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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The first object that met the eyes of D'Artagnan on enteringthe room was Brisemont, stretched upon the ground androlling in horrible convulsions.
2.  All three remounted their horses, and set out at a good pave,while Porthos was promising his adversary to perforate him withall the thrusts known in the fencing schools.
3.  "Meantime, night came on rapidly, and with night my terrorsincreased. I did not know but I had better remain where I wasseated. It appeared that I was surrounded with unknown dangersinto which I was about to fall at every instant. Although I hadeaten nothing since the evening before, my fears prevented myfeeling hunger.
4.  D'Artagnan, however, stupefied, cast down, annihilated by allthat happened, stood, with crossed arms, before the Musketeer andMme. Bonacieux.
5.  All went well till they arrived at Chantilly, which they reachedabout eight o'clock in the morning. They needed breakfast, andalighted at the door of an AUBERGE, recommended by a signrepresenting St. Martin giving half his cloak to a poor man.They ordered the lackeys not to unsaddle the gorses, and to holdthemselves in readiness to set off again immediately.They entered the common hall, and placed themselves at table. Agentleman, who had just arrived by the route of Dammartin, wasseated at the same table, and was breakfasting. He opened theconversation about rain and fine weather; the travelers replied.He drank to their good health, and the travelers returned hispoliteness.
6.  "Well, then, instead of pitying me, you would do much betterto assist me in avenging myself on your mistress.""And what sort of revenge would you take?"


1.  "Oh, but I," said Anne, "I also, duke, have had presentiments; Ialso have had dreams. I dreamed that I saw you lying bleeding,wounded."
2.  "It is the custom in war," said D'Artagnan, "why should itnot be the custom in a duel?"
3.  "Agreed, as to the old Burgundy; I have no objection tothat," said Aramis, from whom the letter and the gold hadremoved, as by magic, his ideas of conversion.
4.  "He is a bold fellow," said the cardinal.
5.  D'Artagnan threw off his hood, and disengaged his hands fromthe folds of the cloak. At sight of the mustaches and thenaked sword, the poor devil perceived he had to deal with aman. He then concluded it must be an assassin.
6.  Meantime D'Artagnan had thrown himself upon the othersoldier, attacking him with his sword. The conflict was notlong; the wretch had nothing to defend himself with but hisdischarged arquebus. The sword of the Guardsman slippedalong the barrel of the now-useless weapon, and passedthrough the thigh of the assassin, who fell.


1.  Mme. Coquenard recognized her present, and could not atfirst comprehend this restitution; but the visit of Porthossoon enlightened her. The anger which fired the eyes of theMusketeer, in spite of his efforts to suppress it, terrifiedhis sensitive inamorata. In fact, Mousqueton had notconcealed from his master that he had met D'Artagnan andAramis, and that D'Artagnan in the yellow horse hadrecognized the Bearnese pony upon which he had come toParis, and which he had sold for three crowns.
2.  "If Monsieur Chevalier would follow me?" said Kitty,timidly.
3.  "Ah! You resist, do you?" cried Jussac.
4.  "What the devil can they smell so extraordinary in thissoup?" said Porthos, at the sight of a pale liquid, abundantbut entirely free from meat, on the surface of which a fewcrusts swam about as rare as the islands of an archipelago.Mme. Coquenard smiled, and upon a sign from her everyoneeagerly took his seat.
5.   "Truly?"
6.  "The devil! But your wife, monsieur, what has she to do with allthis?"


1.  Fortunately, the reader may remember, or may not remember--fortunately we have promised not to lose sight of him.The officers who arrested him conducted him straight to theBastille, where he passed trembling before a party of soldierswho were loading their muskets. Thence, introduced into a half-subterranean gallery, he became, on the part of those who hadbrought him, the object of the grossest insults and the harshesttreatment. The officers perceived that they had not to deal witha gentleman, and they treated him like a very peasant.At the end of half an hour or thereabouts, a clerk came to put anend to his tortures, but not to his anxiety, by giving the orderto conduct M. Bonacieux to the Chamber of Examination.Ordinarily, prisoners were interrogated in their cells; but theydid not do so with M. Bonacieux.
2.  Felton lowered his head and reflected.
3.  "Listen, Milady," said the cardinal, "the affair isimportant. Sit down, and let us talk it over."
4、  "But our troop horses?" said Aramis.
5、  "This chamber?"




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      "And her husband found out that she had a fleur-de-lis onher shoulder?" cried Porthos.

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      "I have just been with him."

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       Beyond the fortifications through which Athos had made a breachin order to get out, and which were composed of fagots, planks,and empty casks, heaped up according to all the rules of thestrategic art, they found, swimming in puddles of oil and wine,the bones and fragments of all the hams they had eaten; while aheap of broken bottles filled the whole left-hand corner of thecellar, and a tun, the cock of which was left running, wasyielding, by this means, the last drop of its blood. "The imageof devastation and death," as the ancient poet says, "reigned asover a field of battle."

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      "Perhaps," said Athos; "But at all events listen well tothis. Assassinate the Duke of Buckingham, or cause him tobe assassinated--I care very little about that! I don'tknow him. Besides, he is an Englishman. But do not touchwith the tip of your finger a single hair of D'Artagnan, whois a faithful friend whom I love and defend, or I swear toyou by the head of my father the crime which you shall haveendeavored to commit, or shall have committed, shall be thelast."

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    {  In fact, Milady still held the harmless weapon in her clenchedhand; but these last words, this supreme insult, relaxed herhands, her strength, and even her will. The knife fell to theground.

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      As to D'Artagnan, being at bottom a prudent youth, instead ofreturning him he went and dined with the Gascon priest, who, atthe time of the distress of the four friends, had given them abreakfast of chocolate.}

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      "Yes and no," replied Mousqueton.

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      Milady, on the contrary, was quite conversant with all aristocraticintrigues, amid which she had constantly lived for five or six years.She made it her business, therefore, to amuse the good abbess with theworldly practices of the court of France, mixed with the eccentricpursuits of the king; she made for her the scandalous chronicle of thelords and ladies of the court, whom the abbess knew perfectly by name,touched lightly on the amours of the queen and the Duke of Buckingham,talking a great deal to induce her auditor to talk a little.But the abbess contented herself with listening and smiling withoutreplying a word. Milady, however, saw that this sort of narrativeamused her very much, and kept at it; only she now let her conversationdrift toward the cardinal.

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       "And not a man to instruct them. Falconers are declining. Iknow no one but myself who is acquainted with the noble art ofvenery. After me it will all be over, and people will hunt withgins, snares, and traps. If I had but the time to train pupils!But there is the cardinal always at hand, who does not leave me amoment's repose; who talks to me about Spain, who talks to meabout Austria, who talks to me about England! Ah! A PROPOS ofthe cardinal, Monsieur de Treville, I am vexed with you!"This was the chance at which M. de Treville waited for the king.He knew the king of old, and he knew that all these complaintswere but a preface--a sort of excitation to encourage himself--and that he had now come to his point at last.

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    {  "Not at all," cried D'Artagnan, who was anxious the mattershould be accomplished; "on the contrary, I think it veryeasy. It would be, no doubt, parbleu, if we write to Lordde Winter about affairs of vast importance, of the horrorsof the cardinal--"

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      "A moment," said D'Artagnan. "I will not abandon Buckinghamthus. He gave us some very fine horses."