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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Because your palate his not yet been attuned to thesublimity of the substances it flavors. Tell me, the firsttime you tasted oysters, tea, porter, truffles, and sundryother dainties which you now adore, did you like them? Couldyou comprehend how the Romans stuffed their pheasants withassafoetida, and the Chinese eat swallows' nests? Eh? no!Well, it is the same with hashish; only eat for a week, andnothing in the world will seem to you to equal the delicacyof its flavor, which now appears to you flat anddistasteful. Let us now go into the adjoining chamber, whichis your apartment, and Ali will bring us coffee and pipes."They both arose, and while he who called himself Sinbad --and whom we have occasionally named so, that we might, likehis guest, have some title by which to distinguish him --gave some orders to the servant, Franz entered still anotherapartment. It was simply yet richly furnished. It was round,and a large divan completely encircled it. Divan, walls,ceiling, floor, were all covered with magnificent skins assoft and downy as the richest carpets; there wereheavy-maned lion-skins from Atlas, striped tiger-skins fromBengal; panther-skins from the Cape, spotted beautifully,like those that appeared to Dante; bear-skins from Siberia,fox-skins from Norway, and so on; and all these skins werestrewn in profusion one on the other, so that it seemed likewalking over the most mossy turf, or reclining on the mostluxurious bed. Both laid themselves down on the divan;chibouques with jasmine tubes and amber mouthpieces werewithin reach, and all prepared so that there was no need tosmoke the same pipe twice. Each of them took one, which Alilighted and then retired to prepare the coffee. There was amoment's silence, during which Sinbad gave himself up tothoughts that seemed to occupy him incessantly, even in themidst of his conversation; and Franz abandoned himself tothat mute revery, into which we always sink when smokingexcellent tobacco, which seems to remove with its fume allthe troubles of the mind, and to give the smoker in exchangeall the visions of the soul. Ali brought in the coffee. "Howdo you take it?" inquired the unknown; "in the French orTurkish style, strong or weak, sugar or none, cool orboiling? As you please; it is ready in all ways."
2.  "Yes," was the unanimous answer.
3.  "To the Palais."
4.  "No."
5.  Villefort was no longer the civilized man; he was a tigerhurt unto death, gnashing his teeth in his wound. He nolonger feared realities, but phantoms. He leaped over thecorpse as if it had been a burning brazier. He took thechild in his arms, embraced him, shook him, called him, butthe child made no response. He pressed his burning lips tothe cheeks, but they were icy cold and pale; he felt thestiffened limbs; he pressed his hand upon the heart, but itno longer beat, -- the child was dead. A folded paper fellfrom Edward's breast. Villefort, thunderstruck, fell uponhis knees; the child dropped from his arms, and rolled onthe floor by the side of its mother. He picked up the paper,and, recognizing his wife's writing, ran his eyes rapidlyover its contents; it ran as follows: --
6.  "At least, delay the trial till the next assizes; we shallthen have six months before us."


1.  "Yes, sir; he sent for me to his house, gave me money for myjourney, procured a horse, and made me promise not to stoptill I had reached you, I have come in fifteen hours."
2.  "Had Madame de Saint-Meran any enemies?"
3.  "Do you not recognize me, unhappy child?"
4.  "And what I have suffered," said the young girl, "you shallnever know, my lord." Monte Cristo smiled. "By my father'stomb," said he, extending his hand over the head of theyoung girl, "I swear to you, Haidee, that if any misfortunehappens, it will not be to me."
5.  "Everything is possible in this affair, even a miracle."
6.  The count smiled as if the child bade fair to realize hishopes, while Madame de Villefort reprimanded her son with agentleness and moderation very far from conveying the leastidea of a fault having been committed. "This lady," said theCount, speaking to Ali in the Arabic language, "is desirousthat her son should thank you for saving both their lives;but the boy refuses, saying you are too ugly." Ali turnedhis intelligent countenance towards the boy, on whom hegazed without any apparent emotion; but the spasmodicworking of the nostrils showed to the practiced eye of MonteCristo that the Arab had been wounded to the heart.


1.  "Ma foi!" said Chateau-Renaud, "I would rather end my careerlike M. de Morcerf; a pistol-shot seems quite delightfulcompared with this catastrophe."
2.  "And old age?"
3.  "One word -- one single word more, doctor! You go, leavingme in all the horror of my situation, after increasing it bywhat you have revealed to me. But what will be reported ofthe sudden death of the poor old servant?"
4.  "There can be no doubt about it," thought he; "it is someprisoner who is striving to obtain his freedom. Oh, if Iwere only there to help him!" Suddenly another idea tookpossession of his mind, so used to misfortune, that it wasscarcely capable of hope -- the idea that the noise was madeby workmen the governor had ordered to repair theneighboring dungeon.
5.   "Then," pursued the young man eagerly --
6.  "Above us all, sir," was Monte Cristo's response, in a toneand with an emphasis so deep that Villefort involuntarilyshuddered. "I have my pride for men -- serpents always readyto threaten every one who would pass without crushing themunder foot. But I lay aside that pride before God, who hastaken me from nothing to make me what I am."


1.  "Shall we make a positive appointment for a particular dayand hour?" inquired the count; "only let me warn you that Iam proverbial for my punctilious exactitude in keeping myengagements."
2.  Noirtier answered only by a look which made Villefort'sblood run cold. He motioned to Valentine to approach. In amoment, thanks to her habit of conversing with hergrandfather, she understood that he asked for a key. Thenhis eye was fixed on the drawer of a small chest between thewindows. She opened the drawer, and found a key; and,understanding that was what he wanted, again watched hiseyes, which turned toward an old secretary which had beenneglected for many years and was supposed to contain nothingbut useless documents. "Shall I open the secretary?" askedValentine.
3.  "M. Beauchamp," announced the servant. "Come in, come in,"said Albert, rising and advancing to meet the young man."Here is Debray, who detests you without reading you, so hesays."
4、  "Madame," said Villefort, "you must lay aside these exaltedideas, which almost assume the appearance of madness. Thedead, once buried in their graves, rise no more."
5、  "Marquise, marquise!" interposed the old nobleman who hadproposed the toast, "let the young people alone; let me tellyou, on one's wedding day there are more agreeable subjectsof conversation than dry politics."




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      "He exists as certainly as that you may see his small yachtwith all her sails spread; and if you will use your glass,you will, in all probability, recognize your host in themidst of his crew." So saying, Gaetano pointed in adirection in which a small vessel was making sail towardsthe southern point of Corsica. Franz adjusted his telescope,and directed it towards the yacht. Gaetano was not mistaken.At the stern the mysterious stranger was standing up lookingtowards the shore, and holding a spy-glass in his hand. Hewas attired as he had been on the previous evening, andwaved his pocket-handkerchief to his guest in token ofadieu. Franz returned the salute by shaking his handkerchiefas an exchange of signals. After a second, a slight cloud ofsmoke was seen at the stern of the vessel, which rosegracefully as it expanded in the air, and then Franz heard aslight report. "There, do you hear?" observed Gaetano; "heis bidding you adieu." The young man took his carbine andfired it in the air, but without any idea that the noisecould be heard at the distance which separated the yachtfrom the shore.

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      "Have you not saved Peppino's life?"

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       "No, Mercedes," said Monte Cristo, "no; you judge yourselfwith too much severity. You are a noble-minded woman, and itwas your grief that disarmed me. Still I was but an agent,led on by an invisible and offended Deity, who chose not towithhold the fatal blow that I was destined to hurl. I takethat God to witness, at whose feet I have prostrated myselfdaily for the last ten years, that I would have sacrificedmy life to you, and with my life the projects that wereindissolubly linked with it. But -- and I say it with somepride, Mercedes -- God needed me, and I lived. Examine thepast and the present, and endeavor to dive into futurity,and then say whether I am not a divine instrument. The mostdreadful misfortunes, the most frightful sufferings, theabandonment of all those who loved me, the persecution ofthose who did not know me, formed the trials of my youth;when suddenly, from captivity, solitude, misery, I wasrestored to light and liberty, and became the possessor of afortune so brilliant, so unbounded, so unheard-of, that Imust have been blind not to be conscious that God hadendowed me with it to work out his own great designs. Fromthat time I looked upon this fortune as something confidedto me for an especial purpose. Not a thought was given to alife which you once, Mercedes, had the power to renderblissful; not one hour of peaceful calm was mine; but I feltmyself driven on like an exterminating angel. Likeadventurous captains about to embark on some enterprise fullof danger, I laid in my provisions, I loaded my weapons, Icollected every means of attack and defence; I inured mybody to the most violent exercises, my soul to the bitteresttrials; I taught my arm to slay, my eyes to beholdexcruciating sufferings, and my mouth to smile at the mosthorrid spectacles. Good-natured, confiding, and forgiving asI had been, I became revengeful, cunning, and wicked, orrather, immovable as fate. Then I launched out into the paththat was opened to me. I overcame every obstacle, andreached the goal; but woe to those who stood in my pathway!"

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      "So that you have lived for three months on sixty francs,"muttered Edmond.

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    {  "Yes, to go and meet him."

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      "And," inquired Dantes, with some hesitation, "do you knowhow my father is?"}

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      "Oh, you despise them."

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      Morrel was, in fact, very happy. M. Noirtier had just sentfor him, and he was in such haste to know the reason of hisdoing so that he had not stopped to take a cab, placinginfinitely more dependence on his own two legs than on thefour legs of a cab-horse. He had therefore set off at afurious rate from the Rue Meslay, and was hastening withrapid strides in the direction of the Faubourg Saint-Honore.Morrel advanced with a firm, manly tread, and poor Barroisfollowed him as he best might. Morrel was only thirty-one,Barrois was sixty years of age; Morrel was deeply in love,and Barrois was dying with heat and exertion. These two men,thus opposed in age and interests, resembled two parts of atriangle, presenting the extremes of separation, yetnevertheless possessing their point of union. This point ofunion was Noirtier, and it was he who had just sent forMorrel, with the request that the latter would lose no timein coming to him -- a command which Morrel obeyed to theletter, to the great discomfiture of Barrois. On arriving atthe house, Morrel was not even out of breath, for love lendswings to our desires; but Barrois, who had long forgottenwhat it was to love, was sorely fatigued by the expeditionhe had been constrained to use.

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       "And am I not a hundred times better thus?" cried Eugenie,smoothing the scattered curls of her hair, which had nowquite a masculine appearance; "and do you not think mehandsomer so?"

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    {  "Oh, I take everything on myself. To-day is the 5th ofJune."

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      As he thought thus, he looked alternately at the window withred curtains and the three windows with white curtains. Thelight had almost disappeared from the former; doubtlessMadame de Villefort had just put out her lamp, and thenightlamp alone reflected its dull light on the window. Atthe extremity of the building, on the contrary, he saw oneof the three windows open. A wax-light placed on themantle-piece threw some of its pale rays without, and ashadow was seen for one moment on the balcony. Morrelshuddered; he thought he heard a sob.