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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】12.SpaceX demonstrates a big step towards fully reusable space craft
2.《the Post》
3.Other notable custom course performances include Harvard Business School, which recorded one of the year’s biggest rises, jumping nine places to fifth. The Massachusetts school was ranked 18th two years ago.
4.The global trend of peace, development and cooperation and globalization are indivisible.


1.Henda Ayari created a storm when she denounced radical Islam. Now, inspired by the #MeToo campaign, she has accused an Oxford professor of rape.
2.The cyclical theory depends on a dearth of new investment creating a supply crunch in two, three or five years. A lot of projects are being postponed but postponement is no more than a signal to project managers to find a way of cutting costs. Many are doing exactly that.
3.康乃尔大学商学院院长兼该报告的合著者苏米特拉·达塔表示:“在提高创新素质上面投资是 缩小创新鸿沟的关键。”
5.Angela Merkel's salary as German chancellor is set at 218,400 euros a year (2,000). The chancellor got a 2% pay rise at the beginning of March, and will get another 2% next February.
6.3.Video Editing: 19.2 percent increase


2.Premiered in August, the 48-episode TV series is a fictional story, with a plot centering on struggles and romance during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC).
3.Baoneng’s raid has been bitterly resisted by Wang Shi, Vanke’s founder who has sought out white knights in a so far successful effort to retain control of the management-led company. The takeover battle fuelled a surge both in the price of Vanke’s Shenzhen-traded shares and Mr Yao’s known worth.
4.No. Wall Street strategists’ predicting that the US government’s 10-year borrowing costs will climb above the 3 per cent mark in the coming year is as much a staple of the Christmas period as awkward office parties. This year the forecasts look more likely to be fulfilled, given a withdrawal of quantitative easing and the US tax cut. However, the seismic, secular forces pinning down both inflation and long-term bond yields remain in place and are still underestimated. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at least three times in 2018, but the 10-year yield will not breach 3 per cent.
5. 今年,竞争最激烈的职位--中国民主同盟中央委员会接待处--有大约10000人参与竞争。


3.Chester Bennington
4、The youngest on the list is 19-year-old Norwegain heiress Alexandra Andresen, who holds a 42 per cent stake in her family's business. Her 20-year-old sister is the second youngest on the list.




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    The ranking rates the best 100 programmes worldwide for working senior executives.

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    {Its brand value has increased by 22 per cent to bn and it has climbed 20 places up the ranking to number 50.

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    With this in mind, he does anticipate a pick-up in US investment “because it has been so weak — we don’t normally see it grow at a lower pace than consumption except in a recession”.

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    With the Russian rouble depreciating against other major currencies, there has been an increase in visitors to this country in recent years.

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     PwC has counted votes and provides winner envelopes for the Oscars and has done so for more than 80 years. This is the first time in Oscar history that the wrong envelope had been opened while an award was being announced.

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