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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So much the more reason."
2.  "On account of the famous Luigi Vampa."
3.  "What do you mean?" said the major.
4.  The men he beheld saw him undoubtedly, for their cries werecarried to his ears by the wind. Above the splintered mast asail rent to tatters was waving; suddenly the ropes thatstill held it gave way, and it disappeared in the darknessof the night like a vast sea-bird. At the same moment aviolent crash was heard, and cries of distress. Dantes fromhis rocky perch saw the shattered vessel, and among thefragments the floating forms of the hapless sailors. Thenall was dark again.
5.  "Well, what do you wish me to do? Do you wish me, forinstance, to give information to the procureur?" MonteCristo uttered the last words with so much meaning thatMorrel, starting up, cried out, "You know of whom I speak,count, do you not?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Is this the same lemonade of which you partook?"
2.  "Why so?"
3.  "Well, they fastened a thirty-six pound ball to his feet,and threw him into the sea."
4.  "Well," said the president; "your name?"
5.  "A stranger who will not send in his name! What can he wantwith me?"
6.  "What do you mean?" said the major.


1.  "It's somewhere in the Chaussee d'Antin; but I know neitherthe street nor the number."
2.  M. de Blacas pondered deeply between the confident monarchand the truthful minister. Villefort, who did not choose toreveal the whole secret, lest another should reap all thebenefit of the disclosure, had yet communicated enough tocause him the greatest uneasiness.
3.  "Faith, yes," replied Andrea, whose hunger prevailed overevery other feeling.
4.  "That is not probable."
5.   An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."
6.  "I! -- motives of hatred against Dantes? None, on my word! Isaw you were unhappy, and your unhappiness interested me;that's all; but since you believe I act for my own account,adieu, my dear friend, get out of the affair as best youmay;" and Danglars rose as if he meant to depart.


1.  Andrea examined it carefully, to ascertain if the letter hadbeen opened, or if any indiscreet eyes had seen itscontents; but it was so carefully folded, that no one couldhave read it, and the seal was perfect. "Very well," saidhe. "Poor man, he is a worthy creature." He left the porterto ponder on these words, not knowing which most to admire,the master or the servant. "Take out the horses quickly, andcome up to me," said Andrea to his groom. In two seconds theyoung man had reached his room and burnt Caderousse'sletter. The servant entered just as he had finished. "Youare about my height, Pierre," said he.
2.  "You are mistaken -- I am not the Count of Monte Cristo."
3.  "Yes," replied the angry look.
4、  "I was not thinking of that," replied Madame Danglarsquickly. "Yes, you were thinking of it, and with justice.You could not help thinking of it, and saying to yourself,`you, who pursue crime so vindictively, answer now, why arethere unpunished crimes in your dwelling?'" The baronessbecame pale. "You were saying this, were you not?"
5、  "I shall not sell it -- do not fear."




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      "How pale he is!" said Chateau-Renaud, shuddering.

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      "Then it will be to-morrow."

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       "My dear fellow," said Debray, "you have come in the nick oftime. There is madame overwhelming me with questionsrespecting the count; she insists upon it that I can tellher his birth, education, and parentage, where he came from,and whither he is going. Being no disciple of Cagliostro, Iwas wholly unable to do this; so, by way of getting out ofthe scrape, I said, `Ask Morcerf; he has got the wholehistory of his beloved Monte Cristo at his fingers' ends;'whereupon the baroness signified her desire to see you."

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      "Why, really the thing seems to me simple enough. Nobodyknows better than yourself that the bandits of Corsica arenot rogues or thieves, but purely and simply fugitives,driven by some sinister motive from their native town orvillage, and that their fellowship involves no disgrace orstigma; for my own part, I protest that, should I ever go toCorsica, my first visit, ere even I presented myself to themayor or prefect, should be to the bandits of Colomba, if Icould only manage to find them; for, on my conscience, theyare a race of men I admire greatly."

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    {  "Indeed?" said Danglars, becoming pale.

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      "And has he conformed to all that the letter specified?"}

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      "And the crew?" asked Morrel.

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      "But of what are you accused?"

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       "And where are they looking for her?"

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    {  "What? One hundred thousand francs for a loaf?"

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      "It is evident enough to me, who am always at his house. Theother day a banker's clerk brought him fifty thousand francsin a portfolio about the size of your plate; yesterday hisbanker brought him a hundred thousand francs in gold."Caderousse was filled with wonder; the young man's wordssounded to him like metal, and he thought he could hear therushing of cascades of louis. "And you go into that house?"cried he briskly.