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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They drew near to the sloop. A sailor on watch hailed the boat;the boat replied.
2.  "What is it?" said the Musketeers.
3.  "Well?" continued she.
4.  "Well," said Porthos, "what do you want, and why do you notlet us listen to the end of the conversation?"
5.  "Besides," said she, "the sum you required me to borrow wasrather large."
6.  "We are sworn, once for all, to implicit confidence anddevotedness against all proof. Besides, you can tell them thatyou have full confidence in me, and they will not be moreincredulous than you."


1.  Then she ventured to ask what had become of Felton.She was told that he had left the castle an hour before onhorseback. She inquired if the baron was still at the castle.The soldier replied that he was, and that he had given orders tobe informed if the prisoner wished to speak to him.Milady replied that she was too weak at present, and that heronly desire was to be left alone.
2.  "One can do it! Afterward?"
3.  "Why, here is the simple fact. This morning I awoke at sixo'clock. You were still fast asleep, and I did not know what todo with myself; I was still stupid from our yesterday's debauch.As I came into the public room, I saw one of our Englishmanbargaining with a dealer for a horse, his own having diedyesterday from bleeding. I drew near, and found he was bidding ahundred pistoles for a chestnut nag. 'PARDIEU,' said I, 'my goodgentleman, I have a horse to sell, too.' 'Ay, and a very fineone! I saw him yesterday; your friend's lackey was leading him.''Do you think he is worth a hundred pistoles?' 'Yes! Will yousell him to me for that sum?' 'No; but I will play for him.''What?' 'At dice.' No sooner said than done, and I lost thehorse. Ah, ah! But please to observe I won back the equipage,'cried Athos.
4.  Aramis drew the letter from his pocket; the three friendssurrounded him, and the three lackeys grouped themselves againnear the wine jar.
5.  "Oh, no, no!" cried Milady; "no, sir, do not call him, I conjureyou. I am well, I want nothing; do not call him."She gave so much vehemence, such magnetic eloquence to thisexclamation, that Felton in spite of himself advanced some stepsinto the room.
6.  "Which I received this morning."


1.  With such a VADE MECUM D'Artagnan was morally and physically anexact copy of the hero of Cervantes, to whom we so happilycompared him when our duty of an historian placed us under thenecessity of sketching his portrait. Don Quixote took windmillsfor giants, and sheep for armies; D'Artagnan took every smile foran insult, and every look as a provocation--whence it resultedthat from Tarbes to Meung his fist was constantly doubled, or hishand on the hilt of his sword; and yet the fist did not descendupon any jaw, nor did the sword issue from its scabbard. It wasnot that the sight of the wretched pony did not excite numeroussmiles on the countenances of passers-by; but as against the sideof this pony rattled a sword of respectable length, and as overthis sword gleamed an eye rather ferocious than haughty, thesepassers-by repressed their hilarity, or if hilarity prevailedover prudence, they endeavored to laugh only on one side, likethe masks of the ancients. D'Artagnan, then, remained majesticand intact in his susceptibility, till he came to this unluckycity of Meung.
2.  "That's true," said Athos; "we must wait for Aramis."At that moment Aramis entered.
3.  "I must have been blind not to have seen."
4.  "Then you must come up into my room."
5.   "Come, come!" said Milady, lifting hers to her mouth, "do as I do."But at the moment the glass touched her lips, her hand remainedsuspended; she heard something on the road which sounded like therattling of a distant gallop. Then it grew nearer, and it seemed toher, almost at the same time, that she heard the neighing of horses.This noise acted upon her joy like the storm which awakens the sleeperin the midst of a happy dream; she grew pale and ran to the window,while Mme. Bonacieux, rising all in a tremble, supported herself uponher chair to avoid falling. Nothing was yet to be seen, only they heardthe galloping draw nearer.
6.  Milady listened with an attention that dilated her inflamed eyes."Yes, at present," continued Lord de Winter, "you will remain inthis castle. The walls are thick, the doors strong, and the barssolid; besides, your window opens immediately over the sea. Themen of my crew, who are devoted to me for life and death, mountguard around this apartment, and watch all the passages that leadto the courtyard. Even if you gained the yard, there would stillbe three iron gates for you to pass. The order is positive. Astep, a gesture, a word, on your part, denoting an effort toescape, and you are to be fired upon. If they kill you, Englishjustice will be under an obligation to me for having saved ittrouble. Ah! I see your features regain their calmness, yourcountenance recovers its assurance. You are saying to yourself:'Fifteen days, twenty days? Bah! I have an inventive mind;before that is expired some idea will occur to me. I have aninfernal spirit. I shall meet with a victim. Before fifteendays are gone by I shall be away from here.' Ah, try it!"Milady, finding her thoughts betrayed, dug her nails into herflesh to subdue every emotion that might give to her face anyexpression except agony.


1.  "Till we meet again, my forgetful charmer!"
2.  "Why so?"
3.  The knocker had scarcely sounded under the hand of the young manbefore the tumult ceased, steps approached, the door was opened,and D'Artagnan, sword in hand, rushed into the rooms of M.Bonacieux, the door of which doubtless acted upon by a spring,closed after him.
4、  "And you receive silver from that man?"
5、  "Thank you, monsieur, you are not brave enough to be of any useto me whatever," replied Mme. Bonacieux. "I shall return verysafely to the Louvre all alone."




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      "Three hundred pistoles."

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      "Patience, monsieur, everything will come in its turn.""This Spaniard had in his service a lackey who had accompaniedhim in his voyage to Mexico. This lackey was my compatriot; andwe became the more intimate from there being many resemblances ofcharacter between us. We loved sporting of all kinds better thananything; so that he related to me how in the plains of thePampas the natives hunt the tiger and the wild bull with simplerunning nooses which they throw to a distance of twenty or thirtypaves the end of a cord with such nicety; but in face of theproof I was obliged to acknowledge the truth of the recital. Myfriend placed a bottle at the distance of thirty paces, and ateach cast he caught the neck of the bottle in his running noose.I practiced this exercise, and as nature has endowed me with somefaculties, at this day I can throw the lasso with any man in theworld. Well, do you understand, monsieur? Our host has a well-furnished cellar the key of which never leaves him; only thiscellar has a ventilating hole. Now through this ventilatinghole I throw my lasso, and as I now know in which part of thecellar is the best wine, that's my point for sport. You see,monsieur, what the New World has to do with the bottles which areon the commode and the wardrobe. Now, will you taste our wine,and without prejudice say what you think of it?"

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       "Then you will appear?"

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      Meantime, as we have said, despite the cries of hisconscience and the wise counsels of Athos, D'Artagnan becamehourly more in love with Milady. Thus he never failed topay his diurnal court to her; and the self-satisfied Gasconwas convinced that sooner or later she could not fail torespond.

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    {  "And does that hinder you from letting me know the secondreason?"

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      Athos cast a cold and indifferent glance upon the objects we havedescribed, and at the invitation of him whom he came to seek sat downnear him.}

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      "Why, this evening," said the abbess; "today even. But you have beentraveling these four days, as you told me yourself. This morning yourose at five o'clock; you must stand in need of repose. Go to bed andsleep; at dinnertime we will rouse you."

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      "And me, too!" said Aramis.

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       At four o'clock in the morning they heard a terrible riot in thestables. Grimaud had tried to waken the stable boys, and thestable boys had beaten him. When they opened the window, theysaw the poor lad lying senseless, with his head split by a blowwith a pitchfork.

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    {  And having put three or four double pistoles into his pocketto answer the needs of the moment, he placed the others inthe ebony box, inlaid with mother of pearl, in which was thefamous handkerchief which served him as a talisman.The two friends repaired to Athos's, and he, faithful to hisvow of not going out, took upon him to order dinner to bebrought to them. As he was perfectly acquainted with thedetails of gastronomy, D'Artagnan and Aramis made noobjection to abandoning this important care to him.They went to find Porthos, and at the corner of the Rue Bacmet Mousqueton, who, with a most pitiable air, was drivingbefore him a mule and a horse.

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      "If they knew anything, they would not question people in thismanner," said D'Artagnan to himself. "Now, what is it they wantto know? Why, they want to know if the Duke of Buckingham is inParis, and if he has had, or is likely to have, an interview withthe queen."