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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, your pardon! I never visit ministers; I leave that tothe princes."
2.  Chapter 19The Third Attack.
3.  Sometimes Albert would affect to make a joke of his want ofsuccess; but internally he was deeply wounded, and hisself-love immensely piqued, to think that Albert de Morcerf,the most admired and most sought after of any young personof his day, should thus be passed over, and merely have hislabor for his pains. And the thing was so much the moreannoying, as, according to the characteristic modesty of aFrenchman, Albert had quitted Paris with the full convictionthat he had only to show himself in Italy to carry allbefore him, and that upon his return he should astonish theParisian world with the recital of his numerouslove-affairs. Alas, poor Albert! none of those interestingadventures fell in his way; the lovely Genoese, Florentines,and Neapolitans were all faithful, if not to their husbands,at least to their lovers, and thought not of changing evenfor the splendid appearance of Albert de Morcerf; and all hegained was the painful conviction that the ladies of Italyhave this advantage over those of France, that they arefaithful even in their infidelity. Yet he could not restraina hope that in Italy, as elsewhere, there might be anexception to the general rule. Albert, besides being anelegant, well-looking young man, was also possessed ofconsiderable talent and ability; moreover, he was a viscount-- a recently created one, certainly, but in the present dayit is not necessary to go as far back as Noah in tracing adescent, and a genealogical tree is equally estimated,whether dated from 1399 or merely 1815; but to crown allthese advantages, Albert de Morcerf commanded an income of50,000 livres, a more than sufficient sum to render him apersonage of considerable importance in Paris. It wastherefore no small mortification to him to have visited mostof the principal cities in Italy without having excited themost trifling observation. Albert, however, hoped toindemnify himself for all these slights and indifferencesduring the Carnival, knowing full well that among thedifferent states and kingdoms in which this festivity iscelebrated, Rome is the spot where even the wisest andgravest throw off the usual rigidity of their lives, anddeign to mingle in the follies of this time of liberty andrelaxation.
4.  "A young man? he is only two and twenty; -- he will gainhimself a reputation."
5.  "On my honor."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Yes," replied Noirtier.
2.  "Yes; or in the neighborhood."
3.  "Shall I row you ashore?"
4.  "Now, then, in this difficulty a bright idea has flashedacross my brain." Franz looked at Albert as though he hadnot much confidence in the suggestions of his imagination."I tell you what, Sir Franz," cried Albert, "you deserve tobe called out for such a misgiving and incredulous glance asthat you were pleased to bestow on me just now."
5.  "Well," said Franz to him; "there is the beginning of anadventure."
6.  "How much do I owe this gracious prince! What is there Iwould not do to evince my earnest gratitude!"


1.  "Unfortunately," said Villefort, "there are the treaties of1814, and we cannot molest Napoleon without breaking thosecompacts."
2.  "Exactly; and he who changes them will follow friendCaderousse, lay hands on him, and demand what farmers payhim their rent in gold. No nonsense, my good fellow; silversimply, round coins with the head of some monarch or otheron them. Anybody may possess a five-franc piece."
3.  "Oh, no, monsieur," replied Monte Cristo; "I do not thusbetray my enjoyments to the vulgar. I am a tolerablechemist, and prepare my pills myself."
4.  "But you are rich, Valentine; you have 200,000 livres ayear, and you prevent her son from enjoying these 200,000livres."
5.   "Take the post-chaise which you will find waiting at thePorte de Genes, as you enter Nice; pass through Turin,Chambery, and Pont-de-Beauvoisin. Go to the Count of MonteCristo, Avenue des Champs Elysees, on the 26th of May, atseven o'clock in the evening, and demand of him your father.You are the son of the Marchese Cavalcanti and the MarchesaOliva Corsinari. The marquis will give you some papers whichwill certify this fact, and authorize you to appear underthat name in the Parisian world. As to your rank, an annualincome of 50,000 livres will enable you to support itadmirably. I enclose a draft for 5,000 livres, payable on M.Ferrea, banker at Nice, and also a letter of introduction tothe Count of Monte Cristo, whom I have directed to supplyall your wants.
6.  "To what do you refer?" said Monte Cristo with well-feignedinterest. "Have you really met with some great misfortune?"


1.  "You mistake -- I understand you perfectly. You will notoppose M. Villefort, you will not displease the marchioness,and to-morrow you will sign the contract which will bind youto your husband."
2.  "That tall, harsh-looking man is very learned, hediscovered, in the neighborhood of Rome, a kind of lizardwith a vertebra more than lizards usually have, and heimmediately laid his discovery before the Institute. Thething was discussed for a long time, but finally decided inhis favor. I can assure you the vertebra made a great noisein the learned world, and the gentleman, who was only aknight of the Legion of Honor, was made an officer."
3.  "But there were three races, were there not?"
4、  "Who wrote to Yanina?"
5、  Old Dantes was dying with anxiety to know what had become ofEdmond. But we know very well what had become of Edmond.




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      "`The public is informed that on Wednesday, February 23d,being the first day of the Carnival, executions will takeplace in the Piazza del Popolo, by order of the Tribunal ofthe Rota, of two persons, named Andrea Rondola, and Peppino,otherwise called Rocca Priori; the former found guilty ofthe murder of a venerable and exemplary priest, named DonCesare Torlini, canon of the church of St. John Lateran; andthe latter convicted of being an accomplice of the atrociousand sanguinary bandit, Luigi Vampa, and his band. Thefirst-named malefactor will be subjected to the mazzuola,the second culprit beheaded. The prayers of all goodChristians are entreated for these unfortunate men, that itmay please God to awaken them to a sense of their guilt, andto grant them a hearty and sincere repentance for theircrimes.'"

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      "Well, sir," resumed Danglars, after a brief silence, "Iwill endeavor to make myself understood, by requesting youto inform me for what sum you propose to draw upon me?"

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       "Sir," said Franz, "I regret much that such a question hasbeen raised in the presence of Mademoiselle Valentine; Ihave never inquired the amount of her fortune, which,however limited it may be, exceeds mine. My family hassought consideration in this alliance with M. de Villefort;all I seek is happiness." Valentine imperceptibly thankedhim, while two silent tears rolled down her cheeks."Besides, sir," said Villefort, addressing himself to hisfuture son-in-law, "excepting the loss of a portion of yourhopes, this unexpected will need not personally wound you;M. Noirtier's weakness of mind sufficiently explains it. Itis not because Mademoiselle Valentine is going to marry youthat he is angry, but because she will marry, a union withany other would have caused him the same sorrow. Old age isselfish, sir, and Mademoiselle de Villefort has been afaithful companion to M. Noirtier, which she cannot be whenshe becomes the Baroness d'Epinay. My father's melancholystate prevents our speaking to him on any subjects, whichthe weakness of his mind would incapacitate him fromunderstanding, and I am perfectly convinced that at thepresent time, although, he knows that his granddaughter isgoing to be married, M. Noirtier has even forgotten the nameof his intended grandson." M. de Villefort had scarcely saidthis, when the door opened, and Barrois appeared.

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      "You understand me?" said the count. "Bring your comradeshere, one and all; but let everything remain as usual, onlyclose the shutters of the ground floor."

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    {  "Your excellency, we must live somehow," returned the other,smiling impenetrably.

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      "As happy as it is permitted to a human creature to be,"replied Maximilian. "She married the man she loved, whoremained faithful to us in our fallen fortunes -- EmmanuelHerbaut." Monte Cristo smiled imperceptibly. "I live thereduring my leave of absence," continued Maximilian; "and Ishall be, together with my brother-in-law Emmanuel, at thedisposition of the Count, whenever he thinks fit to honorus."}

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      "No doubt; but in the meantime?"

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      "No, Maximilian, it is not suitors to which Madame deVillefort objects, it is marriage itself."

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       "This is how you have lived during the last four nights,Valentine," said the count. "But, oh, how I passed thattime! Oh, the wretched hours I have endured -- the tortureto which I have submitted when I saw the deadly poisonpoured into your glass, and how I trembled lest you shoulddrink it before I could find time to throw it away!"

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    {  "Here is a glass with one already prepared," said Villefort,entering the room.

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      "You see, then," said Albert, "that instead of opposing, shewill encourage me."