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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "As a friend, and only as a friend, at this moment. Thesimilarity in the symptoms of tetanus and poisoning byvegetable substances is so great, that were I obliged toaffirm by oath what I have now stated, I should hesitate; Itherefore repeat to you, I speak not to a magistrate, but toa friend. And to that friend I say. `During thethree-quarters of an hour that the struggle continued, Iwatched the convulsions and the death of Madame deSaint-Meran, and am thoroughly convinced that not only didher death proceed from poison, but I could also specify thepoison.'"
2.  "Have they any fortune?"
3.  "Oh, yes; has not a fatal chance revealed all this? Was itnot by chance the Count of Monte Cristo bought that house?Was it not by chance he caused the earth to be dug up? Is itnot by chance that the unfortunate child was disinterredunder the trees? -- that poor innocent offspring of mine,which I never even kissed, but for whom I wept many, manytears. Ah, my heart clung to the count when he mentioned thedear spoil found beneath the flowers."
4.  "That settles it," murmured Franz. "'Tis he, past alldoubt."
5.  "And grandpapa?" inquired the young girl, trembling withapprehension. M. de Villefort only replied by offering hisarm to his daughter. It was just in time, for Valentine'shead swam, and she staggered; Madame de Villefort instantlyhastened to her assistance, and aided her husband indragging her to the carriage, saying -- "What a singularevent! Who could have thought it? Ah, yes, it is indeedstrange!" And the wretched family departed, leaving a cloudof sadness hanging over the rest of the evening. At the footof the stairs, Valentine found Barrois awaiting her.
6.  "Let that day come sooner or later, your excellency willfind me what I have found you in this my heavy trouble; andif from the other end of the world you but write me word todo such or such a thing, you may regard it as done, for doneit shall be, on the word and faith of" --


1.  "As for me, I had been forgotten in the general confusion; Iran toward Ali Tepelini; he saw me hold out my arms to him,and he stooped down and pressed my forehead with his lips.Oh, how distinctly I remember that kiss! -- it was the lasthe ever gave me, and I feel as if it were still warm on myforehead. On descending, we saw through the lattice-workseveral boats which were gradually becoming more distinct toour view. At first they appeared like black specks, and nowthey looked like birds skimming the surface of the waves.During this time, in the kiosk at my father's feet, wereseated twenty Palikares, concealed from view by an angle ofthe wall and watching with eager eyes the arrival of theboats. They were armed with their long guns inlaid withmother-of-pearl and silver, and cartridges in great numberswere lying scattered on the floor. My father looked at hiswatch, and paced up and down with a countenance expressiveof the greatest anguish. This was the scene which presenteditself to my view as I quitted my father after that lastkiss. My mother and I traversed the gloomy passage leadingto the cavern. Selim was still at his post, and smiled sadlyon us as we entered. We fetched our cushions from the otherend of the cavern, and sat down by Selim. In great dangersthe devoted ones cling to each other; and, young as I was, Iquite understood that some imminent danger was hanging overour heads."
2.  "Hollo! what's the matter at the Chateau d'If?" said thecaptain.
3.  "What? do you again defy me?"
4.  "I will tell you all," said Valentine; "from you I havenothing to conceal. This morning the subject was introduced,and my dear grandmother, on whom I depended as my onlysupport, not only declared herself favorable to it, but isso anxious for it, that they only await the arrival of M.d'Epinay, and the following day the contract will besigned." A deep sigh escaped the young man, who gazed longand mournfully at her he loved. "Alas," replied he, "it isdreadful thus to hear my condemnation from your own lips.The sentence is passed, and, in a few hours, will beexecuted; it must be so, and I will not endeavor to preventit. But, since you say nothing remains but for M. d'Epinayto arrive that the contract may be signed, and the followingday you will be his, to-morrow you will be engaged to M.d'Epinay, for he came this morning to Paris." Valentineuttered a cry.
5.  The eye of the old man was riveted upon a spot whichVillefort could scarcely distinguish. His glance was so fullof hate, of ferocity, and savage impatience, that Villefortturned out of the path he had been pursuing, to see uponwhat person this dark look was directed. Then he saw beneatha thick clump of linden-trees, which were nearly divested offoliage, Madame de Villefort sitting with a book in herhand, the perusal of which she frequently interrupted tosmile upon her son, or to throw back his elastic ball, whichhe obstinately threw from the drawing-room into the garden.Villefort became pale; he understood the old man's meaning.Noirtier continued to look at the same object, but suddenlyhis glance was transferred from the wife to the husband, andVillefort himself had to submit to the searchinginvestigation of eyes, which, while changing their directionand even their language, had lost none of their menacingexpression. Madame de Villefort, unconscious of the passionsthat exhausted their fire over her head, at that moment heldher son's ball, and was making signs to him to reclaim itwith a kiss. Edward begged for a long while, the maternalkiss probably not offering sufficient recompense for thetrouble he must take to obtain it; however at length hedecided, leaped out of the window into a cluster ofheliotropes and daisies, and ran to his mother, his foreheadstreaming with perspiration. Madame de Villefort wiped hisforehead, pressed her lips upon it, and sent him back withthe ball in one hand and some bonbons in the other.
6.  "They lost her?"


1.  "Ah, yes," said Monte Cristo smiling; "it is all a matter ofimagination. Why should we not imagine this the apartment ofan honest mother? And this bed with red hangings, a bedvisited by the goddess Lucina? And that mysteriousstaircase, the passage through which, not to disturb theirsleep, the doctor and nurse pass, or even the fathercarrying the sleeping child?" Here Madame Danglars, insteadof being calmed by the soft picture, uttered a groan andfainted. "Madame Danglars is ill," said Villefort; "it wouldbe better to take her to her carriage."
2.  "Woman, siren that you are, do you persist in fixing on methat fascinating eye, which reminds me that I ought toblush? Well, be it so; let me blush for the faults you know,and perhaps -- perhaps for even more than those! But havingsinned myself, -- it may be more deeply than others, -- Inever rest till I have torn the disguises from myfellow-creatures, and found out their weaknesses. I havealways found them; and more, -- I repeat it with joy, withtriumph, -- I have always found some proof of humanperversity or error. Every criminal I condemn seems to meliving evidence that I am not a hideous exception to therest. Alas, alas, alas; all the world is wicked; let ustherefore strike at wickedness!"
3.  "All owing to your influence," replied Monte Cristo,smiling.
4.  "And what is that great lord's name?"
5.   Gradually the reception-room filled, and some of our oldfriends made their appearance -- we mean Debray,Chateau-Renaud, and Beauchamp, accompanied by all theleading men of the day at the bar, in literature, or thearmy, for M. de Villefort moved in the first Parisiancircles, less owing to his social position than to hispersonal merit. The cousin standing at the door ushered inthe guests, and it was rather a relief to the indifferent tosee a person as unmoved as themselves, and who did not exacta mournful face or force tears, as would have been the casewith a father, a brother, or a lover. Those who wereacquainted soon formed into little groups. One of them wasmade of Debray, Chateau-Renaud, and Beauchamp.
6.  "Why not? Who ever heard of such an occurrence as this? -- afalse telegraphic despatch -- it is almost impossible forwrong signals to be made as they were in the last twotelegrams. It was done on purpose for me -- I am sure ofit."


1.  "Yes, to be sure; must I say Baron Danglars? I might as wellsay Count Benedetto. He was an old friend of mine and if hehad not so bad a memory he ought to invite me to yourwedding, seeing he came to mine. Yes, yes, to mine; gad, hewas not so proud then, -- he was an under-clerk to the goodM. Morrel. I have dined many times with him and the Count ofMorcerf, so you see I have some high connections and were Ito cultivate them a little, we might meet in the samedrawing-rooms."
2.  "And this king's attorney was named Villefort?" asked MonteCristo carelessly.
3.  "Oh, no," answered the abbe; "I had none but what I made formyself."
4、  "Thank you. One word more, sir; do you promise me to makewhat use you can of the report of the fortune M. Cavalcantiwill bring without touching the money? This is no act ofselfishness, but of delicacy. I am willing to help rebuildyour fortune, but I will not be an accomplice in the ruin ofothers."
5、  "And I thank you; have what you will; "and he made a sign toFranz to take what he pleased.




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      "Hush -- hush!" murmured the dying man, "that they may notseparate us if you save me!"

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      Danglars shuddered. The bandage fell from his eyes, and heunderstood the joke, which he did not think quite so stupidas he had done just before. "Come," he said, "if I pay youthe 100,000 francs, will you be satisfied, and allow me toeat at my ease?"

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       "Go this moment to the Allees de Meillan, enter the houseNo. 15, ask the porter for the key of the room on the fifthfloor, enter the apartment, take from the corner of themantelpiece a purse netted in red silk, and give it to yourfather. It is important that he should receive it beforeeleven o'clock. You promised to obey me implicitly. Rememberyour oath.

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      "Summer balls are fashionable."

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    {  "Yes, but they will make you then sign your declaration, andconfront you with him you have denounced; I will supply youwith the means of supporting your accusation, for I know thefact well. But Dantes cannot remain forever in prison, andone day or other he will leave it, and the day when he comesout, woe betide him who was the cause of his incarceration!"

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      "True," said Monte Cristo, "the loss of a sum of moneybecomes almost immaterial with a fortune such as youpossess, and to one of your philosophic spirit."}

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      "Well, I will immediately call on M. Danglars, and tell himthat my mother and myself must leave Paris to-morrow. I havenot seen you, consequently I know nothing of your dinner."

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      "Yes; and I wrote, and will show you my correspondence, ifyou like." Albert and Beauchamp looked at each other. "Sir,"said Beauchamp, who had not yet spoken, "you appear toaccuse the count, who is absent from Paris at this moment,and cannot justify himself."

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       "What I do not wish, madame, is that you should perish onthe scaffold. Do you understand?" asked Villefort.

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    {  "It was considered, that you dead, the fortune wouldnaturally revert to your brother, unless he weredisinherited; and besides, the crime appearing useless, itwould be folly to commit it."

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      "As I have already told you, sir, he was a very dangerousman; and, fortunately, by his own act disembarrassed thegovernment of the fears it had on his account."