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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Tell me of those men," said the abbe, "and remember too,"he added in an almost menacing tone, "you have promised totell me everything. Tell me, therefore, who are these menwho killed the son with despair, and the father withfamine?"
2.  "Sir, you are tempting me?"
3.  "Can I believe my ears?" cried the marquise.
4.  "Do you know the assassin?" asked Morrel.
5.  "With the condition that they should sin no more," saidBeauchamp, laughing. "I see they kept their promise."
6.  The thieves looked at one another with low murmurs, and astorm gathered over the head of the aristocratic prisoner,raised less by his own words than by the manner of thekeeper. The latter, sure of quelling the tempest when thewaves became too violent, allowed them to rise to a certainpitch that he might be revenged on the importunate Andrea,and besides it would afford him some recreation during thelong day. The thieves had already approached Andrea, somescreaming, "La savate -- La savate!"* a cruel operation,which consists in cuffing a comrade who may have fallen intodisgrace, not with an old shoe, but with an iron-heeled one.Others proposed the "anguille," another kind of recreation,in which a handkerchief is filled with sand, pebbles, andtwo-sous pieces, when they have them, which the wretchesbeat like a flail over the head and shoulders of the unhappysufferer. "Let us horsewhip the fine gentleman!" saidothers.


1.  "Well," returned Morrel, "it is a cruel thing to be forcedto say, but, already used to misfortune, I must habituatemyself to shame. I fear I shall be forced to suspendpayment."
2.  "It is a young girl."
3.  "It is very strange," said Albert, "to hear such wordsproceed from the mouth of any one but an actress on thestage, and one needs constantly to be saying to one's self,`This is no fiction, it is all reality,' in order to believeit. And how does France appear in your eyes, accustomed asthey have been to gaze on such enchanted scenes?"
4.  Dantes held down his head, that the other might not see howjoy at the thought of having a companion outweighed thesympathy he felt for the failure of the abbe's plans.
5.  "I, your excellency?"
6.  "`Monsieur,' I said, `my brother was assassinated yesterdayin the streets of Nimes, I know not by whom, but it is yourduty to find out. You are the representative of justicehere, and it is for justice to avenge those she has beenunable to protect.' -- `Who was your brother?' asked he. --`A lieutenant in the Corsican battalion.' -- `A soldier ofthe usurper, then?' -- `A soldier of the French army.' --`Well,' replied he, `he has smitten with the sword, and hehas perished by the sword.' -- `You are mistaken, monsieur,'I replied; `he has perished by the poniard.' -- `What do youwant me to do?' asked the magistrate. -- `I have alreadytold you -- avenge him.' -- `On whom?' -- `On hismurderers.' -- `How should I know who they are?' -- `Orderthem to be sought for.' -- `Why, your brother has beeninvolved in a quarrel, and killed in a duel. All these oldsoldiers commit excesses which were tolerated in the time ofthe emperor, but which are not suffered now, for the peoplehere do not like soldiers of such disorderly conduct.' --`Monsieur,' I replied, `it is not for myself that I entreatyour interference -- I should grieve for him or avenge him,but my poor brother had a wife, and were anything to happento me, the poor creature would perish from want, for mybrother's pay alone kept her. Pray, try and obtain a smallgovernment pension for her.'


1.  "He will sully it then," returned Lucien; "for I am low --very low."
2.  "Well, then, it is but fair that you should be paid for yourloss of time and trouble," said the count; and he made agesture of polite dismissal. The notary left the roombackwards, and bowing down to the ground; it was the firsttime he had ever met a similar client. "See this gentlemanout," said the count to Bertuccio. And the steward followedthe notary out of the room. Scarcely was the count alone,when he drew from his pocket a book closed with a lock, andopened it with a key which he wore round his neck, and whichnever left him. After having sought for a few minutes, hestopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared themwith the deed of sale, which lay on the table. "`Auteuil,Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28;' it is indeed the same," saidhe; "and now, am I to rely upon an avowal extorted byreligious or physical terror? However, in an hour I shallknow all. Bertuccio!" cried he, striking a light hammer witha pliant handle on a small gong. "Bertuccio!" The stewardappeared at the door. "Monsieur Bertuccio," said the count,"did you never tell me that you had travelled in France?"
3.  On recognizing her step-mother, Valentine could not repressa shudder, which caused a vibration in the bed. Madame deVillefort instantly stepped back close to the wall, andthere, shaded by the bed-curtains, she silently andattentively watched the slightest movement of Valentine. Thelatter recollected the terrible caution of Monte Cristo; shefancied that the hand not holding the phial clasped a longsharp knife. Then collecting all her remaining strength, sheforced herself to close her eyes; but this simple operationupon the most delicate organs of our frame, generally soeasy to accomplish, became almost impossible at this moment,so much did curiosity struggle to retain the eyelid open andlearn the truth. Madame de Villefort, however, reassured bythe silence, which was alone disturbed by the regularbreathing of Valentine, again extended her hand, and halfhidden by the curtains succeeded in emptying the contents ofthe phial into the glass. Then she retired so gently thatValentine did not know she had left the room. She onlywitnessed the withdrawal of the arm -- the fair round arm ofa woman but twenty-five years old, and who yet spread deatharound her.
4.  "Exactly, my daughter; that is precisely what I mean," saidDanglars, almost digging his nails into his breast, while hepreserved on his harsh features the smile of the heartlessthough clever man; "ruined -- yes, that is it."
5.   "To preserve it, sealed up as it is, doubtless," said theprocureur.
6.  "It is much more convenient at Paris, -- when anythingcannot be done, you pay double, and it is done directly."


1.  "May not Barrois, the old servant, have made a mistake, andhave given Madame de Saint-Meran a dose prepared for hismaster?"
2.  P.S. -- I now believe in Italian banditti.
3.  "But why did it not kill my father?"
4、  The delay demanded by Beauchamp had nearly expired. Morcerfappreciated the advice of Monte Cristo to let things dieaway of their own accord. No one had taken up the remarkabout the general, and no one had recognized in the officerwho betrayed the castle of Yanina the noble count in theHouse of Peers. Albert, however felt no less insulted; thefew lines which had irritated him were certainly intended asan insult. Besides, the manner in which Beauchamp had closedthe conference left a bitter recollection in his heart. Hecherished the thought of the duel, hoping to conceal itstrue cause even from his seconds. Beauchamp had not beenseen since the day he visited Albert, and those of whom thelatter inquired always told him he was out on a journeywhich would detain him some days. Where he was no one knew.
5、  "I will profit by them to tell you something about myguest."




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      "By a letter addressed to you from the Island of Elba."

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      "I warn you, Master Caderousse, that you are mistaken."

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       "It is nothing."

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      "There is, then, the second point cleared up, or nearly so,"said Eugenie, without the least confusion, and with thatmasculine pointedness which distinguished her gesture andher language; "and you appear satisfied with theexplanation. Now, let us return to the first. You ask me whyI have requested this interview; I will tell you in twowords, sir; I will not marry count Andrea Cavalcanti."

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    {  "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."

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      All that evening nothing was spoken of but the foresight ofDanglars, who had sold his shares, and of the luck of thestock-jobber, who only lost five hundred thousand francs bysuch a blow. Those who had kept their shares, or boughtthose of Danglars, looked upon themselves as ruined, andpassed a very bad night. Next morning Le Moniteur containedthe following:}

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      "Oh, my lord," said she, "why are you writing thus at suchan hour? Why are you bequeathing all your fortune to me? Areyou going to leave me?"

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      "It is because I am in a worse humor than usual," repliedDanglars. Hermine looked at the banker with supreme disdain.These glances frequently exasperated the pride of Danglars,but this evening he took no notice of them.

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       "But if I am not hungry?" said the young man.

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    {  "Well, with the five minutes' grace, we have only ten left."

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      "Never mind that, Maximilian," said Monte Cristo, smiling."I have made an agreement with the navy, that the access tomy island shall be free of all charge. I have made abargain." Morrel looked at the count with surprise. "Count,"he said, "you are not the same here as in Paris."