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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`Oh,' returned she, `it was a gift of heaven. My husbandwas a great friend, in 1814 or 1815, of a sailor namedEdmond Dantes. This poor fellow, whom Caderousse hadforgotten, had not forgotten him, and at his death hebequeathed this diamond to him.' -- `But how did he obtainit?' asked the jeweller; `had he it before he wasimprisoned?' -- `No, monsieur; but it appears that in prisonhe made the acquaintance of a rich Englishman, and as inprison he fell sick, and Dantes took the same care of him asif he had been his brother, the Englishman, when he was setfree, gave this stone to Dantes, who, less fortunate, died,and, in his turn, left it to us, and charged the excellentabbe, who was here this morning, to deliver it.' -- `Thesame story,' muttered the jeweller; `and improbable as itseemed at first, it may be true. There's only the price weare not agreed about.' -- `How not agreed about?' saidCaderousse. `I thought we agreed for the price I asked.' --`That is,' replied the jeweller, `I offered 40,000 francs.'-- `Forty thousand,' cried La Carconte; `we will not partwith it for that sum. The abbe told us it was worth 50,000without the setting.'
2.  "I pledge you my honor," returned the count, "that I mean todo as I have said; both inclination and positive necessitycompel me to visit Paris."
3.  "Well, and if he were to lose them?" said Monte Cristo.
4.  "Well, repeat it, -- repeat it, I beg of you, that I may atlast believe it! Tell me for the hundredth time that yourefuse my love, which had your mother's sanction. Make meunderstand once for all that you are trifling with myhappiness, that my life or death are nothing to you. Ah, tohave dreamed for ten years of being your husband, Mercedes,and to lose that hope, which was the only stay of myexistence!"
5.  "Oh, your excellency," returned Bertuccio in deep contempt.
6.  "Well, your Eternal City is a nice sort of place."


1.  "Have you made up your mind when you shall be thereyourself?"
2.  "A change."
3.  "So young, -- it is impossible," said Mercedes, replying atthe same time to what Albert said as well as to her ownprivate reflection.
4.  "There is only one thing which grieves me," observed themajor, "and that is the necessity for my leaving Paris sosoon."
5.  And, sitting down, he wrote a letter to his broker, orderinghim to sell out at the market price.
6.  "Oh, do not do that, excellency; I have always served youfaithfully," cried Bertuccio, in despair. "I have alwaysbeen an honest man, and, as far as lay in my power, I havedone good."


1.  "And you really believe the result would be still more surewith us than in the East, and in the midst of our fogs andrains a man would habituate himself more easily than in awarm latitude to this progressive absorption of poison?"
2.  "What was it?"
3.  "God has supported me through all; and then, my dearmarquis, he would certainly have done everything for me thatI performed for him. It is true that since I left him, Iseem to have lost my senses. I cannot cry; at my age theysay that we have no more tears, -- still I think that whenone is in trouble one should have the power of weeping.Where is Valentine. sir? It is on her account I am here; Iwish to see Valentine." Villefort thought it would beterrible to reply that Valentine was at a ball; so he onlysaid that she had gone out with her step-mother, and thatshe should be fetched. "This instant, sir -- this instant, Ibeseech you!" said the old lady. Villefort placed the arm ofMadame de Saint-Meran within his own, and conducted her tohis apartment. "Rest yourself, mother," he said.
4.  * "Money and sanctity,Each in a moiety.
5.   "Yes," said Andrea.
6.  "I do not say," replied Andrea, "that you never make a goodone; but let us see your plan."


1.  "`What was the abbe's name?' asked the indefatigablequestioner. -- `The Abbe Busoni,' said La Carconte. -- `Hewas a foreigner?' -- `An Italian, from the neighborhood ofMantua, I believe.' -- `Let me see this diamond again,'replied the jeweller; `the first time you are often mistakenas to the value of a stone.' Caderousse took from his pocketa small case of black shagreen, opened, and gave it to thejeweller. At the sight of the diamond, which was as large asa hazel-nut, La Carconte's eyes sparkled with cupidity."
2.  "Really, count, you do nothing, and have nothing like otherpeople. The slave of the Count of Monte Cristo! Why, it is arank of itself in France, and from the way in which youlavish money, it is a place that must be worth a hundredthousand francs a year."
3.  "Frightful."
4、  "Then I will go alone."
5、  "Yes; you! How came it known?"




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      * Dr. Guillotin got the idea of his famous machine fromwitnessing an execution in Italy.

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      "Well," cried he, with that benevolent politeness whichdistinguished his salutation from the common civilities ofthe world, "my cavalier has attained his object.Good-evening, M. de Morcerf." The countenance of this man,who possessed such extraordinary control over his feelings,expressed the most perfect cordiality. Morrel only thenrecollected the letter he had received from the viscount, inwhich, without assigning any reason, he begged him to go tothe opera, but he understood that something terrible wasbrooding.

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       "Well, I do not prevent your sitting down to table," repliedBeauchamp, "Chateau-Renaud can tell us while we eat ourbreakfast."

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      "And did you not remonstrate against such infamy?" asked theabbe; "if not, you were an accomplice."

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    {  "She told me that she loved no one," said Valentine; "thatshe disliked the idea of being married; that she wouldinfinitely prefer leading an independent and unfetteredlife; and that she almost wished her father might lose hisfortune, that she might become an artist, like her friend,Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly."

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      "Oh. my dear count." said Albert gayly, arranging his cravatand wristbands, "you are really most kind, and I hope youwill consider me as under eternal obligations to you, in thefirst place for the carriage, and in the next for thisvisit," and he put out his hand to the Count, who shudderedas he gave his own, but who nevertheless did give it. Thebandit gazed on this scene with amazement; he was evidentlyaccustomed to see his prisoners tremble before him, and yethere was one whose gay temperament was not for a momentaltered; as for Franz, he was enchanted at the way in whichAlbert had sustained the national honor in the presence ofthe bandit. "My dear Albert," he said, "if you will makehaste, we shall yet have time to finish the night atTorlonia's. You may conclude your interrupted galop, so thatyou will owe no ill-will to Signor Luigi, who has, indeed,throughout this whole affair acted like a gentleman."}

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      "Yes, ask her for one of her liqueur cellarets, mine isincomplete; and tell her I shall have the honor of seeingher about three o'clock, and that I request permission tointroduce some one to her." The valet left the room. Albertthrew himself on the divan, tore off the cover of two orthree of the papers, looked at the theatre announcements,made a face seeing they gave an opera, and not a ballet;hunted vainly amongst the advertisements for a newtooth-powder of which he had heard, and threw down, oneafter the other, the three leading papers of Paris,muttering, "These papers become more and more stupid everyday." A moment after, a carriage stopped before the door,and the servant announced M. Lucien Debray. A tall youngman, with light hair, clear gray eyes, and thin andcompressed lips, dressed in a blue coat with beautifullycarved gold buttons, a white neckcloth, and a tortoiseshelleye-glass suspended by a silken thread, and which, by aneffort of the superciliary and zygomatic muscles, he fixedin his eye, entered, with a half-official air, withoutsmiling or speaking. "Good-morning, Lucien, good-morning,"said Albert; "your punctuality really alarms me. What do Isay? punctuality! You, whom I expected last, you arrive atfive minutes to ten, when the time fixed was half-past! Hasthe ministry resigned?"

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      "Oh, yes."

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       "Twenty-three thousand francs," I said she.

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    {  "My husband has given me his word, sir," said Madame deVillefort; "you have just seen him resolve to keep it whenhe has everything to lose, and surely there is more reasonfor his doing so where he has everything to gain."

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      Morrel again changed color. Julie threw herself into hisarms.