning a glance toward the inconstant Porthos;and then immediately the eyes of Porthos wandered anxiously. Itwas plain that this mode of proceeding piqued the lady in theblack hood, for she bit her lips till they bled, scratched theend of her nose, and could not sit still in her seat.Porthos, seeing this, retwisted his mustache, elongated hisimperial a second time, and began to make signals to a beautifullady who was near the choir, and who not only was a beautifullady, but still further, no doubt, a great lady--for she hadbehind her a Negro boy who had brought the cushion on which sheknelt, and a female servant who held the emblazoned bag in whichwas placed the book from which she read the Mass.The lady with the black hood followed through all theirwanderings the looks of Porthos, and perceived that they restedupon the lady with the velvet cushion, the little Negro, and themaid-servant.
6.  "My dear Athos, I shall no longer count the number of timesI am indebted to you for my life."


1.  "By no means."
2.  At nine o'clock Madame la Premiere Presidente arrived. As nextto the queen, she was the most considerable personage of thefete, she was received by the city officials, and placed in a boxopposite to that which the queen was to occupy.
3.  "Ah! I advise you to complain!" said Porthos.
4、  Richelieu remained standing, leaning against the mantelpiece; a tablewas between him and D'Artagnan.
5、  D'Artagnan, in a state of fury, crossed the antechamber at threebounds, and was darting toward the stairs, which he reckoned upondescending four at a time, when, in his heedless course, he ranhead foremost against a Musketeer who was coming out of one of M.de Treville's private rooms, and striking his shoulder violently,made him utter a cry, or rather a howl.




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      "And signed by whom--by the king?" And the cardinal pronounced thesewords with a singular expression of contempt.

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      They arrived thus, screened by the lining of the trench,till they came within a hundred paces of the bastion.There, on turning round, D'Artagnan perceived that the twosoldiers had disappeared.

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       "Monsieur still insists upon seeing him?"

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      "Zounds! I think it does indeed!" cried the Gascon, who reckonedupon this letter for making his way at court. "It contained myfortune!"

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    {  Immediately eight swords glittered in the rays of thesetting sun, and the combat began with an animosity verynatural between men twice enemies.

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      "Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I commit the corpse of thispoor devil to your care. Let him be interred in holyground. He committed a crime, it is true; but he repentedof it."}

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      "Alas!" said D'Artagnan, with the most sentimental air hecould assume, "can you be cruel enough to put such aquestion to me--to me, who, from the moment I saw you, haveonly breathed and sighed through you and for you?"Milady smiled with a strange smile.

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      39 A VISION

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       The Comte de Rochefort bowed like a man who acknowledges thesuperiority of the master as great, and retired.

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    {  "Come, monsieur."

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      "I took the precaution to half empty the carafe, in order that mysuspicions might not be noticed.