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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why didn't the baron come himself?" demanded Buckingham. "I expectedhim this morning."
2.  "And you will add to them this knife," said the duke, pressing the handof Laporte. He had just strength enough to place the scent bag at thebottom of the silver casket, and to let the knife fall into it, making asign to Laporte that he was no longer able to speak; than, in a lastconvulsion, which this time he had not the power to combat, he slippedfrom the sofa to the floor.
3.  "And is the written report of the gownsmen to be placed incomparison with the word of honor of a swordsman?" repliedTreville haughtily.
4.  "Then you will appear?"
5.  Bazin was stupefied at the sight of the gold, and forgotthat he came to announce D'Artagnan, who, curious to knowwho the mendicant could be, came to Aramis on leaving Athos.Now, as D'Artagnan used no ceremony with Aramis, seeing thatBazin forgot to announce him, he announced himself."The devil! my dear Aramis," said D'Artagnan, "if these arethe prunes that are sent to you from Tours, I beg you willmake my compliments to the gardener who gathers them.""You are mistaken, friend D'Artagnan," said Aramis, alwayson his guard; "this is from my publisher, who has just sentme the price of that poem in one-syllable verse which Ibegan yonder."
6.  "Go along this corridor, down a little staircase, and you are in it.""Excellent; thank you!"


1.  "He still lives."
2.  "Do one thing."
3.  "Yes, that is true," said she, "and I will confess to yourMajesty that my husband--"
4.  And then commenced a roar of laughter in which they all joined,to the astonishment of poor Porthos; but when he was informed ofthe cause of their hilarity, he shared it vociferously accordingto his custom.
5.  "'Oh, leave me!' said I. 'Begone, if you do not desire to see medash my head against that wall before your eyes!'"'Very well, it is your own doing. Till tomorrow evening, then!'"'Till tomorrow evening, then!' replied I, allowing myself tofall, and biting the carpet with rage."
6.  Buckingham gave D'Artagnan a chamber adjoining his own. Hewished to have the young man at hand--not that he at allmistrusted him, but for the sake of having someone to whom hecould constantly talk of the queen.


1.  "A moment," said Athos; "with your permission, monsieur, I wishto speak a word with my friend."
2.  It might be a vengeance of Milady; that was most probable.He tried in vain to remember the faces or dress of theassassins; he had escaped so rapidly that he had not hadleisure to notice anything.
3.  "Ah, my God!" whispered Mme. Bonacieux, "we shall hear no more.""On the contrary," said D'Artagnan, "we shall hear better."D'Artagnan raised the three or four boards which made his chamberanother ear of Dionysius, spread a carpet on the floor, went uponhis knees, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to stoop as he didtoward the opening.
4.  "When the evening came I was so weak that every time I fainted Ithanked God, for I thought I was about to die.
5.   "Your Majesty gives me your word that you will not see anyonebetween Monsieur de la Tremouille and myself?"
6.  "You do not understand?" asked Felton.


1.  "We have now to search for Athos," said D'Artagnan to thevivacious Aramis, when he had informed him of all that had passedsince their departure from the capital, and an excellent dinnerhad made one of them forget his thesis and the other his fatigue."Do you think, then, that any harm can have happened to him?"asked Aramis. "Athos is so cool, so brave, and handles his swordso skillfully."
2.  He therefore seized the little epistle, and opened iteagerly.
3.  When the young Guardsman and the three Musketeers werewithout witnesses, they looked at one another with an airwhich plainly expressed that each of them perceived thegravity of their situation.
4、  "Silence," said Felton, "I hear footsteps."
5、  "This is my story, then. Besides, the Scriptures say, 'Confessyourselves to one another,' and I confess to you, D'Artagnan.""And I give you absolution beforehand. You see I am a good sortof a man."




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      "I presume that she has returned to Tours."

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      Milady Clarik

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       "Perhaps you would contest his right to that title, madame?""I would contest nothing; but I tell you that the favor of aminister is ephemeral, and that a man must be mad to attachhimself to a minister. There are powers above his which do notdepend upon a man or the issue of an event; it is to these powerswe should rally."

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      "His name is--" said she, in her turn.

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    {  "Well, I will avenge you of this wretch," repliedD'Artagnan, giving himself the airs of Don Japhet ofArmenia.

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      "You notice my ring?" said the Gascon, proud to display sorich a gift in the eyes of his friends.}

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      "Well, then, Monsieur Bernajoux," said D'Artagnan, tranquilly, "Iwill wait for you at the door."

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      Aramis reflected for a minute, and then said, coloring,"Will it be really rendering you a service, D'Artagnan?""I shall be grateful to you all my life."

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       "Why didn't the baron come himself?" demanded Buckingham. "I expectedhim this morning."

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    {  In the morning Milady, under the pretext that she had not sleptwell in the night and wanted rest, sent away the woman whoattended her.

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      "Goof Lord! In the first one handy, provided it is safe," saidthe commissary, with an indifference which penetrated poorBonacieux with horror.