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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You will permit me to make one remark?"
2.  "To the Governor of the Bank. Please pay to my order, fromthe fund deposited by me, the sum of a million, and chargethe same to my account.
3.  "Well, then, I am better informed than you; his name isZaccone."
4.  "What do you mean?"
5.  Dantes was then seized with an indescribable desire to knowwhat was going on in the dungeon of his unfortunate friend.He therefore returned by the subterraneous gallery, andarrived in time to hear the exclamations of the turnkey, whocalled out for help. Other turnkeys came, and then was heardthe regular tramp of soldiers. Last of all came thegovernor.
6.  "But surely your excellency will be so good as to inform mewhom you are expecting to receive?"


1.  "But would you ruin me?"
2.  "I had three similar ones," returned Monte Cristo. "I gaveone to the Sultan, who mounted it in his sabre; another toour holy father the Pope, who had it set in his tiara,opposite to one nearly as large, though not so fine, givenby the Emperor Napoleon to his predecessor, Pius VII. I keptthe third for myself, and I had it hollowed out, whichreduced its value, but rendered it more commodious for thepurpose I intended." Every one looked at Monte Cristo withastonishment; he spoke with so much simplicity that it wasevident he spoke the truth, or that he was mad. However, thesight of the emerald made them naturally incline to theformer belief. "And what did these two sovereigns give youin exchange for these magnificent presents?" asked Debray.
3.  "And do you feel sure of succeeding?"
4.  "Sketch me the plan of that floor, as you have done of theground floor, my boy."
5.  "Ah, in truth, madame, to do that I must forget the hour'sconversation I have had with you, which is indeedimpossible." Monte Cristo bowed, and left the house. Madamede Villefort remained immersed in thought. "He is a verystrange man," she said, "and in my opinion is himself theAdelmonte he talks about." As to Monte Cristo the result hadsurpassed his utmost expectations. "Good," said he, as hewent away; "this is a fruitful soil, and I feel certain thatthe seed sown will not be cast on barren ground." Nextmorning, faithful to his promise, he sent the prescriptionrequested.
6.  "Up to this point," said Faria, interrupting the thread ofhis narrative, "this seems to you very meaningless, nodoubt, eh?"


1.  "Send one of your men, disguised as a penitent friar, and Iwill give it to him. His dress will procure him the means ofapproaching the scaffold itself, and he will deliver theofficial order to the officer, who, in his turn, will handit to the executioner; in the meantime, it will be as wellto acquaint Peppino with what we have determined on, if itbe only to prevent his dying of fear or losing his senses,because in either case a very useless expense will have beenincurred."
2.  "Then give me a letter to him, and tell him to sell outwithout an instant's delay, perhaps even now I shall arrivetoo late."
3.  "Do you know any other counter-poisons?"
4.  "`"Then we run another risk," said the general, laughing,"that of being upset." We insert this joke to prove that thegeneral was not in the least compelled to attend themeeting, but that he came willingly. When they were seatedin the carriage the president reminded the general of hispromise to allow his eyes to be bandaged, to which he madeno opposition. On the road the president thought he saw thegeneral make an attempt to remove the handkerchief, andreminded him of his oath. "Sure enough," said the general.The carriage stopped at an alley leading out of the RueSaint-Jacques. The general alighted, leaning on the arm ofthe president, of whose dignity he was not aware,considering him simply as a member of the club; they wentthrough the alley, mounted a flight of stairs, and enteredthe assembly-room.
5.   "Is all safe, M. Morrel; and I think you will be satisfiedon that head. But poor Captain Leclere -- "
6.  "You have been free to choose your career," observed theCount of Morcerf, with a sigh; "and you have chosen the pathstrewed with flowers."


1.  "I will profit by them to tell you something about myguest."
2.  "No, no," said Noirtier's look.
3.  "M. Beauchamp," interposed this strange man, "the Count ofMonte Cristo bows to none but the Count of Monte Cristohimself. Say no more, I entreat you. I do what I please, M.Beauchamp, and it is always well done."
4、  "Oh," said Morrel, carried away by his friendship, "you donot know him, and I do. He is the most estimable, the mosttrustworthy creature in the world, and I will venture tosay, there is not a better seaman in all the merchantservice. Oh, M. de Villefort, I beseech your indulgence forhim."
5、  Debray was admitted to the house for this grand ceremony,but on the same plane with every one else, and without anyparticular privilege. M. Danglars, surrounded by deputiesand men connected with the revenue, was explaining a newtheory of taxation which he intended to adopt when thecourse of events had compelled the government to call himinto the ministry. Andrea, on whose arm hung one of the mostconsummate dandies of the opera, was explaining to himrather cleverly, since he was obliged to be bold to appearat ease, his future projects, and the new luxuries he meantto introduce to Parisian fashions with his hundred andseventy-five thousand livres per annum.




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      "A play?"

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      "You knew him," returned the inspector with a smile.

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       "My father is king's attorney," replied Andrea calmly.

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      "Well," said the marquise, "it seems probable that, by theaid of the Holy Alliance, we shall be rid of Napoleon; andwe must trust to the vigilance of M. de Villefort to purifyMarseilles of his partisans. Tbe king is either a king or noking; if he be acknowledged as sovereign of France, heshould be upheld in peace and tranquillity; and this canbest be effected by employing the most inflexible agents toput down every attempt at conspiracy -- 'tis the best andsurest means of preventing mischief."

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    {  "The story sent you from Yanina."

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      "And you spoke to him?"}

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      "Wild eyes, the iris of which contracts or dilates atpleasure," said Debray; "facial angle strongly developed,magnificent forehead, livid complexion, black beard, sharpand white teeth, politeness unexceptionable."

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      "I believe so." The conviction that they came from M. deVillefort relieved all Dantes' apprehensions; he advancedcalmly, and placed himself in the centre of the escort. Acarriage waited at the door, the coachman was on the box,and a police officer sat beside him.

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       "M. de Monte Cristo is apprised that this night a man willenter his house in the Champs-Elysees with the intention ofcarrying off some papers supposed to be in the secretary inthe dressing-room. The count's well-known courage willrender unnecessary the aid of the police, whose interferencemight seriously affect him who sends this advice. The count,by any opening from the bedroom, or by concealing himself inthe dressing-room, would be able to defend his propertyhimself. Many attendents or apparent precautions wouldprevent the villain from the attempt, and M. de Monte Cristowould lose the opportunity of discovering an enemy whomchance has revealed to him who now sends this warning to thecount, -- a warning he might not be able to send anothertime, if this first attempt should fail and another bemade."

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    {  "Oh, yes," returned Monte Cristo; "I make no secret of it.It is a mixture of excellent opium, which I fetched myselffrom Canton in order to have it pure, and the best hashishwhich grows in the East -- that is, between the Tigris andthe Euphrates. These two ingredients are mixed in equalproportions, and formed into pills. Ten minutes after one istaken, the effect is produced. Ask Baron Franz d'Epinay; Ithink he tasted them one day."

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      "You may venture to ask me anything."