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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then it was not in society that I met with mademoiselle oryourself, madame, or this charming little merry boy.Besides, the Parisian world is entirely unknown to me, for,as I believe I told you, I have been in Paris but very fewdays. No, -- but, perhaps, you will permit me to call tomind -- stay!" The Count placed his hand on his brow as ifto collect his thoughts. "No -- it was somewhere -- awayfrom here -- it was -- I do not know -- but it appears thatthis recollection is connected with a lovely sky and somereligious fete; mademoiselle was holding flowers in herhand, the interesting boy was chasing a beautiful peacock ina garden, and you, madame, were under the trellis of somearbor. Pray come to my aid, madame; do not thesecircumstances appeal to your memory?"
2.  When the operation was concluded, and Edmond felt that hischin was completely smooth, and his hair reduced to itsusual length, he asked for a hand-glass. He was now, as wehave said, three-and-thirty years of age, and his fourteenyears' imprisonment had produced a great transformation inhis appearance. Dantes had entered the Chateau d'If with theround, open, smiling face of a young and happy man, withwhom the early paths of life have been smooth. and whoanticipates a future corresponding with his past. This wasnow all changed. The oval face was lengthened, his smilingmouth had assumed the firm and marked lines which betokenresolution; his eyebrows were arched beneath a brow furrowedwith thought; his eyes were full of melancholy, and fromtheir depths occasionally sparkled gloomy fires ofmisanthropy and hatred; his complexion, so long kept fromthe sun, had now that pale color which produces, when thefeatures are encircled with black hair, the aristocraticbeauty of the man of the north; the profound learning he hadacquired had besides diffused over his features a refinedintellectual expression; and he had also acquired, beingnaturally of a goodly stature, that vigor which a framepossesses which has so long concentrated all its forcewithin itself.
3.  "Then these 1,000 francs" -- said Mercedes, shuddering --
4.  "Did you doubt it!"
5.  "They may not be so very great."
6.  ...I declare to my nephew, Guido Spada


1.  ...the caves of the small
2.  "Well, but he is a charming young man, according to myideas."
3.  "Oh, no; he would more likely have got rid of me by stickinga knife into me."
4.  "What is that?" asked the young man.
5.  "I know what I am saying," continued the marchioness; "Imust hurry you, so that, as she has no mother, she may atleast have a grandmother to bless her marriage. I am allthat is left to her belonging to my poor Renee, whom youhave so soon forgotten, sir."
6.  "And you think she would be angry?"


1.  "Oh, that is charming," said Albert, "how I should like tohear my countrywomen called Mademoiselle Goodness,Mademoiselle Silence, Mademoiselle Christian Charity! Onlythink, then, if Mademoiselle Danglars, instead of beingcalled Claire-Marie-Eugenie, had been named MademoiselleChastity-Modesty-Innocence Danglars; what a fine effect thatwould have produced on the announcement of her marriage!"
2.  "And do you say this wedding is at hand?"
3.  "Does he not dislike the idea of marrying the granddaughterof a Jacobin?"
4.  "Immediately; the steamer waits, and in an hour I shall befar from you. Will you accompany me to the harbor,Maximilian?"
5.   "Who live upon the stones, I suppose," said Franz with anincredulous smile.
6.  "How so?"


1.  "Really, this is too absurd," said Villefort.
2.  "Yes, all but eight hundred piastres." The count went to hissecretary, opened it, and pulling out a drawer filled withgold, said to Franz, -- "I hope you will not offend me byapplying to any one but myself."
3.  "I?" replied Eugenie with her usual candor. "Oh, not theleast in the world, madame! My wish was not to confinemyself to domestic cares, or the caprices of any man, but tobe an artist, and consequently free in heart, in person, andin thought." Eugenie pronounced these words with so firm atone that the color mounted to Valentine's cheeks. The timidgirl could not understand that vigorous nature whichappeared to have none of the timidities of woman.
4、  "Because," said the old man, "the natural repugnance to thecommission of such a crime prevented you from thinking ofit; and so it ever is because in simple and allowable thingsour natural instincts keep us from deviating from the strictline of duty. The tiger, whose nature teaches him to delightin shedding blood, needs but the sense of smell to show himwhen his prey is within his reach, and by following thisinstinct he is enabled to measure the leap necessary topermit him to spring on his victim; but man, on thecontrary, loathes the idea of blood -- it is not alone thatthe laws of social life inspire him with a shrinking dreadof taking life; his natural construction and physiologicalformation" --
5、  "Certainly. But lose no time; we have lost too muchalready."




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      "Of what did he die?"

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      "Just so."

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       "Do you hear him, Valentine?" exclaimed Haidee; "he saysthat through me he will suffer -- through me, who wouldyield my life for his." The count withdrew for a moment."Have I discovered the truth?" he said; "but whether it befor recompense or punishment, I accept my fate. Come,Haidee, come!" and throwing his arm around the young girl'swaist, he pressed the hand of Valentine, and disappeared.

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      "Is your jailer gone?"

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    {  "Oh," said the countess to Franz, "go with all speed -- pooryoung man! Perhaps some accident has happened to him."

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      This time he could not blame Dantes. He was wrong to leaveit there, but the jailer was wrong not to have looked beforehim.}

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      Morrel pulled the bell, but though he nearly broke the cordno one answered. He turned towards Noirtier; the pallor andanguish expressed on his countenance momentarily increased.

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      "The usurper's conversion!" murmured the duke, looking atthe king and Dandre, who spoke alternately, like Virgil'sshepherds. "The usurper converted!"

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       "Now, just tell me who the devil should know in France thatthe officer Fernand and the Count of Morcerf are one and thesame person? and who cares now about Yanina, which was takenas long ago as the year 1822 or 1823?"

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    {  "`The undersigned Louis Jacques Beaurepaire,lieutenant-colonel of artillery, Etienne Duchampy, generalof brigade, and Claude Lecharpal, keeper of woods andforests, Declare, that on the 4th of February, a letterarrived from the Island of Elba, recommending to thekindness and the confidence of the Bonapartist Club, GeneralFlavien de Quesnel, who having served the emperor from 1804to 1814 was supposed to be devoted to the interests of theNapoleon dynasty, notwithstanding the title of baron whichLouis XVIII. had just granted to him with his estate ofEpinay.

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      "Counting his treasures," replied the governor.