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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood complied and the car shot away, followed by a rattle ofstones and a rain of curses.
2.  That was not before he had become settled, however. Carrie andhe went looking for a flat, as arranged, and found one inSeventy-eighth Street near Amsterdam Avenue. It was a five-storybuilding, and their flat was on the third floor. Owing to thefact that the street was not yet built up solidly, it waspossible to see east to the green tops of the trees in CentralPark and west to the broad waters of the Hudson, a glimpse ofwhich was to be had out of the west windows. For the privilegeof six rooms and a bath, running in a straight line, they werecompelled to pay thirty-five dollars a month--an average, and yetexorbitant, rent for a home at the time. Carrie noticed thedifference between the size of the rooms here and in Chicago andmentioned it.
3.  The place that had been so comfortable, where he had spent somany days of warmth, was now a memory. Something colder andchillier confronted him. He sank down in his chair, resting hischin in his hand--mere sensation, without thought, holding him.
4.  "Let's see," he went on, "I know quite a number of people in yourtown. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man."
5.  "Yes; but there are more police around to-day," was added byanother.
6.  "Wait a minute," said Drouet, holding her back in the showy foyerwhere ladies and gentlemen were moving in a social crush, skirtsrustling, lace-covered heads nodding, white teeth showing throughparted lips. "Let's see."


1.  "It isn't anything very serious," Hurstwood said solemnly. Hewas very much disturbed over his own situation, and now that hehad Carrie with him, he only wanted to get safely out of reach ofthe law. Therefore he was in no mood for anything save suchwords as would further his plans distinctly.
2.  Carrie remembered this with a start. Where to get the money? Shehad none laid up for such an emergency. Rent day was drawingnear.
3.  That little soldier of fortune took her good turn in an easy way.She felt a little out of place, but the great room soothed herand the view of the well-dressed throng outside seemed a splendidthing. Ah, what was it not to have money! What a thing it wasto be able to come in here and dine! Drouet must be fortunate.He rode on trains, dressed in such nice clothes, was so strong,and ate in these fine places. He seemed quite a figure of a man,and she wondered at his friendship and regard for her.
4.  This going back to the flat was coupled with the thought thatCarrie would think he was sitting around too much if he came homeearly. He hoped he wouldn't have to, but the day hung heavily onhis hands. Over there he was on his own ground. He could sit inhis rocking-chair and read. This busy, distracting, suggestivescene was shut out. He could read his papers. Accordingly, hewent home. Carrie was reading, quite alone. It was rather darkin the flat, shut in as it was.
5.  She shook her head as if in deep thought."Then why not settle the whole thing, once and for all?"
6.  She passed, not answering.


1.  Carrie went over and looked out the window, while Hurstwoodlooked at himself in the glass. He felt dusty and unclean. Hehad no trunk, no change of linen, not even a hair-brush.
2.  She felt so relieved in his radiant presence, so much lookedafter and cared for, that she assented gladly, though with theslightest air of holding back.
3.  "I don't want you to do it all," he said. "I only want a littlehelp until I can get something to do."
4.  She was surprised at the briefness of the entire part, notknowing that she must be on the stage while others were talking,and not only be there, but also keep herself in harmony with thedramatic movement of the scenes.
5.   "She couldn't come to-night. She's not well."
6.  "The next train for Montreal leaves when?" he asked.


1.  "You can just leave that in hereafter," he remarked, seeing howintelligent she appeared. "Don't add any more, though."
2.  "It's a trick," said Hurstwood. "That's all. They'll startanother place there all right."
3.  "I see," said Hurstwood.
4、  The firm of Speigelheim & Co., makers of boys' caps, occupied onefloor of the building, fifty feet in width and some eighty feetin depth. It was a place rather dingily lighted, the darkestportions having incandescent lights, filled with machines andwork benches. At the latter laboured quite a company of girlsand some men. The former were drabby-looking creatures, stainedin face with oil and dust, clad in thin, shapeless, cottondresses and shod with more or less worn shoes. Many of them hadtheir sleeves rolled up, revealing bare arms, and in some cases,owing to the heat, their dresses were open at the neck. Theywere a fair type of nearly the lowest order of shop-girls--careless, slouchy, and more or less pale from confinement. Theywere not timid, however; were rich in curiosity, and strong indaring and slang.
5、  "Well," he said in answer, "we'd be glad to consider yourapplication. We shan't decide for a few days yet. Suppose yousend us your references."




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      "We can get along," added Lola. "I always have."

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      As Carrie entered she noticed several persons lounging about--men, who said nothing and did nothing.

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       "Oh, don't take that name," said Carrie.

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      "We'll go some other time," she said at last, finding no readymeans of escape.

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    {  "Don't you moralise," said Hurstwood to Carrie gently, "until yousee what becomes of the money."

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      "And they have to work so hard!" was her only comment.}

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      When the time came, he buoyed Carrie up most effectually. Hebegan to make her feel as if she had done very well. The oldmelancholy of desire began to come back as he talked at her, andby the time the situation rolled around she was running high infeeling.

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      "They cut me," he said, foolishly, fishing for his handkerchief.

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       By evening, when Hurstwood reached home, she had brooded herselfinto a state of sullen desire for explanation and revenge. Shewanted to know what this peculiar action of his imported. Shewas certain there was more behind it all than what she had heard,and evil curiosity mingled well with distrust and the remnants ofher wrath of the morning. She, impending disaster itself, walkedabout with gathered shadow at the eyes and the rudimentarymuscles of savagery fixing the hard lines of her mouth.

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    {  "'Tis cold, all right, this morning," said the one on the left,who possessed a rich brogue.

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      Now a fierce feeling against Carrie welled up--just one fierce,angry thought before the whole thing slipped out of his mind.