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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You must have searched badly."
2.  "Does it require much study to learn the art oftelegraphing?" asked Monte Cristo.
3.  "It is the declaration of Cardinal Spada, and the will solong sought for," replied Edmond, still incredulous.
4.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo. "Have you had another fallat the Bourse?"
5.  "Some particulars, doubtless, but that is seven or eightyears ago, and I have forgotten them."
6.  "Has any one besides me seen Madame de Saint-Meran?"


1.  "A little."
2.  "Listen -- when one bears an irreproachable name, as I do,one is rather sensitive."
3.  "Never mind," replied Villefort; "I say that this marriageshall be consummated."
4.  "How long his he been there?"
5.  "The first person who sees her."
6.  "Great heavens?" suddenly exclaimed Debray.


1.  "And what is become of this Benedetto?"
2.  "To M. Franz d'Epinay?"
3.  "Certainly," he said, "your receipt is money."
4.  "No, you will not forget it, because you are a man of honor,Morrel, because you have taken an oath, and are about to doso again."
5.   "No, you are right -- and I should say that would bring himill-luck."
6.  As we have said, he was lying on the deck. A sailor wasrubbing his limbs with a woollen cloth; another, whom herecognized as the one who had cried out "Courage!" held agourd full of rum to his mouth; while the third, an oldsailer, at once the pilot and captain, looked on with thategotistical pity men feel for a misfortune that they haveescaped yesterday, and which may overtake them to-morrow.


1.  "I think you are going mad, Bertuccio," said the countcoldly. "If that is the case, I warn you, I shall have youput in a lunatic asylum."
2.  "Do you know, Villefort, that you are talking in a mostdreadfully revolutionary strain? But I excuse it, it isimpossible to expect the son of a Girondin to be free from asmall spice of the old leaven." A deep crimson suffused thecountenance of Villefort.
3.  "Then all he has got to do is to endeavor to repair it."
4、  "Madame, you are mistaken, they are not misfortunes, -- itis a punishment. It is not I who strike M. de Morcerf; it isprovidence which punishes him."
5、  "I am Edmond Dantes!"




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      "Well?" asked Danglars.

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      "That will account to you for the unreserved manner whichyou observed between me and Eugenie, as in speaking of theman whom I could not love, my thoughts involuntarilyreverted to him on whom my affections were fixed."

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       "I am going, sir; and I do not hesitate to say that noprayers will be more fervent than mine." D'Avrigny took thepriest's hand, and without meeting Villefort, who wasengaged in his study, they reached Valentine's room, whichon the following night was to be occupied by theundertakers. On entering the room, Noirtier's eyes met thoseof the abbe, and no doubt he read some particular expressionin them, for he remained in the room. D'Avrigny recommendedthe attention of the priest to the living as well as to thedead, and the abbe promised to devote his prayers toValentine and his attentions to Noirtier. In order,doubtless, that he might not be disturbed while fulfillinghis sacred mission, the priest rose as soon as d'Avrignydeparted, and not only bolted the door through which thedoctor had just left, but also that leading to Madame deVillefort's room.

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      The commissary of police, as he traversed the ante-chamber,made a sign to two gendarmes, who placed themselves one onDantes' right and the other on his left. A door thatcommunicated with the Palais de Justice was opened, and theywent through a long range of gloomy corridors, whoseappearance might have made even the boldest shudder. ThePalais de Justice communicated with the prison, -- a sombreedifice, that from its grated windows looks on theclock-tower of the Accoules. After numberless windings,Dantes saw a door with an iron wicket. The commissary tookup an iron mallet and knocked thrice, every blow seeming toDantes as if struck on his heart. The door opened, the twogendarmes gently pushed him forward, and the door closedwith a loud sound behind him. The air he inhaled was nolonger pure, but thick and mephitic, -- he was in prison. Hewas conducted to a tolerably neat chamber, but grated andbarred, and its appearance, therefore, did not greatly alarmhim; besides, the words of Villefort, who seemed to interesthimself so much, resounded still in his ears like a promiseof freedom. It was four o'clock when Dantes was placed inthis chamber. It was, as we have said, the 1st of March, andthe prisoner was soon buried in darkness. The obscurityaugmented the acuteness of his hearing; at the slightestsound he rose and hastened to the door, convinced they wereabout to liberate him, but the sound died away, and Dantessank again into his seat. At last, about ten o'clock, andjust as Dantes began to despair, steps were heard in thecorridor, a key turned in the lock, the bolts creaked, themassy oaken door flew open, and a flood of light from twotorches pervaded the apartment. By the torchlight Dantes sawthe glittering sabres and carbines of four gendarmes. He hadadvanced at first, but stopped at the sight of this displayof force.

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    {  "Well, my poor friend," replied Beauchamp, "I expected you."

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      "That is very well before one is over forty. No, I do notdance, but I like to see others do so. Does Madame deMorcerf dance?"}

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      "As for me, I had been forgotten in the general confusion; Iran toward Ali Tepelini; he saw me hold out my arms to him,and he stooped down and pressed my forehead with his lips.Oh, how distinctly I remember that kiss! -- it was the lasthe ever gave me, and I feel as if it were still warm on myforehead. On descending, we saw through the lattice-workseveral boats which were gradually becoming more distinct toour view. At first they appeared like black specks, and nowthey looked like birds skimming the surface of the waves.During this time, in the kiosk at my father's feet, wereseated twenty Palikares, concealed from view by an angle ofthe wall and watching with eager eyes the arrival of theboats. They were armed with their long guns inlaid withmother-of-pearl and silver, and cartridges in great numberswere lying scattered on the floor. My father looked at hiswatch, and paced up and down with a countenance expressiveof the greatest anguish. This was the scene which presenteditself to my view as I quitted my father after that lastkiss. My mother and I traversed the gloomy passage leadingto the cavern. Selim was still at his post, and smiled sadlyon us as we entered. We fetched our cushions from the otherend of the cavern, and sat down by Selim. In great dangersthe devoted ones cling to each other; and, young as I was, Iquite understood that some imminent danger was hanging overour heads."

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      "By no means. He is a perfect nobleman, very polite, modest,and agreeable, such as may be found constantly in Italy,descendants of very ancient families. I have met him severaltimes at Florence, Bologna and Lucca, and he has nowcommunicated to me the fact of his arrival in Paris. Theacquaintances one makes in travelling have a sort of claimon one; they everywhere expect to receive the same attentionwhich you once paid them by chance, as though the civilitiesof a passing hour were likely to awaken any lasting interestin favor of the man in whose society you may happen to bethrown in the course of your journey. This good MajorCavalcanti is come to take a second view of Paris, which heonly saw in passing through in the time of the Empire, whenhe was on his way to Moscow. I shall give him a good dinner,he will confide his son to my care, I will promise to watchover him, I shall let him follow in whatever path his follymay lead him, and then I shall have done my part."

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       "What; is it news to you? Has not M. Danglars informed youof the ceremony?"

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    {  "Yes; but only one of these two is about to die; the otherhas many years to live."

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      "Of what country?"