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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That shoots me," said the Swiss.
2.  "Gentlemen," said Aramis, "the principal question is not toknow which of our four lackeys is the most discreet, themost strong, the most clever, or the most brave; theprincipal thing is to know which loves money the best.""What Aramis says is very sensible," replied Athos; "we mustspeculate upon the faults of people, and not upon theirvirtues. Monsieur Abbe, you are a great moralist.""Doubtless," said Aramis, "for we not only require to bewell served in order to succeed, but moreover, not to fail;for in case of failure, heads are in question, not for ourlackeys--"
3.  "Go to, my dear Athos; you have truly inconceivable ideas.""Let it pass. What do you think of Monsieur de Trevilletelling me, when he did me the honor to call upon meyesterday, that you associated with the suspected English,whom the cardinal protects?"
4.  "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"
5.  M. de Treville listened to the young man's account with aseriousness which proved that he saw something else in thisadventure besides a love affair. When D'Artagnan had finished,he said, "Hum! All this savors of his Eminence, a league off.""But what is to be done?" said D'Artagnan.
6.  A cold sweat broke from D'Artagnan's brow. Why, this womanwas a monster! He resumed his listening, but unfortunatelythe toilet was finished.


1.  "Go to, go to! I must have been mad to allow myself to becarried away so," says she, gazing into the glass, which reflectsback to her eyes the burning glance by which she appears tointerrogate herself. "No violence; violence is the proof ofweakness. In the first place, I have never succeeded by thatmeans. Perhaps if I employed my strength against women I mightperchance find them weaker than myself, and consequently conquerthem; but it is with men that I struggle, and I am but a woman tothem. Let me fight like a woman, then; my strength is in myweakness."
2.  D'Artagnan translated this for the others.
3.  "Sire," resumed Treville, "as I told you, Monsieur d'Artagnan islittle more than a boy; and as he has not the honor of being aMusketeer, he was dressed as a citizen. The Guards of thecardinal, perceiving his youth and that he did not belong to thecorps, invited him to retire before they attacked.""so you may plainly see, Treville," interrupted the king, "it wasthey who attacked?"
4.  D'Artagnan ran after her. It was not difficult for him toovertake a woman embarrassed with her cloak. He came up with herbefore she had traversed a third of the street. The unfortunatewoman was exhausted, not by fatigue, but by terror, and whenD'Artagnan placed his hand upon her shoulder, she sank upon oneknee, crying in a choking voice, "Kill me, if you please, youshall know nothing!"
5.  D'Artagnan was not so dull as not to perceive that he was one toomany; but he was not sufficiently broken into the fashions of thegay world to know how to extricate himself gallantly from a falseposition, like that of a man who begins to mingle with people heis scarcely acquainted with and in a conversation that does notconcern him. He was seeking in his mind, then, for the leastawkward means of retreat, when he remarked that Aramis had lethis handkerchief fall, and by mistake, no doubt, had placed hisfoot upon it. This appeared to be a favorable opportunity torepair his intrusion. He stooped, and with the most gracious airhe could assume, drew the handkerchief from under the foot of theMusketeer in spite of the efforts the latter made to detain it,and holding it out to him, said, "I believe, monsieur, that thisis a handkerchief you would be sorry to lose?"
6.  At this speech of Aramis, the brow of Athos became clouded and hebit his lips.


1.  D'Artagnan had a quick eye and a prompt understanding. Hecomprehended that the musket had not come there of itself,and that he who bore it had not concealed himself behind ahedge with any friendly intentions. He determined,therefore, to direct his course as clear from it as he couldwhen, on the opposite side of the road, from behind a rock,he perceived the extremity of another musket.
2.  Athos entered without the least mistrust, and took out twopistoles to pay the bill. The host was alone, seated before hisdesk, one of the drawers of which was partly open. He took themoney which Athos offered to him, and after turning and turningit over and over in his hands, suddenly cried out that it wasbad, and that he would have him and his companions arrested asforgers.
3.  "And me, too!" said Aramis.
4.  "Hear the end. Ten parts of a hundred pistoles each, in tenthrows, without revenge; in thirteen throws I had lost all--inthirteen throws. The number thirteen was always fatal to me; itwas on the thirteenth of July that--"
5.   "But I tell you that I am the mistress of the house, gentlemen!I tell you I am Madame Bonacieux; I tell you I belong to thequeen!" cried the unfortunate woman.
6.  "My faith, monsieur, he was in such trouble that I doubt ifhe can have retained a very clear recollection of me.""Well, go and talk with the boy," said D'Artagnan, "and makeout if you can from his conversation whether his master isdead."


1.  "You have, then, overheard our conversation?" asked Mme.Bonacieux, eagerly, and looking at D'Artagnan with disquiet."The whole?"
2.  "Yes, Monsieur Officer," stammered the mercer, more dead thanalive, "at your service."
3.  "I had been at the seminary from nine years old; in three days Ishould have been twenty. I was about to become an abbe, and allwas arranged. One evening I went, according to custom, to ahouse which I frequented with much pleasure: when one is young,what can be expected?--one is weak. An officer who saw me, witha jealous eye, reading the LIVES OF THE SAINTS to the mistress ofthe house, entered suddenly and without being announced. Thatevening I had translated an episode of Judith, and had justcommunicated my verses to the lady, who gave me all sorts ofcompliments, and leaning on my shoulder, was reading them asecond time with me. Her pose, which I must admit was ratherfree, wounded this officer. He said nothing; but when I went outhe followed, and quickly came up with me. 'Monsieur the Abbe,'said he, 'do you like blows with a cane?' 'I cannot say,monsieur,' answered I; 'no one has ever dared to give me any.''Well, listen to me, then, Monsieur the Abbe! If you ventureagain into the house in which I have met you this evening, I willdare it myself.' I really think I must have been frightened. Ibecame very pale; I felt my legs fail me; I sought for a reply,but could find none-I was silent. The officer waited for hisreply, and seeing it so long coming, he burst into a laugh,turned upon his heel, and re-entered the house. I returned tothe seminary.
4、  "Yes," said Felton; "but silence, silence! I must have time tofile through these bars. Only take care that I am not seenthrough the wicket."
5、  "I am glad they please you."




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      "But I tell you that I am the mistress of the house, gentlemen!I tell you I am Madame Bonacieux; I tell you I belong to thequeen!" cried the unfortunate woman.

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      It may be easily imagined how great was our joy when, in turningover this manuscript, our last hope, we found at the twentiethpage the name of Athos, at the twenty-seventh the name ofPorthos, and at the thirty-first the name of Aramis.The discovery of a completely unknown manuscript at a period inwhich historical science is carried to such a high degreeappeared almost miraculous. We hastened, therefore, to obtainpermission to print it, with the view of presenting ourselvessomeday with the pack of others at the doors of the Academie desInscriptions et Belles Lettres, if we should not succeed--a veryprobable thing, by the by--in gaining admission to the AcademieFrancaise with our own proper pack. This permission, we feelbound to say, was graciously granted; which compels us here togive a public contradiction to the slanderers who pretend that welive under a government but moderately indulgent to men ofletters.

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       "The fact is," said D'Artagnan, "I have always observed a greatdegree of intelligence and devotedness in Mousqueton.""That is possible, monsieur; but suppose I should happen to bebrought in contact, even four times a year, with suchintelligence and devotedness--why, I should be a ruined man!""No, for Porthos will pay you."

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      "He knows them, then?"

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    {  D'Artagnan, walking and soliloquizing, had arrived within a fewsteps of the hotel d'Arguillon and in front of that hotelperceived Aramis, chatting gaily with three gentlemen; but as hehad not forgotten that it was in presence of this young man thatM. de Treville had been so angry in the morning, and as a witnessof the rebuke the Musketeers had received was not likely to be atall agreeable, he pretended not to see him. D'Artagnan, on thecontrary, quite full of his plans of conciliation and courtesy,approached the young men with a profound bow, accompanied by amost gracious smile. All four, besides, immediately broke offtheir conversation.

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      Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflectiveand contemplative organization, and he had brought him thisgentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had wonPlanchet--that was the name of the Picard. He felt a slightdisappointment, however, when he saw that this place was alreadytaken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos signifiedto him that the state of his household, though great, would notsupport two servants, and that he must enter into the service ofD'Artagnan. Nevertheless, when he waited at the dinner given myhis master, and saw him take out a handful of gold to pay for it,he believed his fortune made, and returned thanks to heaven forhaving thrown him into the service of such a Croesus. Hepreserved this opinion even after the feast, with the remnants ofwhich he repaired his own long abstinence; but when in theevening he made his master's bed, the chimeras of Planchet fadedaway. The bed was the only one in the apartment, which consistedof an antechamber and a bedroom. Planchet slept in theantechamber upon a coverlet taken from the bed of D'Artagnan, andwhich D'Artagnan from that time made shift to do without.Athos, on his part, had a valet whom he had trained in hisservice in a thoroughly peculiar fashion, and who was namedGrimaud. He was very taciturn, this worthy signor. Be itunderstood we are speaking of Athos. During the five or sixyears that he had lived in the strictest intimacy with hiscompanions, Porthos and Aramis, they could remember having oftenseen him smile, but had never heard him laugh. His words werebrief and expressive, conveying all that was meant, and no more;no embellishments, no embroidery, no arabesques. Hisconversation a matter of fact, without a single romance.Although Athos was scarcely thirty years old, and was of greatpersonal beauty and intelligence of mind, no one knew whether hehad ever had a mistress. He never spoke of women. He certainlydid not prevent others from speaking of them before him, althoughit was easy to perceive that this kind of conversation, in whichhe only mingled by bitter words and misanthropic remarks, wasvery disagreeable to him. His reserve, his roughness, and hissilence made almost an old man of him. He had, then, in ordernot to disturb his habits, accustomed Grimaud to obey him upon asimple gesture or upon a simple movement of his lips. He neverspoke to him, except under the most extraordinary occasions.Sometimes, Grimaud, who feared his master as he did fire, whileentertaining a strong attachment to his person and a greatveneration for his talents, believed he perfectly understood whathe wanted, flew to execute the order received, and did preciselythe contrary. Athos then shrugged his shoulders, and, withoutputting himself in a passion, thrashed Grimaud. On these days hespoke a little.}

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      "I wished to explain this plan to you on the day youreceived my first invitation; but you did not come.Fortunately, nothing is lost by this delay, and you are nowabout to hear it. Sit down there, before me, d'Artagnan;you are gentleman enough not to listen standing." And thecardinal pointed with his finger to a chair for the youngman, who was so astonished at what was passing that heawaited a second sign from his interlocutor before heobeyed.

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      "You are right, Athos," said D'Artagnan. "Did none of youcharge your purveyor, Godeau, to send me some wine?""No! And yet you say he has sent you some as from us?""Here is his letter," said D'Artagnan, and he presented thenote to his comrades.

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       "Not to be found!" cried Athos. "I know it well, so takeGrimaud."

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    {  "Yes."

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      On his side Buckingham, in pretending to maintain the honorof England, was moved by interests exactly like those of thecardinal. Buckingham also was pursuing a private vengeance.Buckingham could not under any pretense be admitted intoFrance as an ambassador; he wished to enter it as aconqueror.