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澳门波音网上注册开户【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Was that clearly made out?"   "'You will eventually manage the great depot in Paris, which willpour a flood of English crockery into the shops of a hundred andthirty-four agents in France. The purchase will be completed in aweek, and meanwhile you will remain in B and make yourself useful.'"'How?'

    "Yes, sir."

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   "He loves me. Yes. But do I not love him? Do I not love him evento sacrifice myself rather than break his dear heart? That is how Ilove him. And yet he could think of me- he could speak of me so.""He is full of grief, but he cannot understand."

   "Well, we never thought of that."


    "And you think you have evidence that he murdered his late master?""I didn't say so, Mr. Holmes; I didn't say so. We all have ourlittle ways. You try yours and I will try mine. That's the agreement."Holmes shrugged his shoulders as we walked away together. "I can'tmake the man out. He seems to be riding for a fall. Well, as hesays, we must each try our own way and see what comes of it. Butthere's something in Inspector Baynes which I can't quite understand.""Just sit down in that chair, Watson," said Sherlock Holmes whenwe had returned to our apartment at the Bull. "I want to put you intouch with the situation, as I may need your help to-night. Let meshow you the evolution of this case so far as I have been able tofollow it. Simple as it has been in its leading features, it hasnone the less presented surprising difficulties in the way of anarrest. There are gaps in that direction which we have still to fill."We will go back to the note which was handed in to Garcia uponthe evening of his death. We may put aside this idea of Baynes'sthat Garcia's servants were concerned in the matter. The proof of thislies in the fact that it was he who had arranged for the presence ofScott Eccles, which could only have been done for the purpose of analibi. It was Garcia, then, who had an enterprise, and apparently acriminal enterprise, in hand that night in the course of which hemet his death. I say 'criminal' because only a man with a criminalenterprise desires to establish an alibi. Who, then, is most likely tohave taken his life? Surely the person against whom the criminalenterprise was directed. So far it seems to me that we are on safeground.

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   "It is fortunate, for you will perhaps be able to post me up. I readnothing except the criminal news and the agony column. The latter isalways instructive. But if you have followed recent events soclosely you must have read about Lord St. Simon and his wedding?""Oh, yes, with the deepest interest."

    A cold and melancholy walk of a couple of miles brought us to a highwooden gate, which opened into a gloomy avenue of chestnuts. Thecurved and shadowed drive led us to a low, dark house, pitch-blackagainst a slate-coloured sky. From the front window upon the left ofthe door there peeped a glimmer of a feeble light.

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   "Oh, the fellows evidently grabbed hold of everything they couldget."

    "As he spoke we came round the curve of the avenue and saw in thefading light that every blind in the house had been drawn down. Aswe dashed up to the door, my friend's face convulsed with grief, agentleman in black emerged from it.

<  "Tuesday was to-day, and I had meant to meet him to-night."I turned over the paper. "This never came by post. How did you getit?"   "'I am sorry that I broke my promise, Jack,' said she, 'but if youknew all the circumstances I am sure that you would forgive me.'"'Tell me everything, then,' said I.

    "No, I have not."


<  "Late last night, or early this morning, an incident occurred atLower Norwood which points, it is feared, to a serious crime. Mr.Jonas Oldacre is a well known resident of that suburb, where he hascarried on his business as a builder for many years. Mr. Oldacre isa bachelor, fifty-two years of age, and lives in Deep Dene House, atthe Sydenham end of the road of that name. He has had the reputationof being a man of eccentric habits, secretive and retiring. For someyears he has practically withdrawn from the business, in which he issaid to have massed considerable wealth. A small timber-yard stillexists, however, at the back of the house, and last night, abouttwelve o'clock, an alarm was given that one of the stacks was on fire.The engines were soon upon the spot, but the dry wood burned withgreat fury, and it was impossible to arrest the conflagration untilthe stack had been entirely consumed. Up to this point the incidentbore the appearance of an ordinary accident, but fresh indicationsseem to point to serious crime. Surprise was expressed at theabsence of the master of the establishment from the scene of the fire,and an inquiry followed, which showed that he had disappeared from thehouse. An examination of his room revealed that the bed had not beenslept in, that a safe which stood in it was open, that a number ofimportant papers were scattered about the room, and finally, thatthere were signs of a murderous struggle, slight traces of blood beingfound within the room, and an oaken walking-stick, which also showedstains of blood upon the handle. It is known that Mr. Jonas Oldacrehad received a late visitor in his bedroom upon that night, and thestick found has been identified as the property of this person, who isa young London solicitor named John Hector McFarlane, junior partnerof Graham and McFarlane, of 426 Gresham Buildings, E.C. The policebelieve that they have evidence in their possession which supplies avery convincing motive for the crime, and altogether it cannot bedoubted that sensational developments will follow.   My observations of No. 427 Park Lane did little to clear up theproblem in which I was interested. The house was separated from thestreet by a low wall and railing, the whole not more than five feethigh. It was perfectly easy, therefore, for anyone to get into thegarden, but the window was entirely inaccessible, since there was nowaterpipe or anything which could help the most active man to climbit. More puzzled than ever, I retraced my steps to Kensington. I hadnot been in my study five minutes when the maid entered to say thata person desired to see me. To my astonishment it was none otherthan my strange old book collector, his sharp, wizened face peeringout from a frame of white hair, and his precious volumes, a dozen ofthem at least, wedged under his right arm.

    "Then Dr. Watson and I will come round in time. For the present,Mrs. Warren, good-bye."





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