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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; and remember that two-legged tigers and crocodiles aremore dangerous than the others."
2.  "Indeed, my dear sir," said Monte Cristo, "you arerevoltingly foppish."
3.  "Sister, sister," said Maximilian, coming to the count'said, "monsieur is quite right. Recollect what our excellentfather so often told us, `It was no Englishman that thussaved us.'" Monte Cristo started. "What did your father tellyou, M. Morrel?" said he eagerly.
4.  "Because, for instance, you noticed on the evening of theball we gave, that M. de Monte Cristo would eat nothing inour house." Mercedes raised herself on her feverish arm. "M.de Monte Cristo!" she exclaimed; "and how is he connectedwith the question you asked me?"
5.  "How unfortunate that you were masked, Albert," said Franz;"here was an opportunity of making up for pastdisappointments."
6.  "At half-past ten."


1.  "This is not to the purpose," said Eugenie; "let us speakcandidly, sir; I admire candor."
2.  "No, my lord, madame has visitors."
3.  Albert de Morcerf.
4.  "Do you wish to see anything more, sir?" said the concierge.
5.  "True," said the major, "there might be doubts raised."
6.  "What is it?"


1.  "The story sent you from Yanina."
2.  "Alas!" exclaimed Mercedes, "if it were so, if I possessedfree-will, but without the power to render that willefficacious, it would drive me to despair." Monte Cristodropped his head and shrank from the vehemence of her grief."Will you not even say you will see me again?" he asked.
3.  "Well, here I am, proving at once that I am really neitherthe one nor the other, by entreating you to keep yourpromise on that score."
4.  "Upon my word, monsieur," said Danglars with affectedcarelessness, "I attach no sort of value to such emptydistinctions; but the fact is, I was made baron, and alsochevalier of the Legion of Honor, in return for servicesrendered, but" --
5.   "Here is," said the Englishman, taking a quantity of papersfrom his pocket, "an assignment of 200,000 francs to ourhouse by M. de Boville, the inspector of prisons, to whomthey are due. You acknowledge, of course, that you owe thissum to him?"
6.  "Bah," said Cavalcanti, crossing his arms, "one hasfriends."


1.  "What are we to say to this?" asked Franz.
2.  "So serious, that I come to beg you to render me a service."
3.  "I imagine any one may write to Yanina."
4、  "Then ring at his door, if you please, and request him to beso kind as to give me an audience." Signor Pastrini did ashe was desired, and returning five minutes after, he said,-- "The count awaits your excellency." Franz went along thecorridor, and a servant introduced him to the count. He wasin a small room which Franz had not yet seen, and which wassurrounded with divans. The count came towards him. "Well,what good wind blows you hither at this hour?" said he;"have you come to sup with me? It would be very kind ofyou."
5、  "My mistress, sir. She said you would have to speak a greatdeal in the murder case, and that you should take somethingto keep up your strength;" and the valet placed the cup onthe table nearest to the sofa, which was, like all the rest,covered with papers. The valet then left the room. Villefortlooked for an instant with a gloomy expression, then,suddenly, taking it up with a nervous motion, he swallowedits contents at one draught. It might have been thought thathe hoped the beverage would be mortal, and that he soughtfor death to deliver him from a duty which he would ratherdie than fulfil. He then rose, and paced his room with asmile it would have been terrible to witness. The chocolatewas inoffensive, for M. de Villefort felt no effects. Thebreakfast-hour arrived, but M. de Villefort was not attable. The valet re-entered.




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      "Excuse me," said the implacable young girl, "MonsieurAlbert claims and well deserves his share. It appears thatafter having challenged M. de Monte Cristo at the Operayesterday, he apologized on the ground to-day."

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      "Climb up," said he to Dantes. The young man obeyed, mountedon the table, and, divining the wishes of his companion,placed his back securely against the wall and held out bothhands. The stranger, whom as yet Dantes knew only by thenumber of his cell, sprang up with an agility by no means tobe expected in a person of his years, and, light and steadyon his feet as a cat or a lizard, climbed from the table tothe outstretched hands of Dantes, and from them to hisshoulders; then, bending double, for the ceiling of thedungeon prevented him from holding himself erect, he managedto slip his head between the upper bars of the window, so asto be able to command a perfect view from top to bottom.

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       "Oh, what a dreadful event!" cried Maximilian.

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      "What a wrist you have, reverend sir!" said Caderousse.stroking his arm, all bruised by the fleshy pincers whichhad held it; "what a wrist!"

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    {  "And," asked the count, "did you ever know the name of thiswoman?"

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      "It is very strange," said Albert, "to hear such wordsproceed from the mouth of any one but an actress on thestage, and one needs constantly to be saying to one's self,`This is no fiction, it is all reality,' in order to believeit. And how does France appear in your eyes, accustomed asthey have been to gaze on such enchanted scenes?"}

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      "Sir, let me see my right-hand correspondent."

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      "Nay, your excellency, it is you who should tell us what youwant. Give your orders, and we will execute them."

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       Villefort rose, or rather sprang, from his chair, hastilyopened one of the drawers of his desk, emptied all the goldit contained into his pocket, stood motionless an instant,his hand pressed to his head, muttered a few inarticulatesounds, and then, perceiving that his servant had placed hiscloak on his shoulders, he sprang into the carriage,ordering the postilions to drive to M. de Saint-Meran's. Thehapless Dantes was doomed.

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    {  "But it was risking the failure of our plan to come up here,love."

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      "Yes, but we will talk of it."