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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.""His height I know that you might roughly judge from the length ofhis stride. His boots, too, might be told from their traces.""Yes, they were peculiar boots."
2.  "Then we shall both come. What are you going to do yourself?""I have one or two things which I would wish to do now that I amin town. But I shall return by the twelve o'clock train, so as to bethere in time for your coming."
3.  "The name, you see, is in perfectly black ink, which has drieditself. The rest is of the grayish colour, which shows thatblotting-paper has been used. If it had been written straight off, andthen blotted, none would be of a deep black shade. This man haswritten the name, and there has then been a pause before he wrotethe address, which can only mean that he was not familiar with it.It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important astrifles. Let us now see the letter. Ha! There has been an enclosurehere!"
4.  "I arrest you for the wilful murder of Mr. Jonas Oldacre, of LowerNorwood."
5.  "Come in, Sherlock! Come in, sir," said he blandly, smiling at oursurprised faces. "You don't expect such energy from me, do you,Sherlock? But somehow this can attracts me."
6.  "But the crypt?"


1.  While Sherlock Holmes had been detailing this singular series ofevents, we had been whirling through the outskirts of the great townuntil the last straggling houses had been left behind, and werattled along with a country hedge upon either side of us. just ashe finished, however, we drove through two scattered villages, where afew lights still glimmered in the windows.
2.  "My dear sir, there is no need. It is all in the way of professionalexperience."
3.  "Yes, it did. I fainted when it was done, and I think that I musthave been senseless for a long time. Then I came to I found that itwas still bleeding, so I tied one end of my handkerchief verytightly round the wrist and braced it up with a twig."
4.  "I examined the ground carefully in the hope of finding it," said theinspector.
5.  "'Absolutely.'
6.  "We only found it out yesterday- after I had written to you.Yesterday Sir Robert had gone to London, so Stephens and I went downto the crypt. It was all in order, sir, except that in one cornerwas a bit of a human body."


1.  .
2.  "It had not been there the morning before."
3.  "You must understand, Dr. Watson, that the professor had nosecrets from me. If I were his son or his younger brother I couldnot have more completely enjoyed his confidence. As his secretary Ihandled every paper which came to him, and I opened and subdivided hisletters. Shortly after his return all this was changed. He told methat certain letters might come to him from London which would bemarked by a cross under the stamp. These were to be set aside forhis own eyes only. I may say that several of these did pass through myhands, that they had the E.C. mark, and were in an illiteratehandwriting. If he answered them at all the answers did not passthrough my hands nor into the letter-basket in which ourcorrespondence was collected."
4.  "Why, Bannister, the servant. What's his game in the matter?""He impressed me as being a perfectly honest man."
5.   "A holder?" I suggested.
6.  "Well, there are some on the stall with the gas-flare.""Ah, but I was recommended to you."


1.  "Were they all fastened this morning?"
2.  In town the earliest risers were just beginning to look sleepilyfrom their windows as we drove through the streets of the Surrey side,Passing down the Waterloo Bridge Road we crossed over the river, anddashing up Wellington Street wheeled sharply to the right and foundourselves in Bow Street. Sherlock Holmes was well known to theforce, and the two constables at the door saluted him. One of themheld the horse's head while the other led us in.
3.  "I will call again in the evening," said he to the expectantlandlady. "I think, Watson, we can discuss this business better in ourown quarters."
4、  "Was Mr. Staunton a healthy man?"
5、  "But the dog, the face at the window, the creeping man in thepassage?"




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      "I give you five minutes, Mr. Holmes."

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      "It is certainly the last thing you need," said Holmes, staring atour visitor's hideous mouth. "But it was the killing of youngPerkins outside the Holborn Bar- What! you're not going?"The negro had sprung back, and his face was leaden. "I won'tlisten to no such talk," said he. "What have I to do with this 'erePerkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin' at the Bull Ring inBirmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble."

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       "She saw no one but the constable."

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      "By Jove, the doctor is coming back!" cried Holmes. "That settlesit. We are bound to see what it means before he comes."He opened the door, and we stepped into the hall. The droningsound swelled louder upon our ears until it became one long, deep wailof distress. It came from upstairs. Holmes darted up, and I followedhim. He pushed open a half-closed door, and we both stood appalledat the sight before us.

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    {  "Tuxbury Old Hall is inaccessible- five miles from anywhere. Therewas no trap at the station, so I had to walk, carrying my suitcase,and it was nearly dark before I arrived. It is a great wanderinghouse, standing in a considerable park. I should judge it was of allsorts of ages and styles, starting on a half-timbered Elizabethanfoundation and ending in a Victorian portico. Inside it was allpanelling and tapestry and half-effaced old pictures, a house ofshadows and mystery. There was a butler, old Ralph, who seemed aboutthe same age as the house, and there was his wife, who might have beenolder. She had been Godfrey's nurse, and I had heard him speak ofher as second only to his mother in his affections, so I was drawnto her in spite of her queer appearance. The mother I liked also- agentle little white mouse of a woman. It was only the colonelhimself whom I barred.

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      [In publishing these short sketches based upon the numerous cases inwhich my companion's singular gifts have made us the listeners to, andeventually the actors in, some strange drama, it is only naturalthat I should dwell rather upon his successes than upon hisfailures. And this not so much for the sake of his reputation-for,indeed, it was when he was at his wit's end that his energy and hisversatility were most admirable-but because where he failed ithappened too often that no one else succeeded, and that the tale wasleft forever without a conclusion. Now and again, however, itchanced that even when he erred the truth was still discovered. I havenoted of some half-dozen cases of the kind; the adventure of theMusgrave Ritual and that which I am about to recount are the two whichpresent the strongest features of interest.]}

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      "Oh, really! I had no idea. And which king?"

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      Holmes's cold and inexorable manner showed the secretary that it wasuseless to argue with him.

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       "Sold out of geese, I see," continued Holmes, pointing at thebare slabs of marble.

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    {  "How many letters did your Grace write that day?"

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      "Cut out the poetry, Watson," said Holmes severely. "I note thatit was a high brick wall."