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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then you won't forgive me? You won't shake hands before I go?""Oh, certainly, if it would give you any pleasure." He put out hishand and coldly grasped that which she attended to him."I had hoped," suggested Holmes, "that you would have joined us in afriendly supper."
2.  "Madam," said Holmes, "I am sure that it is the truth. I fear thatyou are far from well."
3.  "You have hopes of solving it?"
4.  "And it is-"
5.  "You horrify me!"
6.  "'Only that at the beginning; but you are to have an over-ridingcommission of one per cent on all business done by your agents, andyou may take my word for it that this will come to more than yoursalary.'


1.  "Pray continue," said Holmes. "Your narrative promises to be amost interesting one."
2.  "'You came here. I am sure of it. Who are these people that youshould visit them at such an hour?'
3.  Holmes seldom laughed, but he got as near it as his old friendWatson could remember.
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.  "Of reproach?"
6.  "Well, then, I'll help you. Did anything come by post?""By post?"


1.  When one considers that Mr. Sherlock Holmes was in active practicefor twenty-three years, and that during seventeen of these I wasallowed to cooperate with him and to keep notes of his doings, it willbe clear that I have a mass of material at my command. The problem hasalways been not to find but to choose. There is the long row ofyear-books which fill a shelf, and there are the dispatch-cases filledwith documents, a perfect quarry for the student not only of crime butof the social and official scandals of the late Victorian era.Concerning these latter, I may say that the writers of agonizedletters, who beg that the honour of their families or the reputationof famous forebears may not be touched, have nothing to fear. Thediscretion and high sense of professional honour which have alwaysdistinguished my friend are still at work in the choice of thesememoirs, and no confidence will be abused. I deprecate, however, inthe strongest way the attempts which have been mode lately to get atand to destroy these papers. The source of these outrages is known,and if they are repeated I have Mr. Holmes's authority for saying thatthe whole story concerning the politician, the lighthouse, and thetrained cormorant will be given to the public. There is at least onereader who will understand.
2.  "What do you make of that?"
3.  "Ah, too few! Too few! How very unfortunate, Watson! However, suchas they are you can put them in your watchpocket. And all the restof your money in your left trouserpocket. Thank you. It will balanceyou so much better like that."
4.  "That would be unnecessary. Three thousand will cover the matter.And there is a little reward, I fancy. Have you your check-book?Here is a pen. Better make it out for L4000."
5.   "We will agree to suppose so," said Holmes.
6.  "'Can I get a train into town?'


1.  "Have you ever had an alarm like this before?"
2.  It was amusing to me to see how the detective's overbearing mannerhad changed suddenly to that of a child asking questions of itsteacher.
3.  So far I had not dared to look out, but now I gently parted thedivision of the curtains in front of me and peeped through. From thepressure of Holmes's shoulder against mine, I knew that he was sharingmy observations. Right in front of us, and almost within our reach,was the broad, rounded back of Milverton. It was evident that we hadentirely miscalculated his movements, that he had never been to hisbedroom, but that he had been sitting up in some smoking or billiardroom in the farther wing of the house, the windows of which we had notseen. His broad, grizzled head, with its shining patch of baldness,was in the immediate foreground of our vision. He was leaning far backin the red leather chair, his legs outstretched, a long, black cigarprojecting at an angle from his mouth. He wore a semi-military smokingjacket, claret-coloured, with a black velvet collar. In his hand heheld a long, legal document which he was reading in an indolentfashion, blowing rings of tobacco smoke from his lips as he did so.There was no promise of a speedy departure in his composed bearing andhis comfortable attitude.
4、  "That will do, Billy," said he. "You were in danger of your lifethen, my boy, and I can't do without you just yet. Well, Watson, it isgood to see you in your old quarters once again. You come at acritical moment."
5、  "I would rather answer no questions," said Holmes.




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      "Wait a bit, Mrs. Warren. Do nothing rash. I begin to think thatthis affair may be very much more important than appeared at firstsight. It is clear now that some danger is threatening your lodger. Itis equally clear that his enemies, lying in wait for him near yourdoor, mistook your husband for him in the foggy morning light. Ondiscovering their mistake they released him. What they would have donehad it not been a mistake, we can only conjecture."

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      I turned in uncontrollable astonishment. The aged ecclesiastic hadturned his face towards me. For an instant the wrinkles weresmoothed away, the nose drew away from the chin, the lower lipceased to protrude and the mouth to mumble, the dull eyes regainedtheir fire, the drooping figure expanded. The next the whole framecollapsed again, and Holmes had gone as quickly as he had come."Good heavens!" I cried, "how you startled me!"

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       The nocturnal visitor was a young man, frail and thin, with ablack moustache, which intensified the deadly pallor of his face. Hecould not have been much above twenty years of age. I have neverseen any human being who appeared to be in such a pitiable fright, forhis teeth were visibly chattering, and he was shaking in every limb.He was dressed like a gentleman, in Norfolk jacket and knickerbockers,with a cloth cap upon his head. We watched him staring round withfrightened eyes. Then he laid the candle-end upon the table anddisappeared from our view into one of the corners. He returned witha large book, one of the logbooks which formed a line upon theshelves. Leaning on the table, he rapidly turned over the leaves ofthis volume until he came to the entry which he sought. Then, withan angry gesture of his clenched hand, he closed the book, replaced itin the corner, and put out the light. He had hardly turned to leavethe hut when Hopkins's hand was on the fellow's collar, and I heardhis loud gasp of terror as he understood that he was taken. The candlewas relit, and there was our wretched captive, shivering andcowering in the grasp of the detective. He sank down upon thesea-chest, and looked helplessly from one of us to the other."Now, my fine fellow," said Stanley Hopkins, "who are you, andwhat do you want here?"

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      "From whom?"

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    {  "I am sorry. One could not connect death with such a man. I havenever known anyone so vitally alive, He lived intensely- every fibreof him!"

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      Holmes could look very formidable when he was moved.}

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      "Then what is the theory in your mind?"

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      "But has this impediment been removed?"

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       "Very likely," said he, turning away. "As it happens, it was not thecarriages which I desired to examine. Watson, we have done all wecan here. We need not trouble you any further, Mr. Lestrade. I thinkour investigations must now carry us to Woolwich."

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    {  It appeared from its position in the paper to have been the oneevent of importance in town, and the account of it ran in this way:"A desperate attempt at robbery, culminating in the death of one manand the capture of the criminal, occurred this afternoon in theCity. For some time back Mawson & Williams, the famous financialhouse, have been the guardians of securities which amount in theaggregate to a sum of considerably over a million sterling. Soconscious was the manager of the responsibility which devolved uponhim in consequence of the great interests at stake that safes of thevery latest construction have been employed, and an armed watchman hasbeen left day and night in the building. It appears that last week anew clerk named Hall Pycroft was engaged by the firm. This personappears to have been none other than Beddington, the famous forger andcracksman, who, with his brother, has only recently emerged from afive years' spell of penal servitude. By some means, which are not yetclear, he succeeded in winning, under a false name, this officialposition in the office, which he utilized in order to obtain mouldingsof various locks, and a thorough knowledge of the position of thestrongroom and the safes.

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      "I see--her ladyship's waiting-maid. Well, the temptation ofsudden wealth so easily acquired was too much for you, as it hasbeen for better men before you; but you were not very scrupulousin the means you used. It seems to me, Ryder, that there is themaking of a very pretty villain in you. You knew that this manHorner, the plumber, had been concerned in some such matterbefore, and that suspicion would rest the more readily upon him.What did you do, then? You made some small job in my lady'sroom--you and your confederate Cusack--and you managed that heshould be the man sent for. Then, when he had left, you rifledthe jewel-case, raised the alarm, and had this unfortunate manarrested. You then--"