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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Was ordered to remain at Martigues."
2.  "For myself I want nothing. I live, as it were, between twograves. One is that of Edmond Dantes, lost to me long, longsince. He had my love! That word ill becomes my faded lipnow, but it is a memory dear to my heart, and one that Iwould not lose for all that the world contains. The othergrave is that of the man who met his death from the hand ofEdmond Dantes. I approve of the deed, but I must pray forthe dead."
3.  "Do you understand it?"
4.  "A man, too, who could boast of Dante for a genealogist, andcould reckon back to the `Divine Comedy.'"
5.  "Follow me, Mr. Commissary!" said the brigadier; "tread inmy steps."
6.  "I made myself some excellent ones, which would beuniversally preferred to all others if once known. You areaware what huge whitings are served to us on maigre days.Well, I selected the cartilages of the heads of thesefishes, and you can scarcely imagine the delight with whichI welcomed the arrival of each Wednesday, Friday, andSaturday, as affording me the means of increasing my stockof pens; for I will freely confess that my historical laborshave been my greatest solace and relief. While retracing thepast, I forget the present; and traversing at will the pathof history I cease to remember that I am myself a prisoner."


1.  It was easy to discover that the delicate care of a mother,unwilling to part from her son, and yet aware that a youngman of the viscount's age required the full exercise of hisliberty, had chosen this habitation for Albert. There werenot lacking, however, evidences of what we may call theintelligent egoism of a youth who is charmed with theindolent, careless life of an only son, and who lives as itwere in a gilded cage. By means of the two windows lookinginto the street, Albert could see all that passed; the sightof what is going on is necessary to young men, who alwayswant to see the world traverse their horizon, even if thathorizon is only a public thoroughfare. Then, should anythingappear to merit a more minute examination, Albert de Morcerfcould follow up his researches by means of a small gate,similar to that close to the concierge's door, and whichmerits a particular description. It was a little entrancethat seemed never to have been opened since the house wasbuilt, so entirely was it covered with dust and dirt; butthe well-oiled hinges and locks told quite another story.This door was a mockery to the concierge, from whosevigilance and jurisdiction it was free, and, like thatfamous portal in the "Arabian Nights," opening at the"Sesame" of Ali Baba, it was wont to swing backward at acabalistic word or a concerted tap from without from thesweetest voices or whitest fingers in the world. At the endof a long corridor, with which the door communicated, andwhich formed the ante-chamber, was, on the right, Albert'sbreakfast-room, looking into the court, and on the left thesalon, looking into the garden. Shrubs and creeping plantscovered the windows, and hid from the garden and court thesetwo apartments, the only rooms into which, as they were onthe ground-floor, the prying eyes of the curious couldpenetrate. On the floor above were similar rooms, with theaddition of a third, formed out of the ante-chamber; thesethree rooms were a salon, a boudoir, and a bedroom. Thesalon down-stairs was only an Algerian divan, for the use ofsmokers. The boudoir up-stairs communicated with thebed-chamber by an invisible door on the staircase; it wasevident that every precaution had been taken. Above thisfloor was a large atelier, which had been increased in sizeby pulling down the partitions -- a pandemonium, in whichthe artist and the dandy strove for preeminence. There werecollected and piled up all Albert's successive caprices,hunting-horns, bass-viols, flutes -- a whole orchestra, forAlbert had had not a taste but a fancy for music; easels,palettes, brushes, pencils -- for music had been succeededby painting; foils, boxing-gloves, broadswords, andsingle-sticks -- for, following the example of thefashionable young men of the time, Albert de Morcerfcultivated, with far more perseverance than music anddrawing, the three arts that complete a dandy's education,i.e., fencing, boxing, and single-stick; and it was herethat he received Grisier, Cook, and Charles Leboucher. Therest of the furniture of this privileged apartment consistedof old cabinets, filled with Chinese porcelain and Japanesevases, Lucca della Robbia faience, and Palissy platters; ofold arm-chairs, in which perhaps had sat Henry IV. or Sully,Louis XIII. or Richelieu -- for two of these arm-chairs,adorned with a carved shield, on which were engraved thefleur-de-lis of France on an azure field evidently came fromthe Louvre, or, at least, some royal residence. Over thesedark and sombre chairs were thrown splendid stuffs, dyedbeneath Persia's sun, or woven by the fingers of the womenof Calcutta or of Chandernagor. What these stuffs did there,it was impossible to say; they awaited, while gratifying theeyes, a destination unknown to their owner himself; in themeantime they filled the place with their golden and silkyreflections. In the centre of the room was a Roller andBlanchet "baby grand" piano in rosewood, but holding thepotentialities of an orchestra in its narrow and sonorouscavity, and groaning beneath the weight of thechefs-d'oeuvre of Beethoven, Weber, Mozart, Haydn, Gretry,and Porpora. On the walls, over the doors, on the ceiling,were swords, daggers, Malay creeses, maces, battle-axes;gilded, damasked, and inlaid suits of armor; dried plants,minerals, and stuffed birds, their flame-colored wingsoutspread in motionless flight, and their beaks foreveropen. This was Albert's favorite lounging place.
2.  Fortunately, the mariners were used to these latitudes, andknew every rock in the Tuscan Archipelago; for in the midstof this obscurity Franz was not without uneasiness --Corsica had long since disappeared, and Monte Cristo itselfwas invisible; but the sailors seemed, like the lynx, to seein the dark, and the pilot who steered did not evince theslightest hesitation. An hour had passed since the sun hadset, when Franz fancied he saw, at a quarter of a mile tothe left, a dark mass, but he could not precisely make outwhat it was, and fearing to excite the mirth of the sailorsby mistaking a floating cloud for land, he remained silent;suddenly a great light appeared on the strand; land mightresemble a cloud, but the fire was not a meteor. "What isthis light?" asked he.
3.  "What fortune has she?"
4.  "Excessively; only imagine -- but do tell me, viscount,whether you really are acquainted with it or no?"
5.  "And by accustoming her to that poison, you have endeavoredto neutralize the effect of a similar poison?" Noirtier'sjoy continued. "And you have succeeded," exclaimedd'Avrigny. "Without that precaution Valentine would havedied before assistance could have been procured. The dosehas been excessive, but she has only been shaken by it; andthis time, at any rate, Valentine will not die." Asuperhuman joy expanded the old man's eyes, which wereraised towards heaven with an expression of infinitegratitude. At this moment Villefort returned. "Here,doctor," said he, "is what you sent me for."
6.  "To ask for an engagement at the Opera. Really, I never sawsuch an infatuation for music; it is quite ridiculous for ayoung lady of fashion." Debray smiled. "Well," said he, "lether come, with your consent and that of the baron, and wewill try and give her an engagement, though we are very poorto pay such talent as hers."


1.  "Which seems to me the finest title under the royalty ofJuly," replied Danglars.
2.  "And it is not yours?"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "The same."
5.   "Are you come to fetch me?" asked he.
6.  "All would then be easily arranged if the baroness and herdaughter are willing. We should command an annuity of175,000 livres. Supposing, also, I should persuade themarquis to give me my capital, which is not likely, butstill is possible, we would place these two or threemillions in your hands, whose talent might make it realizeten per cent."


1.  "And why was I arrested? Why was I a prisoner?"
2.  "But," said Morrel, "is there no way of expediting all theseformalities -- of releasing him from arrest?"
3.  "Give it me," said Andrea, and he read by the light of hiscarriage-lamp, -- "You know where I live; I expect youtomorrow morning at nine o'clock."
4、  "Adieu, Valentine, adieu!" said Morrel, bowing.
5、  "No doubt in the subterranean palace Gaetano told you of."




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      "Willingly. M. Danglars dined with me."

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      "And where?"

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       "Adieu till then." Notwithstanding a slight resistance onthe part of Monte Cristo, whose lips turned pale, but whopreserved his ceremonious smile, Andrea seized the count'shand, pressed it, jumped into his phaeton, and disappeared.

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      "Can I believe my ears?" cried the marquise.

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    {  "He was unable to write, sir. But that reminds me that Imust ask your leave of absence for some days."

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      "`Extract from the Report of a meeting of the BonapartistClub in the Rue Saint-Jacques, held February 5th, 1815.'"}

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      "Gaspard!" cried La Carconte, "do as you will; you aremaster -- but if you take my advice you'll hold yourtongue."

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      "Well, this route is impossible."

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       "Well, listen, Baptistin, what did I tell you this morningwhen I called you into my laboratory?"

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    {  "Ah, Valentine, I assure you you are mistaken."

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      "Well, monsieur," said Bertuccio, "this man with thisspotless reputation" --