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cctv5在线直播观看无插件【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  Mephistopheles   Once a fair vision came to me; There in I saw an apple - tree, Two beauteousapples charmed mine eyes; I climb'd forthwith to reach the prize.The Fair One

    How different, Gretchen, was it once with thee, When thou, still full ofinnocence, Here to the altar camest, And from the small and well - conn'dbook Didst lisp thy prayer, Half childish sport, Half God in thy young heart!Gretchen! What thoughts are thine? What deed of shame Lurks in thy sinfulheart? Is thy prayer utter'd for thy mother's soul, Who into long, long tormentslept through thee? Whose blood is on thy threshold? - And stirs there notalready 'neath thy heart Another quick'ning pulse, that even now Torturesitself and thee With its foreboding presence?

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   (He turns over the leaves of the book impatiently, and perceives the sigh ofthe Earth - spirit.)



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   Night. Street Before Margaret's Door

    Methinks'twere well we pack'd him quietly away.Siebel

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   Wherefore, ye tones celestial, sweet and strong, Come ye a dweller in thedust to seek? Ring out your chimes believing crowds among, The messagewell I hear, my faith alone is weak; From faith her darling, miracle, hathsprung. Aloft to yonder spheres I dare not soar, Whence sound the tidings ofgreat joy; And yet, with this sweet strain familiar when a boy, Back it recallethme to life once more. Then would celestial love, with holy kiss, Come o'er mein the Sabbath's stilly hour, While, fraught with solemn meaning andmysterious power, Chim'd the deep - sounding bell, and prayer was bliss; Ayearning impulse, undefin'd yet dear, Drove me to wander on through woodand field; With heaving breast and many a burning tear, I felt with holy joy aworld reveal'd. Gay sports and festive hours proclaim'd with joyous pealing,This Easter hymn in days of old; And fond remembrance now doth me, withchildlike feeling, Back from the last, the solemn step, withhold. O still soundon, thou sweet celestial strain! The tear - drop flows, - Earth, I am thineagain!

    For one brief hour then may I never rest, And heart to heart, and soul to soulbe pressed?

<  Neighbour! your smelling bottle!   Alas!



<  Mephistopheles And A Student   Proctophantasmist

    In nations put his trust, who may, Whate'er for them one may have done; Forwith the people, as with women, they Honour your rising stars alone!Minister