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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Of course you must. But I have reasons to suppose that this opinionwould be very much more frank and valuable if he imagines that weare alone. There is just room behind the head of my bed, Watson.""My dear Holmes!"
2.  1925
3.  "Well, if you will be so good, Watson."
4.  "Mr. Eccles was going to tell us about it when you entered the room.I think, Watson, a brandy and soda would do him no harm. Now, sir, Isuggest that you take no notice of this addition to your audience, andthat you proceed with your narrative exactly as you would have donehad you never been interrupted."
6.  "The stable lane?" She raised her dark eyebrows. "What can he hopeto find there? Ah! this, I suppose, is he. I trust, sir, that you willsucceed in proving, what I feel sure is the truth. that my cousinArthur is innocent of this crime."


1.  "Have you managed it?" asked Holmes.
2.  "'We shall know if you speak of this,' said he. 'We have our ownmeans of information. Now you will find the carriage waiting, and myfriend will see you on your way.'
3.  "How, in the name of good-fortune, did you know all that, Mr.Holmes?" he asked. "How did you know, for example, that I didmanual labour? It's as true as gospel, for I began as a ship'scarpenter."
4.  "The windows were all in darkness save one on the lower floor. Theblind was down, and I could not see in. I was standing there,wondering what I should do next, when a covered van drove up withtwo men in it. They descended, took something out of the van, andcarried it up the steps to the hall door. Mr. Holmes, it was acoffin."
5.  "And how have you succeeded?"
6.  The hound was secured, and together we carried the professor up tohis room, where Bennett, who had a medical degree, helped me todress his torn throat. The sharp teeth had passed dangerously near thecarotid artery, and the haemorrhage was serious. In half an hour thedanger was past, I had given the patient an injection of morphia,and he had sunk into deep sleep. Then, and only then, were we ableto look at each other and to take stock of the situation."I think a first-class surgeon should see him," said I."For God's sake, no!" cried Bennett. "At present the scandal isconfined to our own household. It is safe with us. If it gets beyondthese walls it will never stop. Consider his position at theuniversity, his European reputation, the feelings of his daughter.""Quite so," said Holmes. "I think it may be quite possible to keepthe matter to ourselves, and also to prevent its recurrence now thatwe have a free hand. The key from the watch-chain, Mr. Bennett.Macphail will guard the patient and let us know if there is anychange. Let us see what we can find in the professor's mysteriousbox."


1.  "She verra ill," cried the girl, looking with indignant eyes ather master. "She no ask for food. She verra ill. She need doctor. Ifrightened stay alone with her without doctor."
2.  "Well, if you really must know, she is an old nurse of my wife's,Rose Spender by name, whom we found in the Brixton WorkhouseInfirmary. We brought her round here, called in Dr. Horsom, of 13Firbank Villas- mind you take the address, Mr. Holmes- and had hercarefully tended, as Christian folk should. On the third day she died-certificate says senile decay- but that's only the doctor's opinion,and of course you know better. We ordered her funeral to be carriedout by Stimson and Co., of the Kennington Road, who will bury her ateight o'clock to-morrow morning. Can you pick any hole in that, Mr.Holmes? You've made a silly blunder, and you may as well own up to it.I'd give something for a photograph of your gaping, staring facewhen you pulled aside that lid expecting to see the Lady FrancesCarfax and only found a poor old woman of ninety."
3.  "I bowed, feeling as flattered as any young man would at such anaddress. 'May I ask who it was who gave me so good a character?'"'Well, perhaps it is better that I should not tell you that just atthis moment. I have it from the same source that you are both anorphan and a bachelor and are residing alone in London.'"'That is quite correct,' I answered; 'but you will excuse me if Isay that I cannot see how all this bears upon my professionalqualifications. I understand that it was on a professional matter thatyou wished to speak to me?'
4.  "My last client of the sort was a king."
5.   '3:30 A.M.
6.  "Do not trouble about my feelings. I am not hysterical, nor given tofainting. I simply wish to hear your real, real opinion.""Upon what point?"


1.  "You hardly realize the effect of your own action, Mr. Holmes," saidhe. "You place me in a most serious dilemma, for I am perfectlycertain that you would be proud to take over the case if I couldgive you the facts, and yet a promise forbids me from revealing themall. May I, at least, lay all that I can before you?"
2.  "That it was written in a train. The good writing representsstations, the bad writing movement, and the very bad writing passingover points. A scientific expert would pronounce at once that this wasdrawn up on a suburban line, since nowhere save in the immediatevicinity of a great city could there be so quick a succession ofpoints. Granting that his whole journey was occupied in drawing up thewill, then the train was an express, only stopping once betweenNorwood and London Bridge."
3.  "One of a pair? Where is the other?"
4、  two-hundred-year-old house, which is itself crushed under a heavymortgage. The last squire dragged out his existence there, livingthe horrible life of an aristocratic pauper, but his only son, mystepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to the new conditions,obtained an advance from a relative, which enabled him to take amedical degree and went out to Calcutta, where, by his professionalskill and his force of character, he established a large practice.In a fit of anger, however, caused by some robberies which had beenperpetrated in the house, he beat his native butler to death andnarrowly escaped a capital sentence. As it was, he suffered a longterm of imprisonment and afterwards returned to England a morose anddisappointed man.
5、  "I will not see him. I will not see him." Then she seemed towander off into delirium. "A fiend! A fiend! Oh, what shall I dowith this devil?"




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      "Did this man Bannister know?"

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      "'Pray let me have the details,' I cried.

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       "You are certainly joking, Holmes."

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      "Do you know anything of the commissionaire?"

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    {  "The greatest and perhaps the wealthiest. I am aware, Mr. Holmes,that you take a very high line in professional matters, and that youare prepared to work for the work's sake. I may tell you, however,that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousandpounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where hisson is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men whohave taken him."

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      As he spoke, a woman's shrill scream- a scream which vibrated with afrenzy of horror- burst from the thick, green clump of bushes in frontof us. It ended suddenly on its highest note with a choke and agurgle.}

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      "Well, Watson," he asked, turning suddenly upon me, "What do youmake of it?"

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      "Hum! So much for the police-court," said Holmes

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       "And then?"

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    {  "'Well, well, some concession might be made for your personaleffects. But nothing shall go out of the house unchecked. My client isa very liberal man, but he has his fads and his own way of doingthings. It is everything or nothing with him.'

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      "You say that you have had it because you need a change. Let mesuggest that you take one. How would Lausanne do, my dear Watson-first-class tickets and all expenses paid on a princely scale?""Splendid! But why?"