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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Monte Cristo noticed, as they descended the staircase, thatBertuccio signed himself in the Corsican manner; that is,had formed the sign of the cross in the air with his thumb,and as he seated himself in the carriage, muttered a shortprayer. Any one but a man of exhaustless thirst forknowledge would have had pity on seeing the steward'sextraordinary repugnance for the count's projected drivewithout the walls; but the Count was too curious to letBertuccio off from this little journey. In twenty minutesthey were at Auteuil; the steward's emotion had continued toaugment as they entered the village. Bertuccio, crouched inthe corner of the carriage, began to examine with a feverishanxiety every house they passed. "Tell them to stop at Ruede la Fontaine, No. 28," said the count, fixing his eyes onthe steward, to whom he gave this order. Bertuccio'sforehead was covered with perspiration; however, he obeyed,and, leaning out of the window, he cried to the coachman, --"Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28." No. 28 was situated at theextremity of the village; during the drive night had set in,and darkness gave the surroundings the artificial appearanceof a scene on the stage. The carriage stopped, the footmansprang off the box, and opened the door. "Well," said thecount, "you do not get out, M. Bertuccio -- you are going tostay in the carriage, then? What are you thinking of thisevening?" Bertuccio sprang out, and offered his shoulder tothe count, who, this time, leaned upon it as he descendedthe three steps of the carriage. "Knock," said the count,"and announce me." Bertuccio knocked, the door opened, andthe concierge appeared. "What is it?" asked he.
2.  "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"
3.  "You can imagine so, since I have not even brought mycarriage out yet. But enough of this -- here is my card,take it to your master."
4.  "Sinbad the Sailor."
5.  "Yes, sir, although I assure you the refusal is as painfulfor me to give as it is for you to receive, for I hadreckoned on the honor of your alliance, and the breaking offof a marriage contract always injures the lady more than thegentleman."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Sir, unless you force me" --
2.  "Everybody is ignorant that you are the bearer of a letterfrom the Island of Elba, and addressed to M. Noirtier?"
3.  "Perhaps," returned the count, smiling.
4.  "And you, sire, prevent me from sleeping with yoursecurity."
5.  "Come," said Andrea, "what do want?"
6.  "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."


1.  The baroness had watched Debray while he read this long andpainful letter, and saw him, notwithstanding hisself-control, change color once or twice. When he had endedthe perusal, he folded the letter and resumed his pensiveattitude. "Well?" asked Madame Danglars, with an anxietyeasy to be understood.
2.  "Are you interested in the sugar question?" asked the editorof the ministerial paper.
3.  "I trust you will not be displeased, sir, that Valentine hasnot come with us, or that I dismissed Barrois, for ourconference will be one which could not with propriety becarried on in the presence of either. Madame de Villefortand I have a communication to make to you."
4.  "I do; that is about the distance that separates yourchamber from mine; only, unfortunately, I did not curvearight; for want of the necessary geometrical instruments tocalculate my scale of proportion, instead of taking anellipsis of forty feet, I made it fifty. I expected, as Itold you, to reach the outer wall, pierce through it, andthrow myself into the sea; I have, however, kept along thecorridor on which your chamber opens, instead of goingbeneath it. My labor is all in vain, for I find that thecorridor looks into a courtyard filled with soldiers."
5.   "Do this, and you will have nectarines and all the rest."The shot told; red with fever, while the large drops fellfrom his brow, the man executed, one after the other, thethree signs given by the count, in spite of the frightfulcontortions of the right-hand correspondent, who, notunderstanding the change, began to think the gardener hadgone mad. As to the left-hand one, he conscientiouslyrepeated the same signals, which were finally transmitted tothe Minister of the Interior. "Now you are rich," said MonteCristo.
6.  "But it is not my fault, as I shall endeavor to prove."Every one listened eagerly; Monte Cristo who so rarelyopened his lips, was about to speak. "You remember," saidthe count, during the most profound silence, "that theunhappy wretch who came to rob me died at my house; thesupposition is that he was stabbed by his accomplice, onattempting to leave it."


1.  "But," said Morrel, "I thought this mixture, of which younow take four spoonfuls, was prepared for M. Noirtier?"
2.  Now this solitude was peopled with his thoughts, the nightlighted up by his illusions, and the silence animated by hisanticipations. When the patron awoke, the vessel washurrying on with every sail set, and every sail full withthe breeze. They were making nearly ten knots an hour. TheIsland of Monte Cristo loomed large in the horizon. Edmondresigned the lugger to the master's care, and went and laydown in his hammock; but, in spite of a sleepless night, hecould not close his eyes for a moment. Two hours afterwardshe came on deck, as the boat was about to double the Islandof Elba. They were just abreast of Mareciana, and beyond theflat but verdant Island of La Pianosa. The peak of MonteCristo reddened by the burning sun, was seen against theazure sky. Dantes ordered the helmsman to put down his helm,in order to leave La Pianosa to starboard, as he knew thathe should shorten his course by two or three knots. Aboutfive o'clock in the evening the island was distinct, andeverything on it was plainly perceptible, owing to thatclearness of the atmosphere peculiar to the light which therays of the sun cast at its setting.
3.  "So that what we presumed to be merely the betrothal feastturns out to be the actual wedding dinner!" said Danglars.
4、  "I mean that M. de Monte Cristo, digging underneath thesetrees, found neither skeleton nor chest, because neither ofthem was there!"
5、  "And pray," asked Franz, "where are these pistols,blunderbusses, and other deadly weapons with which youintend filling the carriage?"




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      "I do not know, but he wishes to speak to you."

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       "Who arrested you?"

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      "It's somewhere in the Chaussee d'Antin; but I know neitherthe street nor the number."

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    {  "Why do you doubt?"

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      "Valentine," said Morrel, "death is in itself sacred."}

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      "A lesson?"

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      "Are we threatened with a fresh Reign of Terror?" askedanother.

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       "Well, such things have been."

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    {  "Why, everything is relative," answered the abbe. "To one inEdmond's position the diamond certainly was of great value.It was estimated at fifty thousand francs."

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      "But," said Danglars thoughtfully, "how is it that yourpatron, M. de Monte Cristo, did not make his proposal foryou?" Andrea blushed imperceptibly. "I have just left thecount, sir," said he; "he is, doubtless, a delightful manbut inconceivably peculiar in his ideas. He esteems mehighly. He even told me he had not the slightest doubt thatmy father would give me the capital instead of the interestof my property. He has promised to use his influence toobtain it for me; but he also declared that he never hadtaken on himself the responsibility of making proposals foranother, and he never would. I must, however, do him thejustice to add that he assured me if ever he had regrettedthe repugnance he felt to such a step it was on thisoccasion, because he thought the projected union would be ahappy and suitable one. Besides, if he will do nothingofficially, he will answer any questions you propose to him.And now," continued he, with one of his most charmingsmiles, "having finished talking to the father-in-law, Imust address myself to the banker."