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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  La Rochelle, which had derived a new importance from theruin of the other Calvinist cities, was, then, the focus ofdissensions and ambition. Moreover, its port was the lastin the kingdom of France open to the English, and by closingit against England, our eternal enemy, the cardinalcompleted the work of Joan of Arc and the Duc de Guise.Thus Bassompierre, who was at once Protestant and Catholic--Protestant by conviction and Catholic as commander of theorder of the Holy Ghost; Bassompierre, who was a German bybirth and a Frenchman at heart--in short, Bassompierre, whohad a distinguished command at the siege of La Rochelle,said, in charging at the head of several other Protestantnobles like himself, "You will see, gentlemen, that we shallbe fools enough to take La Rochelle."
2.  "You, monseigneur?"
3.  "Oh, death, death!" said she, lowering her voice and her eyelids,"oh, death, rather than shame! Felton, my brother, my friend, Iconjure you!"
4.  Milady let her head sink, as if crushed by this sentence. Lordde Winter went out, making a sign to Felton, who followed him,shutting the door after him.
5.  "Hold your tongue, you stupid fellow!" said the young man; "I amD'Artagnan; don't you know me? Where is your master?""You, Monsieur D'Artagnan!" cried Grimaud, "impossible.""Grimaud," said Athos, coming out of his apartment in adressing gown, "Grimaud, I thought I heard you permittingyourself to speak?"
6.  Standing before the chimney was a man of middle height, of ahaughty, proud mien; with piercing eyes, a large brow, and a thinface, which was made still longer by a ROYAL (or IMPERIAL, as itis now called), surmounted by a pair of mustaches. Although thisman was scarcely thirty-six or thirty-seven years of age, hair,mustaches, and royal, all began to be gray. This man, except asword, had all the appearance of a soldier; and his buff bootsstill slightly covered with dust, indicated that he had been onhorseback in the course of the day.


1.  "Where is that?"
3.  "De Wardes; I know it," cried D'Artagnan.
4.  "Very well," said D'Artagnan, "I shall discover them; as thesesecrets may have an influence over your life, these secrets mustbecome mine."
5.  "With the greatest care. The safety of the horseman, youknow, depends almost always upon the goodness of his horse.""Well, transfer it to me at the price it cost you?""I was going to make you the offer, my dear D'Artagnan,giving you all the time necessary for repaying me such atrifle."
6.  He guessed, likewise, by induction, that Porthos was taking hisrevenge for the defeat of Chantilly, when the procurator's wifehad proved so refractory with respect to her purse.Amid all this, D'Artagnan remarked also that not one countenanceresponded to the gallantries of Porthos. There were onlychimeras and illusions; but for real love, for true jealousy, isthere any reality except illusions and chimeras?


1.  "But after all," said Lord de Winter, when the three friendshad been named, "we do not know who you are. We cannotfight with such names; they are names of shepherds.""Therefore your lordship may suppose they are only assumednames," said Athos.
2.  M. Bonacieux was in the greatest perplexity possible. Had hebetter deny everything or tell everything? By denying all, itmight be suspected that he must know too much to avow; byconfessing all he might prove his good will. He decided, then,to tell all.
3.  "Well, then it appears that we are the Croesuses of the society.How much have you left of your hundred pistoles, D'Artagnan.?""Of my hundred pistoles? Why, in the first place I gave youfifty."
4.  "I shall entertain, whatever may happen," said D'Artagnan,placing his hand upon his breast and bowing, "an eternalgratitude toward your Eminence for that which you now do forme."
5.   "Yes, a forgery; it is a snare to prevent your making any resistancewhen they come to fetch you."
6.  "But who are those others? I warn you that I will never againwork in the dark, and that I will know not only to what I exposemyself, but for whom I expose myself."


1.  "And I, madame!" said D'Artagnan, embarrassed; "you promised me--""Take my arm, madame," said the stranger, "and let us continueour way."
2.  "They are beating the general alarm."
3.  "You played very willingly with us without knowing ournames," said Athos, "by the same token that you won ourhorses."
4、  It was past midnight; the next thing was to find Planchet.D'Artagnan went successively into all the cabarets in which therewas a light, but could not find Planchet in any of them.At the sixth he began to reflect that the search was ratherdubious. D'Artagnan had appointed six o'clock in the morning forhis lackey, and wherever he might be, he was right.Besides, it came into the young man's mind that by remaining inthe environs of the spot on which this sad event had passed, hewould, perhaps, have some light thrown upon the mysteriousaffair. At the sixth cabaret, then, as we said, D'Artagnanstopped, asked for a bottle of wine of the best quality, andplacing himself in the darkest corner of the room, determinedthus to wait till daylight; but this time again his hopes weredisappointed, and although he listened with all his ears, heheard nothing, amid the oaths, coarse jokes, and abuse whichpassed between the laborers, servants, and carters who comprisedthe honorable society of which he formed a part, which could puthim upon the least track of her who had been stolen from him. Hewas compelled, them, after having swallowed the contents of hisbottle, to pass the time as well as to evade suspicion, to fallinto the easiest position in his corner and to sleep, whetherwell or ill. D'Artagnan, be it remembered, was only twenty yearsold, and at that age sleep has its imprescriptible rights whichit imperiously insists upon, even with the saddest hearts.Toward six o'clock D'Artagnan awoke with that uncomfortablefeeling which generally accompanies the break of day after a badnight. He was not long in making his toilet. He examinedhimself to see if advantage had been taken of his sleep, andhaving found his diamond ring on his finger, his purse in hispocket, and his pistols in his belt, he rose, paid for hisbottle, and went out to try if he could have any better luck inhis search after his lackey than he had had the night before.The first thing he perceived through the damp gray mist washonest Planchet, who, with the two horses in hand, awaited him atthe door of a little blind cabaret, before which D'Artagnan hadpassed without even a suspicion of its existence.
5、  "Come in, my dear John," said Lord de Winter, "come in, and shutthe door."




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      "The cardinal?" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Have you seen thecardinal?"

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      "Yes, such a one as would be made by the grazing of a ball.""Was he not a fine-looking man?"

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       "Give a ball; you know how much the queen loves dancing. I willanswer for it, her resentment will not hold out against such anattention."

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      "I ask no better," said Aramis, with that ingenious air ofconfidence which every poet has in himself; "but let me beproperly acquainted with the subject. I have heard here andthere that this sister-in-law was a hussy. I have obtainedproof of it by listening to her conversation with thecardinal."

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    {  "What the devil can they smell so extraordinary in thissoup?" said Porthos, at the sight of a pale liquid, abundantbut entirely free from meat, on the surface of which a fewcrusts swam about as rare as the islands of an archipelago.Mme. Coquenard smiled, and upon a sign from her everyoneeagerly took his seat.

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      "You are right," cried the gentleman; "begone then, on your part,and I will depart as quickly on mine." And bowing to the lady,sprang into his saddle, while her coachman applied his whipvigorously to his horses. The two interlocutors thus separated,taking opposite directions, at full gallop.}

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      "No, monseigneur; my people could tell me nothing on that head.""But I know."

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      Grimaud showed his master his forefinger bent.

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       Meantime, as we have said, despite the cries of hisconscience and the wise counsels of Athos, D'Artagnan becamehourly more in love with Milady. Thus he never failed topay his diurnal court to her; and the self-satisfied Gasconwas convinced that sooner or later she could not fail torespond.

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    {  "And what bastion is it?" asked a dragoon, with his saberrun through a goose which he was taking to be cooked."The bastion St. Gervais," replied D'Artagnan, "from behindwhich the Rochellais annoyed our workmen."

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      "Be kind enough to pardon me, madame; but in this circumstance Iam but the instrument which the king employs. Has not hisMajesty just left you, and has he not himself asked you toprepare for this visit?"