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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And who is the man?"
2.  The inn-keeper turned to Franz with an air that seemed tosay, "Your friend is decidedly mad."
3.  Chapter 53Robert le Diable.
4.  "Have you not saved Peppino's life?"
5.  "Yes, but you have not this little staircase," said MonteCristo, opening a door concealed by the drapery. "Look atit, and tell me what you think of it."
6.  Monte Cristo rang; Baptistin appeared. The count advanced tomeet him. "Well?" said he in a low voice. "The young man ishere," said the valet de chambre in the same tone.


1.  "I should die; yes, my lord."
2.  "Oh, the admirable police have found that out, have they?And what may be that description?"
3.  "Be it so," said the count, "come." Morrel mechanicallyfollowed the count, and they had entered the grotto beforehe perceived it. He felt a carpet under his feet, a dooropened, perfumes surrounded him, and a brilliant lightdazzled his eyes. Morrel hesitated to advance; he dreadedthe enervating effect of all that he saw. Monte Cristo drewhim in gently. "Why should we not spend the last three hoursremaining to us of life, like those ancient Romans, who whencondemned by Nero, their emperor and heir, sat down at atable covered with flowers, and gently glided into death,amid the perfume of heliotropes and roses?" Morrel smiled."As you please," he said; "death is always death, -- that isforgetfulness, repose, exclusion from life, and thereforefrom grief." He sat down, and Monte Cristo placed himselfopposite to him. They were in the marvellous dining-roombefore described, where the statues had baskets on theirheads always filled with fruits and flowers. Morrel hadlooked carelessly around, and had probably noticed nothing.
4.  "Probably," said Monte Cristo with his imperturbabletranquillity.
5.  "Were you ever in the habit of writing in the evening whathad transpired in the morning? Do you keep a journal?"
6.  "I ought not to influence you, because it is only my ownpersonal impression."


1.  "Impossible!"
2.  "Oh, yes, indeed, madame," continued Monte Cristo, "thesecret dramas of the East begin with a love philtre and endwith a death potion -- begin with paradise and end with --hell. There are as many elixirs of every kind as there arecaprices and peculiarities in the physical and moral natureof humanity; and I will say further -- the art of thesechemists is capable with the utmost precision to accommodateand proportion the remedy and the bane to yearnings for loveor desires for vengeance."
3.  "Listen, Morrel, and pay attention to what I am about totell you. I knew a man who like you had fixed all his hopesof happiness upon a woman. He was young, he had an oldfather whom he loved, a betrothed bride whom he adored. Hewas about to marry her, when one of the caprices of fate, --which would almost make us doubt the goodness of providence,if that providence did not afterwards reveal itself byproving that all is but a means of conducting to an end, --one of those caprices deprived him of his mistress, of thefuture of which he had dreamed (for in his blindness heforgot he could only read the present), and cast him into adungeon."
4.  "Is it not almost incredible," said Madame Danglars, "that aperson having at least half a million of secret-servicemoney at his command, should possess so little information?"
5.   "He is staying, then, at the Hotel de Londres with you?"
6.  "These are mournful auspices to accompany a betrothal,"sighed poor Renee.


1.  "Good-evening, Maximilian; I know I have kept you waiting,but you saw the cause of my delay."
2.  "But, my dear fellow," replied M. Noirtier, seating himself,"I might say the same thing to you, when you announce to meyour wedding for the 28th of February, and on the 3rd ofMarch you turn up here in Paris."
3.  "Precisely," said the count; "six years since I bought ahorse in Hungary remarkable for its swiftness. Thethirty-two that we shall use to-night are its progeny; theyare all entirely black, with the exception of a star uponthe forehead."
4、  "At Auteuil?" said Villefort; "true, Madame de Villeforttold me you lived at Auteuil, since it was to your housethat she was taken. And in what part of Auteuil do youreside?"
5、  Luigi Vampa.




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      The prisoner heard the cry, which sounded like the sob of abroken heart, and leaning from the coach he called out,"Good-by, Mercedes -- we shall soon meet again!" Then thevehicle disappeared round one of the turnings of Fort SaintNicholas.

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      "Yes," said the old man.

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       "Oh, I made no allusion of that kind," replied Morrel.

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      "What is it, sir?"

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    {  "Really, that is a good idea! -- two hours have I beenboring you to death with my company, and then you, with thegreatest politeness, ask me if I am going. Indeed, count,you are the most polished man in the world. And yourservants, too, how very well behaved they are; there isquite a style about them. Monsieur Baptistin especially; Icould never get such a man as that. My servants seem toimitate those you sometimes see in a play, who, because theyhave only a word or two to say, aquit themselves in the mostawkward manner possible. Therefore, if you part with M.Baptistin, give me the refusal of him."

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      With a calm smile and a gentle wave of the hand, MonteCristo signed to the distracted mother to lay aside herapprehensions; then, opening a casket that stood near, hedrew forth a phial of Bohemian glass incrusted with gold,containing a liquid of the color of blood, of which he letfall a single drop on the child's lips. Scarcely had itreached them, ere the boy, though still pale as marble,opened his eyes, and eagerly gazed around him. At this, thedelight of the mother was almost frantic. "Where am I?"exclaimed she; "and to whom am I indebted for so happy atermination to my late dreadful alarm?"}

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      "Climb up," said he to Dantes. The young man obeyed, mountedon the table, and, divining the wishes of his companion,placed his back securely against the wall and held out bothhands. The stranger, whom as yet Dantes knew only by thenumber of his cell, sprang up with an agility by no means tobe expected in a person of his years, and, light and steadyon his feet as a cat or a lizard, climbed from the table tothe outstretched hands of Dantes, and from them to hisshoulders; then, bending double, for the ceiling of thedungeon prevented him from holding himself erect, he managedto slip his head between the upper bars of the window, so asto be able to command a perfect view from top to bottom.

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      "But," said the Englishman, "this looks very much like asuspension of payment."

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       "Ah, true. You do not know the Italian nobility; theCavalcanti are all descended from princes."

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    {  "Oh, as for that," said Danglars, angry at this prolongationof the jest, -- "as for that you won't get them at all. Goto the devil! You do not know with whom you have to deal!"Peppino made a sign, and the youth hastily removed the fowl.Danglars threw himself upon his goat-skin, and Peppino,reclosing the door, again began eating his pease and bacon.Though Danglars could not see Peppino, the noise of histeeth allowed no doubt as to his occupation. He wascertainly eating, and noisily too, like an ill-bred man."Brute!" said Danglars. Peppino pretended not to hear him,and without even turning his head continued to eat slowly.Danglars' stomach felt so empty, that it seemed as if itwould be impossible ever to fill it again; still he hadpatience for another half-hour, which appeared to him like acentury. He again arose and went to the door. "Come, sir, donot keep me starving here any longer, but tell me what theywant."

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      "Perfectly well, my good friend; and I will prove it to youby putting the dots to the `i,' or rather by naming thepersons. You were walking one evening in M. de Villefort'sgarden; from what you relate, I suppose it to have been theevening of Madame de Saint-Meran's death. You heard M. deVillefort talking to M. d'Avrigny about the death of M. deSaint-Meran, and that no less surprising, of the countess.M. d'Avrigny said he believed they both proceeded frompoison; and you, honest man, have ever since been askingyour heart and sounding your conscience to know if you oughtto expose or conceal this secret. Why do you torment them?`Conscience, what hast thou to do with me?' as Sterne said.My dear fellow, let them sleep on, if they are asleep; letthem grow pale in their drowsiness, if they are disposed todo so, and pray do you remain in peace, who have no remorseto disturb you." Deep grief was depicted on Morrel'sfeatures; he seized Monte Cristo's hand. "But it isbeginning again, I say!"