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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And a pot of coffee."
2.  "Did you ever hear any more from that wholesale house?"
3.  "Where were you, George?" asked Carrie, after the first absence.
4.  "There they are again!" exclaimed one policeman.
5.  "And I'm telling you," he said in the end, slightly recoveringhimself, "what you'll not get."
6.  "No, he can't injure that any, I guess."


1.  "She asks only in return," said Carrie, scarcely hearing thesmall, scheduled reply of her lover, and putting herself evenmore in harmony with the plaintive melody now issuing from theorchestra, "that when you look upon her your eyes shall speakdevotion; that when you address her your voice shall be gentle,loving, and kind; that you shall not despise her because shecannot understand all at once your vigorous thoughts andambitious designs; for, when misfortune and evil have defeatedyour greatest purposes, her love remains to console you. Youlook to the trees," she continued, while Hurstwood restrained hisfeelings only by the grimmest repression, "for strength andgrandeur; do not despise the flowers because their fragrance isall they have to give. Remember," she concluded, tenderly, "loveis all a woman has to give," and she laid a strange, sweet accenton the all, "but it is the only thing which God permits us tocarry beyond the grave."
3.  A man of Hurstwood's age and temperament is not subject to theillusions and burning desires of youth, but neither has he thestrength of hope which gushes as a fountain in the heart ofyouth. Such an atmosphere could not incite in him the cravingsof a boy of eighteen, but in so far as they were excited, thelack of hope made them proportionately bitter. He could not failto notice the signs of affluence and luxury on every hand. Hehad been to New York before and knew the resources of its folly.In part it was an awesome place to him, for here gathered allthat he most respected on this earth--wealth, place, and fame.The majority of the celebrities with whom he had tipped glassesin his day as manager hailed from this self-centred and populousspot. The most inviting stories of pleasure and luxury had beentold of places and individuals here. He knew it to be true thatunconsciously he was brushing elbows with fortune the livelongday; that a hundred or five hundred thousand gave no one theprivilege of living more than comfortably in so wealthy a place.Fashion and pomp required more ample sums, so that the poor manwas nowhere. All this he realised, now quite sharply, as hefaced the city, cut off from his friends, despoiled of his modestfortune, and even his name, and forced to begin the battle forplace and comfort all over again. He was not old, but he was notso dull but that he could feel he soon would be. Of a sudden,then, this show of fine clothes, place, and power took onpeculiar significance. It was emphasised by contrast with hisown distressing state.
4.  "You haven't anything on hand for the night, have you?" addedHurstwood.
5.  She understood well enough what it meant.
6.  Carrie put out her hand, smiling, if for nothing more than theman's exuberant good-nature. Though older, he was but slightlychanged. The same fine clothes, the same stocky body, the samerosy countenance.


1.  "How are you?" he said, easily. "I could not resist thetemptation to come out this afternoon, it was so pleasant."
2.  He put his paper down on his knees and gazed idly out of thewindow. He did not propose to lose his temper, but merely to bepersistent and agreeable, and by a few questions bring around amild understanding of some sort.
3.  "Have you ever had any experience at this kind of work?" heinquired.
4.  Chapter XXVIII
5.   The progress of the play did not improve matters for him.Carrie, from now on, was easily the centre of interest. Theaudience, which had been inclined to feel that nothing could begood after the first gloomy impression, now went to the otherextreme and saw power where it was not. The general feelingreacted on Carrie. She presented her part with some felicity,though nothing like the intensity which had aroused the feelingat the end of the long first act.
6.  Oh, Carrie, Carrie! Oh, blind strivings of the human heart!Onward onward, it saith, and where beauty leads, there itfollows. Whether it be the tinkle of a lone sheep bell o'er somequiet landscape, or the glimmer of beauty in sylvan places, orthe show of soul in some passing eye, the heart knows and makesanswer, following. It is when the feet weary and hope seems vainthat the heartaches and the longings arise. Know, then, that foryou is neither surfeit nor content. In your rocking-chair, byyour window dreaming, shall you long, alone. In your rocking-chair, by your window, shall you dream such happiness as you maynever feel.


1.  "Do you remember how nervous you were that night at the Avery?"he asked.
2.  "You must marry me, though," she said."I'll get a license to-day," he answered.
3.  Drouet was reminded of his promise a day or two later by thereceipt of a letter announcing that the first rehearsal was setfor the following Friday evening, and urging him to kindlyforward the young lady's address at once, in order that the partmight be delivered to her.
4、  In walking a few blocks to fix upon some probable place, sheagain encountered the firm of Storm and King, and this timemanaged to get in. Some gentlemen were conferring close at hand,but took no notice of her. She was left standing, gazingnervously upon the floor. When the limit of her distress hadbeen nearly reached, she was beckoned to by a man at one of themany desks within the near-by railing.
5、  "In Seventeenth Street."




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      "You ought to have a piano here, Drouet," said Hurstwood, smilingat Carrie, on the evening in question, "so that your wife couldplay."

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      "Hashed brown potatoes."

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       Hurstwood went out and made for Broadway. He wanted to think upsome place. Before long, though, he reached the Grand Hotel atThirty-first Street. He knew of its comfortable lobby. He wascold after his twenty blocks' walk.

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      "There's another wants to try it," said Officer Kiely to OfficerMacey.

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    {  It was this way through many shifts of the tired brain, thosecurious phantoms of the spirit slipping in, blurring strangescenes, one with the other. The last one made her cry out, forCarrie was slipping away somewhere over a rock, and her fingershad let loose and she had seen her falling.

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      "I guess she's struck it," he thought, a picture of the oldshiny, plush-covered world coming back, with its lights, itsornaments, its carriages, and flowers. Ah, she was in the walledcity now! Its splendid gates had opened, admitting her from acold, dreary outside. She seemed a creature afar off--like everyother celebrity he had known.}

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      "I think," she said, "I can do better in a serious play."

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      "Look here, my man," said Hurstwood authoritatively, "you don'tunderstand anything about this case, and I can't explain to you.Whatever I intend to do I'll do without advice from the outside.You'll have to excuse me.""Well, now, there's no use of your talking that way," said theman, "when you're in the hands of the police. We can make a lotof trouble for you if we want to. You're not registered right inthis house, you haven't got your wife with you, and thenewspapers don't know you're here yet. You might as well bereasonable."

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       "Oh!" said Carrie, breaking under the strain, and turning. "Oh,oh!" and she hurried into the front room.

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    {  He walked on with her, elated beyond words, so delightful hadbeen the result. He impressed a long story of joy and affectionupon her, though there was but here and there a word. After ahalf-hour he began to realise that the meeting must come to anend, so exacting is the world.

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      They were free with the fellows, young and old, about the place,and exchanged banter in rude phrases, which at first shocked her.She saw that she was taken to be of the same sort and addressedaccordingly.