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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  So strange a reception naturally gave Milady ample matter forreflection; so seeing that the young officer did not seem at alldisposed for conversation, she reclined in her corner of thecarriage, and one after the other passed in review all thesurmises which presented themselves to her mind.
2.  Planchet grasped him by the throat, and pressed as hard as hecould. "Monsieur," said he, "as long as I hold him in thismanner, he can't cry, I'll be bound; but as soon as I let go hewill howl again. I know him for a Norman, and Normans areobstinate."
3.  "Ah, traitor," cried Buckingham, "you have killed me!""Murder!" screamed Patrick.
4.  "You are sure it is not he?" said she.
5.  "I was about to say to these gentlemen," added he, "that I forbidmy Musketeers to expose their lives needlessly; for brave men arevery dear to the king, and the king knows that his Musketeers arethe bravest on the earth. Your hand, Athos!"
6.  "Young man," said he to D'Artagnan, "a suggestion.""What?"


1.  "I insult you!" said Lord de Winter, with contempt. "In truth,madame, do you think that can be possible?"
2.  At length he raised his head, fixed his eagle look upon that loyal,open, and intelligent countenance, read upon that face, furrowed withtears, all the sufferings its possessor had endured in the course of amonth, and reflected for the third or fourth time how much there was inthat youth of twenty-one years before him, and what resources hisactivity, his courage, and his shrewdness might offer to a good master.On the other side, the crimes, the power, and the infernal genius ofMilady had more than once terrified him. He felt something like asecret joy at being forever relieved of this dangerous accomplice.Richelieu slowly tore the paper which D'Artagnan had generouslyrelinquished.
3.  They understood, then, from the few words which escaped fromD'Artagnan, what affair was in hand, and as they thought thatovertaking his man, or losing sight of him, D'Artagnan wouldreturn to his rooms, they kept on their way.
4.  "On horseback."
5.  If rage or sorrow ever torture the heart, it is when a loverreceives under a name which is not his own protestations oflove addressed to his happy rival. D'Artagnan was in adolorous situation which he had not foreseen. Jealousygnawed his heart; and he suffered almost as much as poorKitty, who at that very moment was crying in the nextchamber.
6.  "Go to! It appears to me you make dull jokes, my dear,"said Porthos.


1.  "And that name of a town or village is written in her hand!" criedAthos.
2.  The cardinal took the letter, and read it with the greatestattention; then, when he had arrived at the end of it, he read ita second time. "Well, your Majesty," said he, "you see how farmy enemies go; they menace you with two wars if you do notdismiss me. In your place, in truth, sire, I should yield tosuch powerful instance; and on my part, it would be a realhappiness to withdraw from public affairs."
3.  "This time," said Athos, first breaking the silence,"D'Artagnan has given us an excellent program, and theletter must be written at once."
4.  "How?"
5.   Then he had made himself another enemy, less to be feared,he thought; but nevertheless, he instinctively felt, not tobe despised. This enemy was Milady.
6.  "That order does not concern me," replied Milady, coldly, "sinceit bears another name than mine."


1.  "Silence!" said Mme. Bonacieux, starting.
2.  "Monseigneur, I feared I had incurred disgrace with yourEminence."
3.  "Of lofty stature."
4、  This time, without knowing why, D'Artagnan felt a cold shiver runthrough his veins. Perhaps the cold began to affect him, and hetook a perfectly physical sensation for a moral impression.Then the idea seized him that he had read incorrectly, and thatthe appointment was for eleven o'clock. He drew near to thewindow, and placing himself so that a ray of light should fallupon the letter as he held it, he drew it from his pocket andread it again; but he had not been mistaken, the appointment wasfor ten o'clock. He went and resumed his post, beginning to berather uneasy at this silence and this solitude.
5、  "What did he say?" demanded Porthos.




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      The storm increase, the flashes succeeded one another more rapidly, thethunder began to growl, and the wind, the precursor of a hurricane,whistled in the plumes and the hair of the horsemen.The cavalcade trotted on more sharply.

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      "Present yourself at the wicket of the Louvre, on the side of theRue de l'Echelle, and ask for Germain."

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       The two young men bowed and separated, Aramis ascending thestreet which led to the Luxembourg, while D'Artagnan, perceivingthe appointed hour was approaching, took the road to theCarmes-Deschaux, saying to himself, "Decidedly I can't draw back;but at least, if I am killed, I shall be killed by a Musketeer."

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      "Athos, you make me tremble!" cried D'Artagnan.

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    {  "Pardon me," said he, smiling, "pardon me my dear compatriot, butI had wholly forgotten you. But what help is there for it! Acaptain is nothing but a father of a family, charged with even agreater responsibility than the father of an ordinary family.Soldiers are big children; but as I maintain that the orders ofthe king, and more particularly the orders of the cardinal,should be executed--"

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      In fact, her position was terrible. Buckingham had returned toLondon; Mme. Chevreuse was at Tours. More closely watched thanever, the queen felt certain, without knowing how to tell which,that one of her women had betrayed her. Laporte could not leavethe Louvre; she had not a soul in the world in whom she couldconfide. Thus, while contemplating the misfortune whichthreatened her and the abandonment in which she was left, shebroke out into sobs and tears.}

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      "Now is my time to make peace with this gallant man," saidD'Artagnan to himself, having stood on one side during the wholeof the latter part of the conversation; and with this goodfeeling drawing near to Aramis, who was departing without payingany attention to him, "Monsieur," said he, "you will excuse me, Ihope."

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      25 PORTHOS

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       And Kitty, who had not let go the hand of D'Artagnan, ledhim up a little dark, winding staircase, and after ascendingabout fifteen steps, opened a door.

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    {  The young man remained immovable.

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      "I could interpret one of your looks."