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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But if I do fight, you will surely not object to giving mea lesson or two in shooting and fencing?"
2.  "Only that? It's little enough "
3.  "Pardon me," said Albert, "I was not aware that he was aprince. And Prince Cavalcanti sang with Mademoiselle Eugenieyesterday? It must have been charming, indeed. I regret nothaving heard them. But I was unable to accept yourinvitation, having promised to accompany my mother to aGerman concert given by the Baroness of Chateau-Renaud."This was followed by rather an awkward silence. "May I alsobe allowed," said Morcerf, "to pay my respects toMademoiselle Danglars?" "Wait a moment," said the banker,stopping the young man; "do you hear that delightfulcavatina? Ta, ta, ta, ti, ta, ti, ta, ta; it is charming,let them finish -- one moment. Bravo, bravi, brava!" Thebanker was enthusiastic in his applause.
4.  "Poor Fernand has been dismissed," continued Caderousse.
5.  "But Peppino did not even belong to my band: he was merely apoor shepherd, whose only crime consisted in furnishing uswith provisions."
6.  "`Se alle sei della mattina le quattro mile piastre non sononelle mie mani, alla sette il conte Alberto avra cessato divivere.


1.  "It is very kind of you to trouble yourself about me."
2.  "What precaution?"
3.  "And do you know," said Valentine, "what reason grandpapagives for leaving this house." Noirtier looked at Valentineto impose silence, but she did not notice him; her looks,her eyes, her smile, were all for Morrel.
4.  Chapter 113The Past.
5.  Danglars turned to the left; another man on horseback wasgalloping on that side. "Decidedly," said Danglars, with theperspiration on his forehead, "I must be under arrest." Andhe threw himself back in the calash, not this time to sleep,but to think. Directly afterwards the moon rose. He then sawthe great aqueducts, those stone phantoms which he hadbefore remarked, only then they were on the right hand, nowthey were on the left. He understood that they had describeda circle, and were bringing him back to Rome. "Oh,unfortunate!" he cried, "they must have obtained my arrest."The carriage continued to roll on with frightful speed. Anhour of terror elapsed, for every spot they passed showedthat they were on the road back. At length he saw a darkmass, against which it seemed as if the carriage was aboutto dash; but the vehicle turned to one side, leaving thebarrier behind and Danglars saw that it was one of theramparts encircling Rome.
6.  "That voice, that voice! -- where did I first hear it?"


1.  The count looked around him. "Your pistols are beside yourdesk," said Monte Cristo, pointing with his finger to thepistols on the table.
2.  "`In order to save Major Cavalcanti the trouble of drawingon his banker, I send him a draft for 2,000 francs to defrayhis travelling expenses, and credit on you for the furthersum of 48,000 francs, which you still owe me.'" The majorawaited the conclusion of the postscript, apparently withgreat anxiety. "Very good," said the count.
3.  "`"Sir," said the president, rising with gravity, "becareful what you say; your words clearly show us that theyare deceived concerning you in the Island of Elba, and havedeceived us! The communication has been made to you inconsequence of the confidence placed in you, and which doesyou honor. Now we discover our error; a title and promotionattach you to the government we wish to overturn. We willnot constrain you to help us; we enroll no one against hisconscience, but we will compel you to act generously, evenif you are not disposed to do so."
4.  "But what have I done to you?" exclaimed Villefort, whosemind was balancing between reason and insanity, in thatcloud which is neither a dream nor reality; "what have Idone to you? Tell me, then! Speak!"
5.   "My child," returned Monte Cristo "you know full well thatwhenever we part, it will be no fault or wish of mine; thetree forsakes not the flower -- the flower falls from thetree."
6.  Chapter 28The Prison Register.


1.  "You have selected a most unfavorable moment for your firstvisit. Paris is a horrible place in summer. Balls, parties,and fetes are over; the Italian opera is in London; theFrench opera everywhere except in Paris. As for the TheatreFrancais, you know, of course, that it is nowhere. The onlyamusements left us are the indifferent races at the Champ deMars and Satory. Do you propose entering any horses ateither of these races, count?"
2.  "And in what light did you view the occurrence?" inquiredMonte Cristo.
3.  "Impossible!"
4、  "So distinguished an individual as yourself," cried Albert,"could scarcely have required an introduction."
5、  "What is the matter?" said Madame de Villefort in a harshand constrained tone.




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      "From an Englishman, called Lord Wilmore, who takes the nameof Sinbad the Sailor."

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      "Oh, sire," replied the minister, "we have no occasion toinvent any; every day our desks are loaded with mostcircumstantial denunciations, coming from hosts of peoplewho hope for some return for services which they seek torender, but cannot; they trust to fortune, and rely uponsome unexpected event in some way to justify theirpredictions."

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       For a week since he had resolved to die, and during the fourdays that he had been carrying out his purpose, Edmond hadnot spoken to the attendant, had not answered him when heinquired what was the matter with him, and turned his faceto the wall when he looked too curiously at him; but now thejailer might hear the noise and put an end to it, and sodestroy a ray of something like hope that soothed his lastmoments.

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      "The police."

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    {  "Nay," said Caderousse, "one can't always work -- one is nota dog."

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      "No; he merely came and freed me from the hands of SignorVampa, where, I can assure you, in spite of all my outwardappearance of ease and unconcern, I did not veryparticularly care to remain. Now, then, Franz, when, forservices so promptly and unhesitatingly rendered, he butasks me in return to do for him what is done daily for anyRussian prince or Italian nobleman who may pass throughParis -- merely to introduce him into society -- would youhave me refuse? My good fellow, you must have lost yoursenses to think it possible I could act with suchcold-blooded policy." And this time it must be confessedthat, contrary to the usual state of affairs in discussionsbetween the young men, the effective arguments were all onAlbert's side.}

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      "And then," said Eugenie, while turning over the leaves ofMadame de Villefort's album, "add that you have taken agreat fancy to the young man."

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      "Well!" said Albert.

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       "And shall you dine there?"

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    {  "Is he tall or short?"

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      "Now," said the steward, "what have you to tell me?"