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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the morning I was up betimes, but some toast crumbs and two emptyeggshells told me that my companion was earlier still. I found ascribbled note upon the table.
2.  "Well, his position is unique. He has made it for himself. There hasnever been anything like it before, nor will be again. He has thetidiest and most orderly brain, with the greatest capacity for storingfacts, of any man living. The same great powers which I have turned tothe detection of crime he has used for this particular business. Theconclusions of every department are passed to him, and he is thecentral exchange, the clearing-house, which makes out the balance. Allother men are specialists, but his specialism is omniscience. Wewill suppose that a minister needs information as to a point whichinvolves the Navy, India, Canada and the bimetallic question; he couldget his separate advices from various departments upon each, butonly Mycroft can focus them all, and say offhand how each factor wouldaffect the other. They began by using him as a short-cut, aconvenience; now he has made himself an essential. In that great brainof his everything is pigeon-holed and can be handed out in an instant.Again and again his word has decided the national policy. He livesin it. He thinks of nothing else save when, as an intellectualexercise, he unbends if I call upon him and ask him to advise me onone of my little problems. But Jupiter is descending to-day. What onearth can it mean? Who is Cadogan West, and what is he to Mycroft?""I have it," I cried, and plunged among the litter of papers uponthe sofa. "Yes, yes, here he is, sure enough! Cadogan West was theyoung man who was found dead on the Underground on Tuesday morning."Holmes sat up at attention, his pipe halfway to his lips."This must be serious, Watson. A death which has caused my brotherto alter his habits can be no ordinary one. What in the world can hehave to do with it? The case was featureless as I remember it. Theyoung man had apparently fallen out of the train and killed himself.He had not been robbed, and there was no particular reason tosuspect violence. Is that not so?"
3.  "The ceremony, which was performed at St. George's, HanoverSquare, was a very quiet one, no one being present save the fatherof the bride, Mr. Aloysius Doran, the Duchess of Balmoral, LordBackwater, Lord Eustace, and Lady Clara St. Simon (the younger brotherand sister of the bridegroom), and Lady Alicia Whittington. Thewhole party proceeded afterwards to the house of Mr. Aloysius Doran,at Lancaster Gate, where breakfast had been prepared. It appearsthat some little trouble was caused by a woman, whose name has notbeen ascertained, who endeavoured to force her way into the houseafter the bridal party, alleging that she had some claim upon Lord St.Simon. It was only after a painful and prolonged scene that she wasejected by the butler and the footman. The bride, who hadfortunately entered the house before this unpleasant interruption, hadsat down to breakfast with the rest, when she complained of a suddenindisposition and retired to her room. Her prolonged absence havingcaused some comment, her father followed her, but learned from hermaid that she had only come up to her chamber for an instant, caughtup an ulster and bonnet, and hurried down to the passage. One of thefootmen declared that he had seen a lady leave the house thusapparelled, but had refused to credit that it was his mistress,believing her to be with the company. On ascertaining that hisdaughter had disappeared, Mr. Aloysius Doran, in conjunction withthe bridegroom, instantly put themselves in communication with thepolice, and very energetic inquiries are being made, which willprobably result in a speedy clearing up of this very singularbusiness. Up to a late hour last night, however, nothing hadtranspired as to the whereabouts of the missing lady. There arerumours of foul play in the matter, and it is said that the policehave caused the arrest of the woman who had caused the originaldisturbance, in the belief that, from jealousy or some other motive,she may have been concerned in the strange disappearance of thebride."
4.  "'Of these servants the one who had been longest in our servicewas Brunton, the butler. He was a young schoolmaster out of place whenhe was first taken up by my father, but he was a man of great energyand character, and he soon became quite invaluable in the household.He was a well-grown, handsome man, with a splendid forehead, andthough he has been with us for twenty years he cannot be more thanforty now. With his personal advantages and his extraordinarygifts-for he can speak several languages and play nearly every musicalinstrument-it is wonderful that he should have been satisfied solong in such a position, but I suppose that he was comfortable andlacked energy to make any change. The butler of Hurlstone is alwaysa thing that is remembered by all who visit us.
5.  "Well, maybe not. I understand that I have your word, Mr. Holmes,that you step right out of the case now and that you turn all yourresults over to us."
6.  "He has, however, retained some degree of self-respect," hecontinued, disregarding my remonstrance. "He is a man who leads asedentary life, goes out little, is out of training entirely, ismiddle-aged, has grizzled hair which he has had cut within thelast few days, and which he anoints with lime-cream. These arethe more patent facts which are to be deduced from his hat. Also,by the way, that it is extremely improbable that he has gas laidon in his house."


1.  "I wonder you dare carry it."
2.  "I will tell you the meaning of it," cried the lady, sweeping intothe room with a proud, set face. "You have forced me, against my ownjudgment, to tell you, and now we must both make the best of it. Myhusband died at Atlanta. My child survived."
3.  "Well, when I came to think it all over in cool blood I was verymuch astonished, as you may both think, at this sudden commissionwhich had been intrusted to me. On the one hand, of course, I wasglad, for the fee was at least tenfold what I should have asked hadI set a price upon my own services, and it was possible that thisorder might lead to other ones. On the other hand, the face and mannerof my patron had made an unpleasant impression upon me, and I couldnot think that his explanation of the fullers-earth was sufficientto explain the necessity for my coming at midnight, and his extremeanxiety lest I should tell anyone of my errand. However, I threw allfears to the winds, ate a hearty supper, drove to Paddington, andstarted off, having obeyed to the letter the injunction as toholding my tongue.
4.  "I have a few dates here which will give you the career of thedead man, Captain Peter Carey. He was born in '45- fifty years of age.He was a most daring and successful seal and whale fisher. In 1883he commanded the steam sealer Sea Unicorn, of Dundee. He had thenhad several successful voyages in succession, and in the followingyear, 1884, he retired. After that he travelled for some years, andfinally he bought a small place called Woodman's Lee, near Forest Row,in Sussex. There he has lived for six years, and there he died justa week ago to-day.
5.  Agent.
6.  Her courage was admirable. Even now she would not own defeat."I tell you again, Mr. Holmes, that you are under some absurdillusion."


1.  "Quite so. Round the world. Well, good-morning. I may drop you aline in the evening." As we passed the window I caught a glimpse ofthe inspector's smile and shake of the head. "These clever fellowshave always a touch of madness." That was what I read in theinspector's smile.
2.  "We had driven up in a dog-cart, and my client led me away atonce, without our entering the house, to the scar on the lawn wherethe elm had stood. It was nearly midway between the oak and the house.My investigation seemed to be progressing.
3.  I entered my consulting-room and found a gentleman seated by thetable. He was quietly dressed in a suit of heather tweed, with asoft cloth cap which he had laid down upon my books. Round one ofhis hands he had a handkerchief wrapped, which was mottled all overwith bloodstains. He was young, not more than five-and-twenty, Ishould say, with a strong, masculine face; but be was exceedingly paleand gave me the impression of a man who was suffering from some strongagitation, which it took all his strength of mind to control."I am sorry to knock you up so early, Doctor," said he, "but Ihave had a very serious accident during the night. I came in bytrain this morning, and on inquiring at Paddington as to where I mightfind a doctor, a worthy fellow very kindly escorted me here. I gavethe maid a card, but I see that she has left it upon the side-table."I took it up and glanced at it. "Mr. Victor Hatherley, hydraulicengineer, 16A, Victoria Street (3d. floor)." That was the name, style,and abode of my morning visitor. "I regret that I have kept youwaiting," said I, sitting down in my library chair. "You are freshfrom a night journey, I understand, which is in itself a monotonousoccupation."
4.  "I was recalled to myself by a frantic plucking at my wrist, and Ifound myself lying upon the stone floor of a narrow corridor, whilea woman bent over me and tugged at me with her left hand, while sheheld a candle in her right. It was the same good friend whosewarning I had so foolishly rejected.
5.   "I was struck dumb with astonishment at the sight of her, but myemotions were nothing to those which showed themselves upon her facewhen our eyes met. She seemed for an instant to wish to shrink backinside the house again; and then, seeing how useless all concealmentmust be, she came forward, with a very white face and frightenedeyes which belied the smile upon her lips.
6.  "Then we have stopped all the holes. And now we must besilent and wait."


1.  "What about Holmes? How is he?"
2.  "Possibly, Sherlock. But it is a question of getting details. Giveme your details, and from an armchair I will return you an excellentexpert opinion. But to run here and run there, to cross-questionrailway guards, and lie on my face with a lens to my eye- it is not mymetier. No, you are the one man who can clear the matter up. If youhave a fancy to see your name in the next honours list-"My friend smiled and shook his head.
3.  "It may not come to that," said Holmes.
4、  "Wait a little," he said. "You go too fast. We should certainly makeevery effort to avoid scandal in so delicate a matter."Milverton relapsed into his chair.




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      The true voodoo-worshipper attempts nothing of importance withoutcertain sacrifices which are intended to propitiate his uncleangods. In extreme cases these rites take the form of human sacrificesfollowed by cannibalism. The more usual victims are a white cock,which is plucked in pieces alive, or a black goat, whose throat is cutand body burned.

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       "Yes, Mr. Holmes. The Randall gang were arrested in New York thismorning."

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      "What is he like, this Vincent Spaulding?"

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    {  "I fancy not. The thieves ransacked the library and got verylittle for their pains. The whole place was turned upside down,drawers burst open, and presses ransacked, with the result that an oddvolume of Pope's Homer, two plated candlesticks, an ivoryletter-weight, a small oak barometer, and a ball of twine are all thathave vanished."

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      "She wanted to see where the crime was done- had read about it inthe papers, she said. She was a very respectable, well-spoken youngwoman, sir, and I saw no harm in letting her have a peep. When she sawthat mark on the carpet, down she dropped on the floor, and lay asif she were dead. I ran to the back and got some water, but I couldnot bring her to. Then I went round the corner to the Ivy Plant forsome brandy, and by the time I had brought it back the young woman hadrecovered and was off- ashamed of herself, I daresay, and dared notface me."}

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      "That will be for a coroner to decide."

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      "I am afraid that this is a bad business, Watson," said my companionas he returned after accompanying Mr. Grant Munro to the door. "Whatdo you make of it?"

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       "'A robbery has been committed,' I gasped. 'A document of immensevalue has been stolen from the Foreign Office. Has anyone passedthis way?'

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    {  "The board-schools."

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      Our client and I looked at each other in amazement.