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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "D'Artagnan."
2.  "The favorite of a great lady will not be allowed to beinconvenienced for such a paltry sum as he owes you.""If I durst say what I believe on that head--"
3.  The principal thing for her, then, was, as we have said, to keep Mme.Bonacieux in her power. Mme. Bonacieux was the very life of D'Artagnan.This was more than his life, the life of the woman he loved; this was,in case of ill fortune, a means of temporizing and obtaining goodconditions.
4.  In the evening, at the appointed hour, the four friends met.There only remained three things to decide--what theyshould write to Milady's brother; what they should write tothe clever person at Tours; and which should be the lackeysto carry the letters.
5.  "We have always some difficulty in believing such things, mypretty dear, were it only from self-love."
6.  He grew deadly pale, placed his hand upon his heart, which was breaking,and at once perceived all the treachery.


1.  "Where?" demanded D'Artagnan.
2.  But Athos continued to march majestically, whatever remarkshis companions made; and they, finding their remarksuseless, regulated their pace by his.
3.  "A singular introduction!"
4.  "Because we dare not speak aloud in one or the other.""But why did you not dare to speak aloud, Planchet--because youare afraid?"
5.  The first time he saw D'Artagnan, "You have come off well," saidhe to him; "there is your Jussac thrust paid for. There stillremains that of Bernajoux, but you must not be too confident."As to the rest, M. de Treville had good reason to mistrust thecardinal and to think that all was not over, for scarcely had thecaptain of the Musketeers closed the door after him, than hisEminence said to the king, "Now that we are at length byourselves, we will, if your Majesty pleases, converse seriously.Sire, Buckingham has been in Paris five days, and only left thismorning."
6.  The two young men bowed and separated, Aramis ascending thestreet which led to the Luxembourg, while D'Artagnan, perceivingthe appointed hour was approaching, took the road to theCarmes-Deschaux, saying to himself, "Decidedly I can't draw back;but at least, if I am killed, I shall be killed by a Musketeer."


1.  "I must go thither tonight?"
2.  "But," said Porthos, "I think I have an idea, in my turn.""Silence for Monsieur Porthos's idea!" said Aramis."I will ask leave of absence of Monsieur de Treville, onsome pretext or other which you must invent; I am not veryclever at pretexts. Milady does not know me; I will getaccess to her without her suspecting me, and when I catch mybeauty, I will strangle her."
3.  La Rochelle, which had derived a new importance from theruin of the other Calvinist cities, was, then, the focus ofdissensions and ambition. Moreover, its port was the lastin the kingdom of France open to the English, and by closingit against England, our eternal enemy, the cardinalcompleted the work of Joan of Arc and the Duc de Guise.Thus Bassompierre, who was at once Protestant and Catholic--Protestant by conviction and Catholic as commander of theorder of the Holy Ghost; Bassompierre, who was a German bybirth and a Frenchman at heart--in short, Bassompierre, whohad a distinguished command at the siege of La Rochelle,said, in charging at the head of several other Protestantnobles like himself, "You will see, gentlemen, that we shallbe fools enough to take La Rochelle."
4.  "What does this mean, Monsieur Cardinal?" asked the king in asevere tone.
5.   "There," said the young man, handing Kitty the lettersealed; "give that to Milady. It is the count's reply."Poor Kitty became as pale as death; she suspected what theletter contained.
6.  Buckingham pressed his lips passionately to that beautiful hand,and then rising, said, "Within six months, if I am not dead, Ishall have seen you again, madame--even if I have to overturn theworld." And faithful to the promise he had made, he rushed outof the apartment.


1.  "Come, how shall we decide?" said the king.
2.  "you are mistaken; I rode him nearly ten leagues in less than anhour and a half, and he appeared no more distressed than if hehad only made the tour of the Place St. Sulpice.""Ah, you begin to awaken my regret."
4、  "Fortunately, she is far off," said Porthos, "for I confessshe would worry me if she were here."
5、  "Do you know me, madame?" said he.




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      A light appeared under the door; this light announced thereappearance of her jailers. Milady, who had arisen, threwherself quickly into the armchair, her head thrown back, herbeautiful hair unbound and disheveled, her bosom half barebeneath her crumpled lace, one hand on her heart, and the otherhanging down.

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      "Then, put me to the proof."

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       Grimaud obeyed without replying. An instant afterward, thewhite flag was floating over the heads of the four friends.A thunder of applause saluted its appearance; half the campwas at the barrier.

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      "Ah, ah!" said Athos. "This clever person is your relative,then?"

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    {  "My faith! I don't much about it," said Athos. "AskD'Artagnan."

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      "Listen, my dear girl," said D'Artagnan; "you cannot butperceive that all this must end, some way or other. Miladymay discover that you gave the first billet to my lackeyinstead of to the count's; that it is I who have opened theothers which ought to have been opened by De Wardes. Miladywill then turn you out of doors, and you know she is not thewoman to limit her vengeance. "Alas!" said Kitty, "for whomhave I exposed myself to all that?"}

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      M. de Treville was at the moment in rather ill-humor,nevertheless he saluted the young man politely, who bowed to thevery ground; and he smiled on receiving D'Artagnan's response,the Bearnese accent of which recalled to him at the same timehis youth and his country--a double remembrance which makes a mansmile at all ages; but stepping toward the antechamber and makinga sign to D'Artagnan with his hand, as if to ask his permissionto finish with others before he began with him, he called threetimes, with a louder voice at each time, so that he ran throughthe intervening tones between the imperative accent and the angryaccent.

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      "With whom is he, then?"

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       "Is yours."

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    {  "Possibly," continued Aramis, "came toward me, accompanied byfive or six men who followed about ten paces behind him; and inthe politest tone, 'Monsieur Duke,' said he to me, 'and youmadame,' continued he, addressing the lady on my arm--""The doctor's niece?"

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      The one was a little billet, genteelly folded, with a prettyseal in green wax on which was impressed a dove bearing agreen branch.