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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It's all right, Watson," said he. "We have got our case- one of themost remarkable in our collection. But, dear me, how slow-witted Ihave been, and how nearly I have committed the blunder of my lifetime!Now, I think that, with a few missing links, my chain is almostcomplete."
2.  "By my old enemies, Watson. By the charming society whose leaderlies in the Reichenbach Fall. You must remember that they knew, andonly they knew, that I was still alive. Sooner or later theybelieved that I should come back to my rooms. They watched themcontinuously, and this morning they saw me arrive."
3.  The development for which my friend had asked came in a quickerand an infinitely more tragic form than he could have imagined. Iwas still dressing in my bedroom next morning, when there was a tap atthe door and Holmes entered, a telegram in his hand. He read it aloud:"Come instantly, 131 Pitt Street, Kensington.
4.  "He seemed to me like a man who was literally bowed down by care.His back was curved as though he carried a heavy burden. Yet he wasnot the weakling that I had at first imagined, for his shoulders andchest have the framework of a giant, though his figure tapers awayinto a pair of spindled legs."
5.  In the third week of November, in the year 1895, a dense yellow fogsettled down upon London. From the Monday to the Thursday I doubtwhether it was ever possible from our windows in Baker Street to seethe loom of the opposite houses. The first day Holmes had spent incross-indexing his huge book of references. The second and third hadbeen patiently occupied upon a subject which he had recently madehis hobby- the music of the Middle Ages. But when, for the fourthtime, after pushing back our chairs from breakfast we saw thegreasy, heavy brown swirl still drifting past us and condensing inoily drops upon the window-panes, my comrade's impatient and activenature could endure this drab existence no longer. He paced restlesslyabout our sitting-room in a fever of suppressed energy, biting hisnails, tapping the furniture, and chafing against inaction."Nothing of interest in the paper, Watson?" he said.
6.  4th. Hudson came. Same old platform.


1.  "He wasn't a tall, handsome. dark young man?"
2.  Mr. Trelawney Hope dropped his head on his chest and groanedaloud. The Premier placed his hand kindly upon his shoulder."It is your misfortune, my dear fellow. No one can blame you.There is no precaution which you have neglected. Now, Mr. Holmes,you are in full possession of the facts. What course do yourecommend?"
3.  The two men had stopped opposite the window. Some chalk marks overthe waistcoat pocket were the only signs of billiards which I couldsee in one of them. The other was a very small, dark fellow, withhis hat pushed back and several packages under his arm."An old soldier, I perceive," said Sherlock.
4.  "'He simply wished, I should imagine, to refresh his memory uponthat last occasion. He had, as I understand, some sort of map or chartwhich he was comparing with the manuscript, and which he thrust intohis pocket when you appeared.'
5.  "What the deuce is he knocking at his own door for?" cried theclerk.
6.  Our visitor had no sooner waddled out of the room- no other verb candescribe Mrs. Merrilow's method of progression- than Sherlock Holmesthrew himself with fierce energy upon the pile of commonplace books inthe corner. For a few minutes there was a constant swish of theleaves, and then with a grunt of satisfaction he came upon what hesought. So excited was he that he did not rise, but sat upon the floorlike some strange Buddha, with crossed legs, the huge books allround him, and one open upon his knees.


1.  "I could not climb it myself," said Mr. Bennett.
2.  "Did it come on suddenly?"
3.  It was evidently taken by a snapshot from a small camera. Itrepresented an alert, sharp-featured simian man, with thick eyebrowsand a very peculiar projection of the lower part of the face, like themuzzle of a baboon.
4.  "Colonel Barclay had married at the time when he was a sergeant, andhis wife, whose maiden name was Miss Nancy Devoy, was the daughterof a former colour sergeant in the same corps. There was, therefore,as can be imagined, some little social friction when the youngcouple (for they were still young) found themselves in their newsurroundings. They appear, however, to have quickly adaptedthemselves, and Mrs. Barclay has always, I understand, been as popularwith the ladies of the regiment as her husband was with his brotherofficers. I may add that she was a woman of great beauty, and thateven now, when she has been married for of a striking and queenlyappearance.
5.   "By no means. What is to me a means of livelihood is to him themerest hobby of a dilettante. He has an extraordinary faculty forfigures, and audits the books in some of the government departments.Mycroft lodges in Pall Mall, and he walks round the corner intoWhitehall every morning and back every evening. From year's end toyear's end he takes no other exercise, and is seen nowhere else,except only in the Diogenes Club, which is just opposite his rooms.""I cannot recall the name."
6.  "The sailor stood looking at him with puckered eyes, and with thesame loose lipped smile upon his face.


1.  I could see from Holmes's rigid face that he was vibrating withinward excitement.
2.  "So, my dear Watson, there's my report of a failure. And yet- andyet-" he clenched his thin hands in a paroxysm of conviction- "Iknow it's all wrong. I feel it in my bones. There is something thathas not come out, and that housekeeper knows it. There was a sort ofsulky defiance in her eyes, which only goes with guilty knowledge.However, there's no good talking any more about it, Watson; but unlesssome lucky chance comes our way I fear that the NorwoodDisappearance Case will not figure in that chronicle of oursuccesses which I foresee that a patient public will sooner or laterhave to endure."
3.  Holmes pulled a large sheet of tissue-paper out of his pocket andcarefully unfolded it upon his knee.
4、  "Would I? Would I not!"
5、  "Well, then, ask Mrs. Oakshott for it."




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      "Who is he?"

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      "Is it one of your cases?"

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       "'This way, sir!' said he in a low voice. He walked in silence tothe house, and I followed him into my own bedroom. He had picked upa time-table in the hall.

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      "How can you say that?"

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    {  Holmes assumed his sternest aspect.

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      "Oh, yes! he is the green-grocer who brings our vegetables round.His name is Francis Prosper."}

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      The professor shook his head.

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      "Could you start at once?"

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       "Where is your warrant?"

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    {  The Scotland Yard inspector was still writing in the parlour whenHolmes interrupted him.

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      Never have I had such a shock! In an instant, with a tiger-spring,the dying man had intercepted me. I heard the sharp snap of atwisted key. The next moment he had staggered back to his bed,exhausted and panting after his one tremendous outflame of energy."You won't take the key from me by force, Watson, I've got you, myfriend. Here you are, and here you will stay until I will otherwise.But I'll humour you." (All this in little gasps, with terriblestruggles for breath between) "You've only my own good at heart. Ofcourse I know that very well. You shall have your way, but give metime to get my strength. Not now, Watson, not now. It's fouro'clock. At six you can go."