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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Then it is undoubtedly from him that the note comes,' said I.'It only remains for us to find out what this secret was which thesailor Hudson seems to have held over the heads of these two wealthyand respected men.'
3.  "I dare not go so far as that. But, of the three, he is perhapsthe least unlikely."
4.  Sherlock Holmes was, as I expected, lounging about his
5.  "I hope you observed all precautions, Mrs. Hudson?" said Holmes."I went to it on my knees, sir, just as you told me."
6.  "Oh! a joke, was it? You won't find the laugh on your side, I promiseyou. Take him down, and keep him in the sitting-room until I come. Mr.Holmes," he continued, when they had gone, "I could not speak beforethe constables, but I don't mind saying, in the presence of Dr.Watson, that this is the brightest thing that you have done yet,though it is a mystery to me how you did it. You have saved aninnocent man's life, and you have prevented a very grave scandal,which would have ruined my reputation in the Force."


1.  "Only once, some years ago. I remember that it was full of papers.""There isn't a cat in it, for example?'
2.  "What has he done, then?"
3.  "Well, my dear fellow, we have already arrived at the conclusionthat the message received by Garcia at dinner was an appointment or anassignation. Now, if the obvious reading of it is correct and in orderto keep this tryst one has to ascend a main stair and seek the seventhdoor in a corridor, it is perfectly clear that the house is a verylarge one. It is equally certain that this house cannot be more than amile or two from Oxshott, since Garcia was walking in that directionand hoped, according to my reading of the facts, to be back inWisteria Lodge in time to avail himself of an alibi, which wouldonly be valid up to one o'clock. As the number of large houses closeto Oxshott must be limited, I adopted the obvious method of sending tothe agents mentioned by Scott Eccles and obtaining a list of them.Here they are in this telegram, and the other end of our tangled skeinmust lie among them."
4.  "I am glad to say that my investigation has not been entirelybarren," he remarked. "I cannot remain to discuss the matter withthe police, but I should be exceedingly obliged, Mr. Roundhay, ifyou would give the inspector my compliments and direct his attentionto the bedroom window and to the sitting-room lamp. Each issuggestive, and together they are almost conclusive. If the policewould desire further information I shall be happy to see any of themat the cottage. And now, Watson, I think that, perhaps, we shall bebetter employed elsewhere."
5.  "I did, Mr. Holmes. It's my way. Shall I read it, Mr. Gregson?"The Londoner nodded.
6.  My friend had listened with amused surprise to this long speech,which was poured forth with extraordinary vigour and earnestness,every point being driven home by the slapping of a brawny hand uponthe speaker's knee. When our visitor was silent Holmes stretched outhis hand and took down letter "S" of his commonplace book. For once hedug in vain into that mine of varied information.


1.  It was quite evident that The Three Gables was under very closesurveillance, for as we came round the high hedge at the end of thelane there was the negro prize-fighter standing in the shadow. We cameon him quite suddenly, and a grim and menacing figure he looked inthat lonely place. Holmes clapped his hand to his pocket."Lookin' for your gun, Masser Holmes?"
2.  "If you have no answer, it may go badly with you at the trial."The young man winced.
3.  "Do you keep plate in the house, or anything to attract burglars?""Nothing of value."
4.  "'A robbery has been committed,' I gasped. 'A document of immensevalue has been stolen from the Foreign Office. Has anyone passedthis way?'
5.   At the time of which I speak, Holmes had been back for somemonths, and I at his request had sold my practice and returned toshare the old quarters in Baker Street. A young doctor, namedVerner, had purchased my small Kensington practice, and given withastonishingly little demur the highest price that I ventured to ask-an incident which only explained itself some years later, when I foundthat Verner was a distant relation of Holmes, and that it was myfriend who had really found the money.
6.  "I am indeed pleased to hear that you did not intend to profit byyour unfair advantage," said Soames. "But why did you change yourpurpose?"


1.  "But you said- why, surely this might be the missing link. How do weknow that there is not something of value there?"
2.  "I think so. If this matter is not to become public, we must giveourselves certain powers and resolve ourselves into a small privatecourt-martial. You there, if you please, Soames! Watson you here! I'lltake the armchair in the middle. I think that we are nowsufficiently imposing to strike terror into a guilty breast. Kindlyring the bell!"
3.  "How do you know?" he gasped, sitting down heavily in his chair."It is my business to know things. That is my trade."
4、  "That is enough," said Hopkins, sternly. "Whatever else you haveto say, you must say in court. You will walk down with me now to thepolice-station. Well, Mr. Holmes, I am very much obliged to you and toyour friend for coming down to help me. As it turns out yourpresence was unnecessary, and I would have brought the case to thissuccessful issue without you, but, none the less, I am grateful. Roomshave been reserved for you at the Brambletye Hotel, so we can all walkdown to the village together."
5、  "I said that he was my superior in observation and deduction. If theart of the detective began and ended in reasoning from an armchair, mybrother would be the greatest criminal agent that ever lived. But hehas no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way toverify his own solutions, and would rather be considered wrong thantake the trouble to prove himself right. Again and again I havetaken a problem to him, and have received an explanation which hasafterwards proved to be the correct one. And yet he was absolutelyincapable of working out the practical points which must be goneinto before a case could be laid before a judge or jury.""It is not his profession, then?"




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      "Well, Watson, what do you make of this?" asked Holmes, after a longpause.

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      "It is nothing, Mr. Garrideb. I have figured out our connections.You leave at twelve and should be there soon after two. Then you canbe back the same night. All you have to do is to see this man, explainthe matter, and get an affidavit of his existence. By the Lord!" headded hotly, "considering I've come all the way from the centre ofAmerica, it is surely little enough if you go a hundred miles in orderto put this matter through."

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       "'No old ones, but plenty of beeches.'

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      "The family of Lord Robert St. Simon has been thrown into thegreatest consternation by the strange and painful episodes whichhave taken place in connection with his wedding. The ceremony, asshortly announced in the papers of yesterday, occurred on the previousmorning; but it is only now that it has been possible to confirm thestrange rumours which have been so persistently floating about. Inspite of the attempts of the friends to hush the matter up, so muchpublic attention has now been drawn to it that no good purpose canbe served by affecting to disregard what is a common subject forconversation.

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    {  "Pipes are occasionally of extraordinary interest," said he."Nothing has more individuality, save perhaps watches and bootlaces.The indications here, however, are neither very marked nor veryimportant. The owner is obviously a muscular man, left-handed, with anexcellent set of teeth, careless in his habits, and with no need topractise economy."

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      "Sir Robert Norberton's wife, I presume!"}

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      "'Tell me,' I asked, 'did your butler ever ask you such a question?'"Reginald Musgrave looked at me in astonishment. 'Now that youcall it to my mind,' he answered, 'Brunton did ask me about the heightof the tree some months ago in connection with some little argumentwith the groom.'

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      "It is, I am afraid, not very encouraging to his supporters,though there are one or two points in it which are suggestive. Youwill find it here, and may read it for yourself."

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       "No, she was in her night-dress. In her right hand was found thecharred stump of a match, and in her left a match-box.""Showing that she had struck a light and looked about her when thealarm took place. That is important. And what conclusions did thecoroner come to?"

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    {  "Because you have gone out of your way to annoy me. Because you haveput your creatures upon my track."

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      "Excellent, Sherlock! Admirable! But what use will you make of it?"Holmes picked up the Daily Telegraph which lay upon the table."Have you seen Pierrot's advertisement to-day?"