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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I presume you have given orders to your valet de chambre toput in all you are likely to need, -- your plain clothes andyour uniform. On grand occasions you must wear your uniform;that will look very well. Do not forget your crosses. Theystill laugh at them in France, and yet always wear them, forall that."
2.  "Nothing shall be done without the full approbation ofAlbert de Morcerf. I will make myself acquainted with hisintentions and will submit to them. But if he be willing toaccept my offers, will you oppose them?"
3.  "My good Edmond," answered the abbe, "be not deceived. Theattack which has just passed away, condemns me forever tothe walls of a prison. None can fly from a dungeon whocannot walk."
4.  "Ah," said the count, "I see that M. Danglars is accustomedto play at gaining or losing 300,000 francs in a day; hemust be enormously rich."
5.  "Why, then, not let me out by the door?"
6.  "You have guessed rightly, madame," replied Monte Cristo,smiling; "in a week I shall have left this country, where somany persons who merit the vengeance of heaven livedhappily, while my father perished of hunger and grief."While announcing his departure, the count fixed his eyes onMorrel, and remarked that the words, "I shall have left thiscountry," had failed to rouse him from his lethargy. He thensaw that he must make another struggle against the grief ofhis friend, and taking the hands of Emmanuel and Julie,which he pressed within his own, he said with the mildauthority of a father, "My kind friends, leave me alone withMaximilian." Julie saw the means offered of carrying off herprecious relic, which Monte Cristo had forgotten. She drewher husband to the door. "Let us leave them," she said. Thecount was alone with Morrel, who remained motionless as astatue.


1.  "`Which is to recover a lost and adored son.'"
2.  "Well, then, if you obtain the reprieve?"
3.  "A great misfortune, more important to me than life. Don'tquestion me, I beg of you, but lend me a horse."
4.  "Well, since I gave you a fourth of my gains, I think youowe me a fourth of my losses; the fourth of 700,000 francsis 175,000 francs."
5.  "In what year -- you ask me in what year?"
6.  "I understand -- you allowed matters to take their course,that was all."


1.  "Which of the two denounced him? Which was the realdelinquent?"
2.  "But what are you up to?"
3.  "Continue to seek for this man, sir," said the king to theminister of police; "for if, as I am all but convinced,General Quesnel, who would have been so useful to us at thismoment, has been murdered, his assassins, Bonapartists ornot, shall be cruelly punished." It required all Villefort'scoolness not to betray the terror with which thisdeclaration of the king inspired him.
4.  "No."
5.   "Come, Barrois," said the young girl, "take some of thislemonade; I see you are coveting a good draught of it."
6.  "Sixty thousand francs per year. I thought I was right inbelieving that Cavalcanti to be a stingy fellow. How can ayoung man live upon 5,000 francs a month?"


1.  The abbe smiled. "Well," said he, "but you had anothersubject for your thoughts; did you not say so just now?"
2.  "There has been no arrest."
3.  "Certainly," said Monte Cristo, slightly shrugging hisshoulders; "otherwise I would not fight with M. de Morcerf.I shall kill him -- I cannot help it. Only by a single linethis evening at my house let me know the arms and the hour;I do not like to be kept waiting."
4、  It will be recollected that the new, or rather old,acquaintances of the Count of Monte Cristo, residing in theRue Meslay, were no other than Maximilian, Julie, andEmmanuel. The very anticipations of delight to be enjoyed inhis forthcoming visits -- the bright, pure gleam of heavenlyhappiness it diffused over the almost deadly warfare inwhich he had voluntarily engaged, illumined his wholecountenance with a look of ineffable joy and calmness, as,immediately after Villefort's departure, his thoughts flewback to the cheering prospect before him, of tasting, atleast, a brief respite from the fierce and stormy passionsof his mind. Even Ali, who had hastened to obey the Count'ssummons, went forth from his master's presence in charmedamazement at the unusual animation and pleasure depicted onfeatures ordinarily so stern and cold; while, as thoughdreading to put to flight the agreeable ideas hovering overhis patron's meditations, whatever they were, the faithfulNubian walked on tiptoe towards the door, holding hisbreath, lest its faintest sound should dissipate hismaster's happy reverie.
5、  When he drew near to the bedroom door, Monte Cristo expectedthat he was coming in, and raised one of his pistols; but hesimply heard the sound of the bolts sliding in their copperrings. It was only a precaution. The nocturnal visitor,ignorant of the fact that the count had removed the staples,might now think himself at home, and pursue his purpose withfull security. Alone and free to act as he wished, the manthen drew from his pocket something which the count couldnot discern, placed it on a stand, then went straight to thesecretary, felt the lock, and contrary to his expectationfound that the key was missing. But the glass-cutter was aprudent man who had provided for all emergencies. The countsoon heard the rattling of a bunch of skeleton keys, such asthe locksmith brings when called to force a lock, and whichthieves call nightingales, doubtless from the music of theirnightly song when they grind against the bolt. "Ah, ha,"whispered Monte Cristo with a smile of disappointment, "heis only a thief."




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      "Yes, there is something I wish to see."

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      Due information was given to the authorities, and permissionobtained that the two funerals should take place at the sametime. A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp,was brought to M. de Villefort's door, and the coffinremoved into it from the post-wagon. The two bodies were tobe interred in the cemetery of Pere-la-Chaise, where M. deVillefort had long since had a tomb prepared for thereception of his family. The remains of poor Renee werealready deposited there, and now, after ten years ofseparation, her father and mother were to be reunited withher. The Parisians, always curious, always affected byfunereal display, looked on with religious silence while thesplendid procession accompanied to their last abode two ofthe number of the old aristocracy -- the greatest protectorsof commerce and sincere devotees to their principles. In oneof the mourning-coaches Beauchamp, Debray, andChateau-Renaud were talking of the very sudden death of themarchioness. "I saw Madame de Saint-Meran only last year atMarseilles, when I was coming back from Algiers," saidChateau-Renaud; "she looked like a woman destined to live tobe a hundred years old, from her apparent sound health andgreat activity of mind and body. How old was she?"

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       "But if I were wrong" --

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      "The more so, sir, as it was men's and not God's doing."

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    {  "Are you not his confessor?"

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      "Here I am, pursuing you remorselessly," he said with abenignant smile. "You thought to escape my munificence, butit is in vain. Listen to me."}

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      Chapter 33Roman Bandits.

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      "And you are not so any longer?"

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       "What you tell me is horrible, sir. You wish to make mebelieve something too dreadful. What? -- attempt to murderme in my father's house, in my room, on my bed of sickness?Oh, leave me, sir; you are tempting me -- you make me doubtthe goodness of providence -- it is impossible, it cannotbe!"

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    {  "What is that?" inquired the abbe.

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      "Simply because that accusation had been written with theleft hand; and I have noticed that" --