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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1Experts say that 2016 was a remarkable year for the Chinese film industry as it realized growth while facing multiple challenges including the rapid development of the internet, the increasingly sophisticated tastes of Chinese audiences, and the economic downturn in the country.
3.The four megalopolises also saw fewer traffic jams after November due to reasons ranging from less travel in winter and smoggy days to the return of migrant workers to their hometowns.
4.Foreign robot makers sold 103,191 robots to China in 2017, up 71.9% from a year earlier.


2.Rents at the top end of the market have fallen 6.4 per cent, more sharply than in any other city except Nairobi, according to Knight Frank, the property company. Last year, just after prices fell in September, Adidas, the sportswear group, leased a 13,000 square foot shop in the city for 22 per cent less than its former occupier, Coach, the accessories brand.
3.It is a struggle for power contained by understandings and institutions.
4.Others who made the top ten include Amazon's Jeff Bezos at fifth on the list, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook at sixth, Oracle's Larry Ellison at seventh, Michael Bloomberg at eighth, and tied for ninth are David and Charles Koch.
5.No. Having ended Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule — with a little help from the army — Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised free elections in 2018. That raises one problem: he could lose. He must at least pretend elections are fair because he needs donor money to help turn the economy around. That would mean electoral reforms, which risk a loss for his unpopular Zanu-PF. Even if Mr Mnangagwa were prepared to roll the electoral dice, it is not clear the army is. Having got their man in, Zimbabwe’s generals are unlikely to allow the public to kick him out.


1.Not only does its small cohort of about 50 allow the school to select highly experienced participants, it also creates a strong bond between them.
2.Best chances: Dafoe is probably the current front runner for best supporting actor.
3.n. 联合,结合,交往,协会,社团,联想
4.China's mass entrepreneurship and innovation initiative has a strong vitality.
5. Slow growth around the world won't hurt the U.S. all that much. American exports might flatten out or even dip, but that would be offset by lower imports of petroleum because of sinking oil prices. So the trade deficit is unlikely to get further out of whack.
6.特斯拉(Tesla) Model 3s的产量会超过25万辆吗?


1.The Best Global Universities rankings are based on data and metrics provided by Clarivate Analytics InCites.
2.For decades, the language of white identity has only existed in the context of white supremacy. When that became taboo, it left white identity politics without a vocabulary.
4、"The scenes in the TV adaptation are beautiful, and also consistent with the original work," a Douban user Banchengyansha said.




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    "We'll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it," Podesta told the Boston Globe. "But there is no question that there will be women on that list."

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    {The incomes of graduates from universities listed in China's 211, or 985 key university national projects are far ahead of those from ordinary universities, the survey found.

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    Newt Scamander is a magiczoologist who studies magical creatures.

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