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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Never; you can talk to her, she so delights in yourconversation."
2.  "That is impossible."
3.  "I? Nothing -- at least personally," said Monte Cristo.
4.  "Two years."
5.  "I was at the house of Monte Cristo an hour since," saidMorrel; "we were speaking, he of the sorrow your family hadexperienced, and I of your grief, when a carriage rolledinto the court-yard. Never, till then, had I placed anyconfidence in presentiments, but now I cannot help believingthem, Valentine. At the sound of that carriage I shuddered;soon I heard steps on the staircase, which terrified me asmuch as the footsteps of the commander did Don Juan. Thedoor at last opened; Albert de Morcerf entered first, and Ibegan to hope my fears were vain, when, after him, anotheryoung man advanced, and the count exclaimed -- `Ah, here isthe Baron Franz d'Epinay!' I summoned all my strength andcourage to my support. Perhaps I turned pale and trembled,but certainly I smiled; and five minutes after I left,without having heard one word that had passed."
6.  "Julie," said Madame Morrel, making a sign to the young man,"go and tell your father that Maximilian has just arrived."The young lady rushed out of the apartment, but on the firststep of the staircase she found a man holding a letter inhis hand.


1.  "No," said the count, with an imperceptible smile ofcontempt, for he had no wish to be seen in the young man'ssociety, -- "no; I prefer listening to you here, my dear M.Andrea; we can chat better in-doors, and there is nocoachman to overhear our conversation." The count returnedto a small drawing-room on the first floor, sat down, andcrossing his legs motioned to the young man to take a seatalso. Andrea assumed his gayest manner. "You know, my dearcount," said he, "the ceremony is to take place thisevening. At nine o'clock the contract is to be signed at myfather-in-law's."
2.  "I do not know who could if I could not," said Caderousse."Why, I lived almost on the same floor with the poor oldman. Ah, yes, about a year after the disappearance of hisson the poor old man died."
3.  "Certainly, every one who has come from Palermo, Naples, orRome to France by sea must know it, since he has passedclose to it and must have seen it."
4.  "Well, sir, you have in your establishment, or in yourfamily, perhaps, one of the frightful monstrosities of whicheach century produces only one. Locusta and Agrippina,living at the same time, were an exception, and proved thedetermination of providence to effect the entire ruin of theRoman empire, sullied by so many crimes. Brunehilde andFredegonde were the results of the painful struggle ofcivilization in its infancy, when man was learning tocontrol mind, were it even by an emissary from the realms ofdarkness. All these women had been, or were, beautiful. Thesame flower of innocence had flourished, or was stillflourishing, on their brow, that is seen on the brow of theculprit in your house." Villefort shrieked, clasped hishands, and looked at the doctor with a supplicating air. Butthe latter went on without pity: --
5.  "Well, conceal me somewhere; you can say you were needlesslyalarmed; you can turn their suspicions and save my life!"
6.  "Oh, no. I am condemned to witness those gentlemen everyday," said Beauchamp; "but he is perfectly unknown to me."


1.  "Yes, you know the amount."
2.  "What spot?"
3.  "Oh, as for that, I'll take you to a splendid place," saidthe man with the handkerchief; and taking the horse's bit heled the tilbury where it was certainly impossible for anyone to witness the honor that Andrea conferred upon him.
4.  "Yes, I speak five of the modern tongues -- that is to say,German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish; by the aid ofancient Greek I learned modern Greek -- I don't speak it sowell as I could wish, but I am still trying to improvemyself."
5.   "So," continued Franz, "the hero of this history is only twoand twenty?"
6.  "I will put another case to you," continued the count; "thatwhere society, attacked by the death of a person, avengesdeath by death. But are there not a thousand tortures bywhich a man may be made to suffer without society taking theleast cognizance of them, or offering him even theinsufficient means of vengeance, of which we have justspoken? Are there not crimes for which the impalement of theTurks, the augers of the Persians, the stake and the brandof the Iroquois Indians, are inadequate tortures, and whichare unpunished by society? Answer me, do not these crimesexist?"


1.  "M. Villefort is no longer at Marseilles; he is now atToulouse."
2.  "Never, sir," replied the jailer, "never; on the contrary,he sometimes amused me very much by telling me stories. Oneday, too, when my wife was ill, he gave me a prescriptionwhich cured her."
3.  "Be it so," said the count, "come." Morrel mechanicallyfollowed the count, and they had entered the grotto beforehe perceived it. He felt a carpet under his feet, a dooropened, perfumes surrounded him, and a brilliant lightdazzled his eyes. Morrel hesitated to advance; he dreadedthe enervating effect of all that he saw. Monte Cristo drewhim in gently. "Why should we not spend the last three hoursremaining to us of life, like those ancient Romans, who whencondemned by Nero, their emperor and heir, sat down at atable covered with flowers, and gently glided into death,amid the perfume of heliotropes and roses?" Morrel smiled."As you please," he said; "death is always death, -- that isforgetfulness, repose, exclusion from life, and thereforefrom grief." He sat down, and Monte Cristo placed himselfopposite to him. They were in the marvellous dining-roombefore described, where the statues had baskets on theirheads always filled with fruits and flowers. Morrel hadlooked carelessly around, and had probably noticed nothing.
4、  "I have found already."
5、  "I am, at least, fearful of it. Napoleon, in the Island ofElba, is too near France, and his proximity keeps up thehopes of his partisans. Marseilles is filled with half-payofficers, who are daily, under one frivolous pretext orother, getting up quarrels with the royalists; from hencearise continual and fatal duels among the higher classes ofpersons, and assassinations in the lower."




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      "And to sign the contract in three days?"

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      "But since I tell you," cried Danglars, "that with thesethree million" --

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       "That, with her permission, I shall do myself the honor ofpaying my respects in the course of the evening."

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      "And the young man?"

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    {  "Then I have leave?"

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      "Ma foi, I should like to smoke."}

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      "What is that?" asked Andrea.

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      "Until Saturday, when I may expect you, may I not?"

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       "Yes; and we are going to his house."

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    {  "No; but the connection will be seen by others, andtherefore I will have the article contradicted." At thewords "I will," Beauchamp steadily raised his eyes toAlbert's countenance, and then as gradually lowering them,he remained thoughtful for a few moments. "You will retractthis assertion, will you not, Beauchamp?" said Albert withincreased though stifled anger.

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      "Yes, yes, father, tell me where it is," and he opened twoor three cupboards.