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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  The following morning, with the banker's usual punctuality,the eighty thousand francs were placed in the young man'shands as he was on the point of starting, after having lefttwo hundred francs for Caderousse. He went out chiefly toavoid this dangerous enemy, and returned as late as possiblein the evening. But scarcely had be stepped out of hiscarriage when the porter met him with a parcel in his hand."Sir," said he, "that man has been here."
3.  "Is that what you wish for?" said Barrois.
4.  "Just as they were sitting down to table, M. de Monte Cristoarrived. He took his seat amongst them; they played, and Iwon. I am almost ashamed to say that my gains amounted to5,000 francs. We separated at midnight. I could not defer mypleasure, so I took a cabriolet and drove to the horsedealer's. Feverish and excited, I rang at the door. Theperson who opened it must have taken me for a madman, for Irushed at once to the stable. Medeah was standing at therack, eating his hay. I immediately put on the saddle andbridle, to which operation he lent himself with the bestgrace possible; then, putting the 4,500 francs into thehands of the astonished dealer, I proceeded to fulfil myintention of passing the night in riding in the ChampsElysees. As I rode by the count's house I perceived a lightin one of the windows, and fancied I saw the shadow of hisfigure moving behind the curtain. Now, Valentine, I firmlybelieve that he knew of my wish to possess this horse, andthat he lost expressly to give me the means of procuringhim."
5.  "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"
6.  Dantes was tossed about on these doubts and wishes, when thepatron, who had great confidence in him, and was verydesirous of retaining him in his service, took him by thearm one evening and led him to a tavern on the Via del'Oglio, where the leading smugglers of Leghorn used tocongregate and discuss affairs connected with their trade.Already Dantes had visited this maritime Bourse two or threetimes, and seeing all these hardy free-traders, who suppliedthe whole coast for nearly two hundred leagues in extent, hehad asked himself what power might not that man attain whoshould give the impulse of his will to all these contraryand diverging minds. This time it was a great matter thatwas under discussion, connected with a vessel laden withTurkey carpets, stuffs of the Levant, and cashmeres. It wasnecessary to find some neutral ground on which an exchangecould be made, and then to try and land these goods on thecoast of France. If the venture was successful the profitwould be enormous, there would be a gain of fifty or sixtypiastres each for the crew.


1.  "I know it, sir; the servants who fled from the houseinformed me. I also know that her name is Valentine, and Ihave already prayed for her."
2.  "Let all be forgotten as a sorrowful dream," said Beauchamp;"let it vanish as the last sparks from the blackened paper,and disappear as the smoke from those silent ashes."
3.  "`Never despair of anything,' says the proverb."
4.  "My dear M. Debray," said the banker, "do not kill yourselfto-night listening to the follies of Madame Danglars, foryou can hear them as well to-morrow; but I claim to-nightand will devote it, if you will allow me, to talk over someserious matters with my wife." This time the blow was sowell aimed, and hit so directly, that Lucien and thebaroness were staggered, and they interrogated each otherwith their eyes, as if to seek help against this aggression,but the irresistible will of the master of the houseprevailed, and the husband was victorious.
5.  "Then tell me, Haidee, do you believe you shall be able toaccustom yourself to our present mode of life?"
6.  "What?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  "Ah, see there, now!" said Caderousse; "and I did notrecognize them! Hallo, Dantes! hello, lovely damsel! Comethis way, and let us know when the wedding is to be, forFernand here is so obstinate he will not tell us."
2.  "Ah, true," observed Monte Cristo; "I recollect now. I readthe advertisement in one of the papers, and was tempted bythe false title, `a country house.'"
3.  "I have ten left," said the man, "for here are eleven, and Ihad twenty-one, five more than last year. But I am notsurprised; the spring has been warm this year, andstrawberries require heat, sir. This is the reason that,instead of the sixteen I had last year, I have this year,you see, eleven, already plucked -- twelve, thirteen,fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Ah, I missthree, they were here last night, sir -- I am sure they werehere -- I counted them. It must be the Mere Simon's son whohas stolen them; I saw him strolling about here thismorning. Ah, the young rascal -- stealing in a garden -- hedoes not know where that may lead him to."
4.  "Will they never bring that emetic?" asked the doctor.
5.   "I will try; but don't touch me."
6.  "Oh, sire," exclaimed the Duc de Blacas, "M. Dandre is not aman to be accused of treason! Sire, we have all been blind,and the minister of police has shared the general blindness,that is all."


1.  Caderousse, then, was, as usual, at his place of observationbefore the door, his eyes glancing listlessly from a pieceof closely shaven grass -- on which some fowls wereindustriously, though fruitlessly, endeavoring to turn upsome grain or insect suited to their palate -- to thedeserted road, which led away to the north and south, whenhe was aroused by the shrill voice of his wife, andgrumbling to himself as he went, he mounted to her chamber,first taking care, however, to set the entrance door wideopen, as an invitation to any chance traveller who might bepassing.
2.  "Nay, madame. This time I have merely come from Cadiz."
3.  "What is it?"
4、  Noirtier was prepared to receive them, dressed in black, andinstalled in his arm-chair. When the three persons heexpected had entered, he looked at the door, which his valetimmediately closed.
5、  "What have you discovered?" asked Morrel.




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      "Not so bad," said Beauchamp; "still, I assure you, hepassed very well with many people; I saw him at theministers' houses."

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      "Not a word."

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       "Grenoble and Lyons are faithful cities, and will oppose tohim an impassable barrier."

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      "I must calculate our chances; I will give you the signal."

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    {  "No, I have never seen him."

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      "Ah," said Monte Cristo "it seems to me this was nothing butmurder and robbery."}

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      "A stepmother is never a mother, sir. But this is not to thepurpose, -- our business concerns Valentine, let us leavethe dead in peace."

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      "Why so!"

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       "I never returned to the country where she lived."

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    {  "And why should he not have this?" asked the owner; "he isyoung, it is true, but he seems to me a thorough seaman, andof full experience."

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      "Yes," said Jacopo, "and without any hesitation."