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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Did you ask for me, my good friend?" said M. de Treville.'Yes, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, lowering his voice, "than thehonor, perhaps the life of the queen."
2.  She was sent by her mistress to the false De Wardes. Hermistress was mad with love, intoxicated with joy. Shewished to know when her lover would meet her a second night;and poor Kitty, pale and trembling, awaited D'Artagnan'sreply. The counsels of his friend, joined to the cries ofhis own heart, made him determine, now his pride was savedand his vengeance satisfied, not to see Milady again. As areply, he wrote the following letter:
3.  "It appears," said the baron, seating himself in the armchairopposite that occupied by Milady, and stretching out his legscarelessly upon the hearth, "it appears we have made a littleapostasy!"
4.  In fact, fortune changed; and as the king began to lose what hehad won, he was not sorry to find an excuse for playingCharlemagne--if we may use a gaming phrase of whose origin weconfess our ignorance. The king therefore arose a minute after,and putting the money which lay before him into his pocket, themajor part of which arose from his winnings, "La Vieuville," saidhe, "take my place; I must speak to Monsieur de Treville on anaffair of importance. Ah, I had eighty louis before me; put downthe same sum, so that they who have lost may have nothing tocomplain of. Justice before everything."
5.  "That's all very simple," said D'Artagnan; "I expected thisletter. My credit rises by the fall of that of the Comte deWardes."
6.  At the turning of the counterscarp they found themselveswithin about sixty paces of the bastion. They saw no one,and the bastion seemed abandoned.


1.  "You are not an enemy of our holy faith?" said she, hesitatingly."Who--I?" cried Milady; "I a Protestant? Oh, no! I call to witnessthe God who hears us, that on the contrary I am a fervent Catholic!""Then, madame," said the abbess, smiling, "be reassured; the house inwhich you are shall not be a very hard prison, and we will do all in ourpower to make you cherish your captivity. You will find here, moreover,the young woman of whom I spoke, who is persecuted, no doubt, inconsequence of some court intrigue. She is amiable and well-behaved.""What is her name?"
2.  He found Kitty at the gate, and, as on the precedingevening, went up to her chamber. Kitty had been accused ofnegligence and severely scolded. Milady could not at allcomprehend the silence of the Comte de Wardes, and sheordered Kitty to come at nine o'clock in the morning to takea third letter.
3.  He continued his way toward the Quai des Grands Augustins,while the two friends went to ring at the bell of theunfortunate Porthos. He, having seen them crossing theyard, took care not to answer, and they rang in vain.Meanwhile Mousqueton continued on his way, and crossing thePont Neuf, still driving the two sorry animals before him,he reached the Rue aux Ours. Arrived there, he fastened,according to the orders of his master, both horse and muleto the knocker of the procurator's door; then, withouttaking any thought for their future, he returned to Porthos,and told him that his commission was completed.
4.  D'Artagnan set out with his four companions, and followedthe trench; the two Guards marched abreast with him, and thetwo soldiers followed behind.
5.  "In that case, monseigneur, do you believe the cardinal will beso kind as to tell me what has become of my wife?""Perhaps he may; but you must, in the first place, reveal to thecardinal all you know of your wife's relations with Madame deChevreuse."
6.  "Ah, you are awake, madame," he said; "then I have nothing moreto do here. If you want anything you can ring."


1.  "Your wife has escaped. Did you know that?"
2.  "Then, I will presume to say that all my friends are in theking's Musketeers and Guards, and that by an inconceivablefatality my enemies are in the service of your Eminence; Ishould, therefore, be ill received here and ill regardedthere if I accepted what Monseigneur offers me."
3.  "I took then, in conformity with the orders of the authorities,who sent me a reinforcement of six men, such measures as Ithought necessary to get possession of the persons of thepretended coiners."
4.  In one of those halts he heard the steps of several horseson the road. He had no doubt it was the cardinal and hisescort. He immediately made a new point in advance, rubbedhis horse down with some heath and leaves of trees, andplaced himself across the road, about two hundred paces fromthe camp.
5.   It is not known whether it was the devil who gave way, or themonks who grew tired; but within three months the penitentreappeared in the world with the reputation of being the mostterrible POSSESSED that ever existed.
6.  At the moment she entered, the curtain of a small gallery whichto that time had been closed, was drawn, and the pale face of thecardinal appeared, he being dresses as a Spanish cavalier. Hiseyes were fixed upon those of the queen, and a smile of terriblejoy passed over his lips; the queen did not wear her diamondstuds.


1.  "Indeed, sir," said Milady, "you must be either drunk or mad.Leave the room, and send me a woman."
2.  "Patrick," said the due, "bring me the casket in which the diamond studswere kept."
3.  "If you could see my heart," said D'Artagnan, "you would thereread so much curiosity that you would pity me and so much lovethat you would instantly satisfy my curiosity. We have nothingto fear from those who love us."
4、  "Nobody, by the faith of a gentleman."
5、  "A ninny, indeed!" said Porthos; "but is the matter certain?""I had it from Aramis," replied the Musketeer.




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      D'Artagnan returned.

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      "Well, monsieur?" asked D'Artagnan.

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       "You are at home," said he. "Remain here, fasten the doorinside, and open it to nobody unless you hear three taps likethis;" and he tapped thrice--two taps close together and prettyhard, the other after an interval, and lighter.

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      Athos dwelt in the Rue Ferou, within two steps of the Luxembourg.His apartment consisted of two small chambers, very nicely fittedup, in a furnished house, the hostess of which, still young andstill really handsome, cast tender glances uselessly at him.Some fragments of past splendor appeared here and there upon thewalls of this modest lodging; a sword, for example, richlyembossed, which belonged by its make to the times of Francis I,the hilt of which alone, encrusted with precious stones, might beworth two hundred pistoles, and which, nevertheless, in hismoments of greatest distress Athos had never pledged or offeredfor sale. It had long been an object of ambition for Porthos.Porthos would have given ten years of his life to possess thissword.

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    {  "Yes; about in the same manner," said another Musketeer, "that Ibought this new purse with what my mistress put into the oldone."

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      "Well, do you not adopt this means, Athos?" said D'Artagnan."I do not reject it altogether," said Athos; "but I wish toremind Aramis that he cannot quit the camp, and that nobodybut one of ourselves is trustworthy; that two hours afterthe messenger has set out, all the Capuchins, all thepolice, all the black caps of the cardinal, will know yourletter by heart, and you and your clever person will bearrested."}

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      The host had not quite so good a bargain as he at firsthoped for, but he made amends by slipping in two bottles ofAnjou wine instead of two bottles of champagne.

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      "I had a large hat," said Aramis.

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       "Still more; as soon as Monsieur had left and disappeared roundthe corner of the street, Monsieur Bonacieux took his hat, shuthis door, and set off at a quick pace in an opposite direction.""It seems you are right, Planchet; all this appears to be alittle mysterious; and be assured that we will not pay him ourrent until the matter shall be categorically explained to us.""Monsieur jests, but Monsieur will see."

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    {  "Oh, no," said Porthos, "it does not exceed two thousandfive hundred livres! I even think that with economy I couldmanage it with two thousand livres."

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