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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why did you not tell me all this -- you?" inquired thebrigand chief, turning towards his men, who all retreatedbefore his look. "Why have you caused me thus to fail in myword towards a gentleman like the count, who has all ourlives in his hands? By heavens, if I thought one of you knewthat the young gentleman was the friend of his excellency, Iwould blow his brains out with my own hand!"
2.  Every one turned towards the procureur, who, unable to bearthe universal gaze now riveted on him alone, advancedstaggering into the midst of the tribunal, with his hairdishevelled and his face indented with the mark of hisnails. The whole assembly uttered a long murmur ofastonishment. "Father," said Benedetto, "I am asked forproofs, do you wish me to give them?"
3.  "Yes." There was a profound silence. The two notaries wereholding a consultation as to the best means of proceedingwith the affair. Valentine was looking at her grandfatherwith a smile of intense gratitude, and Villefort was bitinghis lips with vexation, while Madame de Villefort could notsucceed in repressing an inward feeling of joy, which, inspite of herself, appeared in her whole countenance. "But,"said Villefort, who was the first to break the silence, "Iconsider that I am the best judge of the propriety of themarriage in question. I am the only person possessing theright to dispose of my daughter's hand. It is my wish thatshe should marry M. Franz d'Epinay -- and she shall marryhim." Valentine sank weeping into a chair.
4.  "Yes."
5.  "In two or three hours," thought Dantes, "the turnkey willenter my chamber, find the body of my poor friend, recognizeit, seek for me in vain, and give the alarm. Then the tunnelwill be discovered; the men who cast me into the sea and whomust have heard the cry I uttered, will be questioned. Thenboats filled with armed soldiers will pursue the wretchedfugitive. The cannon will warn every one to refuse shelterto a man wandering about naked and famished. The police ofMarseilles will be on the alert by land, whilst the governorpursues me by sea. I am cold, I am hungry. I have lost eventhe knife that saved me. O my God, I have suffered enoughsurely! Have pity on me, and do for me what I am unable todo for myself."
6.  "I believe you, my lord, as implicitly as if God had spokento me," said the young girl, presenting her forehead to him.Monte Cristo pressed on that pure beautiful forehead a kisswhich made two hearts throb at once, the one violently, theother heavily. "Oh," murmured the count, "shall I then bepermitted to love again? Ask M. de Morcerf into thedrawing-room," said he to Baptistin, while he led thebeautiful Greek girl to a private staircase.


1.  "The jeweller took the ring, and drawing from his pocket apair of steel pliers and a small set of copper scales, hetook the stone out of its setting, and weighed it carefully.`I will give you 45,000,' said he, `but not a sou more;besides, as that is the exact value of the stone, I broughtjust that sum with me.' -- `Oh, that's no matter,' repliedCaderousse, `I will go back with you to fetch the other5,000 francs.' -- `No,' returned the jeweller, giving backthe diamond and the ring to Caderousse -- `no, it is worthno more, and I am sorry I offered so much, for the stone hasa flaw in it, which I had not seen. However, I will not goback on my word, and I will give 45,000.' -- `At least,replace the diamond in the ring,' said La Carconte sharply.-- `Ah, true,' replied the jeweller, and he reset the stone.-- `No matter,' observed Caderousse, replacing the box inhis pocket, `some one else will purchase it.' -- `Yes,'continued the jeweller; `but some one else will not be soeasy as I am, or content himself with the same story. It isnot natural that a man like you should possess such adiamond. He will inform against you. You will have to findthe Abbe Busoni; and abbes who give diamonds worth twothousand louis are rare. The law would seize it, and put youin prison; if at the end of three or four months you are setat liberty, the ring will be lost, or a false stone, worththree francs, will be given you, instead of a diamond worth50,000 or perhaps 55,000 francs; from which you must allowthat one runs considerable risk in purchasing.' Caderousseand his wife looked eagerly at each other. -- `No,' saidCaderousse, `we are not rich enough to lose 5,000 francs.'-- `As you please, my dear sir,' said the, jeweller; `I had,however, as you see, brought you the money in bright coin.'And he drew from his pocket a handful of gold, and held itsparkling before the dazzled eyes of the innkeeper, and inthe other hand he held a packet of bank-notes.
2.  "For fifteen thousand francs?"
3.  "You will thank me -- for what?"
4.  "The Count of Morcerf's adventure exasperates the youngman."
5.  "Then, for the present, M. Morrel, farewell, and a thousandthanks!"
6.  "Then listen to me." Franz then related to his friend thehistory of his excursion to the Island of Monte Cristo andof his finding a party of smugglers there, and the twoCorsican bandits with them. He dwelt with considerable forceand energy on the almost magical hospitality he had receivedfrom the count, and the magnificence of his entertainment inthe grotto of the "Thousand and One Nights." He recounted,with circumstantial exactitude, all the particulars of thesupper, the hashish, the statues, the dream, and how, at hisawakening, there remained no proof or trace of all theseevents, save the small yacht, seen in the distant horizondriving under full sail toward Porto-Vecchio. Then hedetailed the conversation overheard by him at the Colosseum,between the count and Vampa, in which the count had promisedto obtain the release of the bandit Peppino, -- anengagement which, as our readers are aware, he mostfaithfully fulfilled. At last he arrived at the adventure ofthe preceding night, and the embarrassment in which he foundhimself placed by not having sufficient cash by six or sevenhundred piastres to make up the sum required, and finally ofhis application to the count and the picturesque andsatisfactory result that followed. Albert listened with themost profound attention. "Well," said he, when Franz hadconcluded, "what do you find to object to in all you haverelated? The count is fond of travelling, and, being rich,possesses a vessel of his own. Go but to Portsmouth orSouthampton, and you will find the harbors crowded with theyachts belonging to such of the English as can afford theexpense, and have the same liking for this amusement. Now,by way of having a resting-place during his excursions,avoiding the wretched cookery -- which has been trying itsbest to poison me during the last four months, while youhave manfully resisted its effects for as many years, -- andobtaining a bed on which it is possible to slumber, MonteCristo has furnished for himself a temporary abode where youfirst found him; but, to prevent the possibility of theTuscan government taking a fancy to his enchanted palace,and thereby depriving him of the advantages naturallyexpected from so large an outlay of capital, he has wiselyenough purchased the island, and taken its name. Just askyourself, my good fellow, whether there are not many personsof our acquaintance who assume the names of lands andproperties they never in their lives were masters of?"


1.  "Ah, you are laughing at me; send to-morrow at twelve, andthe bank shall be notified."
2.  "Enormous ones," answered Beauchamp. "Although in reality aLiberal, he negotiated a loan of six millions for CharlesX., in 1829, who made him a baron and chevalier of theLegion of Honor; so that he wears the ribbon, not, as youwould think, in his waistcoat-pocket, but at hisbutton-hole."
3.  "Listen; this is his description: `Benedetto, condemned, atthe age of sixteen, for five years to the galleys forforgery.' He promised well, as you see -- first a runaway,then an assassin."
4.  "Yes." A groan from Barrois, accompanied by a yawn whichseemed to crack the very jawbones, attracted the attentionof M. d'Avrigny; he left M. Noirtier, and returned to thesick man. "Barrois," said the doctor, "can you speak?"Barrois muttered a few unintelligible words. "Try and makean effort to do so, my good man." said d'Avrigny. Barroisreopened his bloodshot eyes. "Who made the lemonade?"
5.   "You are deceived, Morrel, that woman" --
6.  "I have mine," said Madame de Villefort; and she passed overto Monte Cristo a bottle full of the same kind of red liquidwhose good properties the count had tested on Edward.


1.  "Well, I think" -- Andrea stopped and looked around.
2.  "Since the 28th of February, 1815."
3.  * Louis David, a famous French painter.
4、  "I in M. Noirtier's apartment?"
5、  "Suddenly?"




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      "So that now?" -- inquired the abbe.

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      "Yes, my dear, the abduction is an accomplished fact,"replied Eugenie. "Yes, and without violence," said Louise.

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       "Yes, -- yesterday."

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      "And hence," said Villefort, "arose my affection for yourfather, my dear M. Franz. Opinions held in common are aready bond of union."

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    {  "Yes." D'Avrigny reflected a moment; then approachingNoirtier, -- "Pardon what I am going to say," added he, "butno indication should be neglected in this terriblesituation. Did you see poor Barrois die?" Noirtier raisedhis eyes to heaven. "Do you know of what he died!" askedd'Avrigny, placing his hand on Noirtier's shoulder.

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      "Yes; for the examination of our cash takes placeto-morrow."}

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      "Oh, no, it has not."

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      "Because he has made his will in my favor."

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       And yet, as she could scarcely breathe, she rose and wenttowards a looking-glass. "I am frightful to-night," shesaid. Debray rose, smiling, and was about to contradict thebaroness upon this latter point, when the door openedsuddenly. M. Danglars appeared; Debray reseated himself. Atthe noise of the door Madame Danglars turned round, andlooked upon her husband with an astonishment she took notrouble to conceal. "Good-evening, madame," said the banker;"good-evening, M. Debray."

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    {  "He has broken his ribs," said the commander, in a lowvoice. "No matter; he is an excellent fellow, and we mustnot leave him. We will try and carry him on board thetartan." Dantes declared, however, that he would rather diewhere he was than undergo the agony which the slightestmovement cost him. "Well," said the patron, "let what mayhappen, it shall never be said that we deserted a goodcomrade like you. We will not go till evening." This verymuch astonished the sailors, although, not one opposed it.The patron was so strict that this was the first time theyhad ever seen him give up an enterprise, or even delay inits execution. Dantes would not allow that any suchinfraction of regular and proper rules should be made in hisfavor. "No, no," he said to the patron, "I was awkward, andit is just that I pay the penalty of my clumsiness. Leave mea small supply of biscuit, a gun, powder, and balls, to killthe kids or defend myself at need, and a pickaxe, that I maybuild a shelter if you delay in coming back for me."

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      The man said, in a low voice: "I wish -- I wish you to spareme the walk back to Paris. I am very tired, and as I havenot eaten so good a dinner as you, I can scarcely stand."The young man shuddered at this strange familiarity. "Tellme," he said -- "tell me what you want?"