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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "In your place, I would do one thing."
2.  "But what are you going to fight about, Athos?" asked Aramis."Faith! I don't very well know. He hurt my shoulder. And you,Porthos?"
3.  D'Artagnan related the adventure of the preceding day in all itsdetails; how, not having been able to sleep for the joy he feltin the expectation of seeing his Majesty, he had gone to histhree friends three hours before the hour of audience; how theyhad gone together to the tennis court, and how, upon the fear hehad manifested lest he receive a ball in the face, he had beenjeered at by Bernajoux who had nearly paid for his jeer with hislife and M. de la Tremouille, who had nothing to do with thematter, with the loss of his hotel.
4.  "Was it not this D'Artagnan who wounded Jussac one day, in thatunfortunate encounter which took place near the Convent of theCarmes-Dechausses?" asked the king, looking at the cardinal, whocolored with vexation.
5.  D'Artagnan threw the dice with a trembling hand, and turned upthe number three; his paleness terrified Athos, who, however,consented himself with saying, "That's a sad throw, comrade; youwill have the horses fully equipped, monsieur."
6.  D'Artagnan looked at Kitty for the second time. The younggirl had freshness and beauty which many duchesses wouldhave purchased with their coronets.


1.  "Well, Monsieur de Busigny, I will bet you," said Athos,"that my three companions, Messieurs Porthos, Aramis, andD'Artagnan, and myself, will go and breakfast in the bastionSt. Gervais, and we will remain there an hour, by the watch,whatever the enemy may do to dislodge us."
2.  "Would you have given up the letter, Aramis?" said D'Artagnan."I," said Aramis, in his most flutelike tone, "I had made up mymind. If he had insisted upon the letter being given up to him,I would have presented the letter to him with one hand, and withthe other I would have run my sword through his body.""I expected as much," said Athos; "and that was why I threwmyself between you and him. Indeed, this man is very much toblame for talking thus to other men; one would say he had neverhad to do with any but women and children."
3.  "It was they!" cried the cardinal, looking at the clock; "and nowit is too late to have them persued. The duchess is at Tours,and the duke at Boulogne. It is in London they must be found.""What are your Eminence's orders?"
4.  "Athos!" repeated M. de Treville himself.
5.  D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.
6.  At midnight great cries and loud acclamations were heard. It wasthe king, who was passing through the streets which led from theLouvre to the Hotel de Ville, and which were all illuminated withcolored lanterns.


1.  "At one o'clock this morning she had not returned.""My God! What can have become of her, then?"
2.  "How, you will go!" said Mme. Bonacieux; "and your regiment, yourcaptain?"
3.  Milady smiled. "I am her best friend."
4.  And now that we are acquainted, superficially at least, with themasters and the valets, let us pass on to the dwellings occupiedby each of them.
5.   "I think I learned you had suffered persecutions from the cardinal,"continued Milady; "that would have been another motive for sympathybetween us."
6.  "My very own. You have brought me something?"


1.  Finally, as the hour for her interview with the countapproached, Milady had everything about her darkened, andordered Kitty to return to her own chamber, and introduce DeWardes whenever he presented himself.
2.  "How, you will go!" said Mme. Bonacieux; "and your regiment, yourcaptain?"
3.  "And do you comprehend, Grimaud?" said Aramis.
4、  "Now it is time that the malady should be over," said she; "letme rise, and obtain some success this very day. I have but tendays, and this evening two of them will be gone."In the morning, when they entered Milady's chamber they hadbrought her breakfast. Now, she thought, they could not longdelay coming to clear the table, and that Felton would thenreappear.
5、  It was agreed that Milady should wait for Felton till teno'clock; if he did not return by ten o'clock she was to sail.In that case, and supposing he was at liberty, he was to rejoinher in France, at the convent of the Carmelites at Bethune.




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      "Oh, his name, his name!" cried Felton. "His name, tell it me!""Then in spite of my cries, in spite of my resistance--for Ibegan to comprehend that there was a question of something worsethan death--the executioner seized me, threw me on the floor,fastened me with his bonds, and suffocated by sobs, almostwithout sense, invoking God, who did not listen to me, I utteredall at once a frightful cry of pain and shame. A burning fire, ared-hot iron, the iron of the executioner, was imprinted on myshoulder."

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      Mme. Bonacieux kissed the hands of the queen, concealed the paperin the bosom of her dress, and disappeared with the lightness ofa bird.

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       "You saw your wi--"

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      "But suppose we all go," said D'Artagnan; "what the devil!They won't devour us all four, four lackeys, horses, arms,and all!"

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    {  "And you were deceived, my dear sir," replied Aramis, coldly,very little sensible to the reparation. Then turning toward thatone of the guards who had declared himself the friend of Bois-Tracy, "Besides," continued he, "I have reflected, my dearintimate of Bois-Tracy, that I am not less tenderly his friendthan you can possibly be; so that decidedly this handkerchief isas likely to have fallen from your pocket as mine.""No, upon my honor!" cried his Majesty's Guardsman."You are about to swear upon your honor and I upon my word, andthen it will be pretty evident that one of us will have lied.Now, here, Montaran, we will do better than that--let each take ahalf."

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      "But what does this note contain?"}

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      "Oh, yes, very well; not only him, but some of his friends, MessieursPorthos and Aramis!"

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      "That's a pity," said Athos, cooly. "The Englishman isoverflowing with pistoles. Good Lord, try one throw! One throwis soon made!"

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       "And that is nothing?"

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    {  In an instant all five were ready. Each examined his arms, and put themin order. Athos came down last, and found D'Artagnan already onhorseback, and growing impatient.

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      "To Calais," said D'Artagnan; "that is the most direct line toLondon."