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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The captain gave his orders, the helm was put up, and theboat was soon sailing in the direction of the island. Franzwaited until all was in order, and when the sail was filled,and the four sailors had taken their places -- threeforward, and one at the helm -- he resumed the conversation."Gaetano," said he to the captain, "you tell me Monte Cristoserves as a refuge for pirates, who are, it seems to me, avery different kind of game from the goats."
2.  "So rich, dear sir, that your fortune resembles thepyramids; if you wished to demolish them you could not, andif it were possible, you would not dare!" Danglars smiled atthe good-natured pleasantry of the count. "That reminds me,"he said, "that when you entered I was on the point ofsigning five little bonds; I have already signed two: willyou allow me to do the same to the others?"
3.  "Yes, look at yourself in that glass; you have turned paleand then red successively, three or four times in oneminute."
4.  "They sought even more thoroughly than the august heirs haddone, but it was fruitless. There were two palaces and avineyard behind the Palatine Hill; but in these days landedproperty had not much value, and the two palaces and thevineyard remained to the family since they were beneath therapacity of the pope and his son. Months and years rolledon. Alexander VI. died, poisoned, -- you know by whatmistake. Caesar, poisoned at the same time, escaped byshedding his skin like a snake; but the new skin was spottedby the poison till it looked like a tiger's. Then, compelledto quit Rome, he went and got himself obscurely killed in anight skirmish, scarcely noticed in history. After thepope's death and his son's exile, it was supposed that theSpada family would resume the splendid position they hadheld before the cardinal's time; but this was not the case.The Spadas remained in doubtful ease, a mystery hung overthis dark affair, and the public rumor was, that Caesar, abetter politician than his father, had carried off from thepope the fortune of the two cardinals. I say the two,because Cardinal Rospigliosi, who had not taken anyprecaution, was completely despoiled.
5.  "Then I shall really have them?"
6.  "I should think we did know it," exclaimed Albert, "since itis owing to that circumstance that we are packed into thesesmall rooms, like two poor students in the back streets ofParis."


1.  Monte Cristo noticed the general astonishment, and beganlaughing and joking about it. "Gentlemen," he said, "youwill admit that, when arrived at a certain degree offortune, the superfluities of life are all that can bedesired; and the ladies will allow that, after having risento a certain eminence of position, the ideal alone can bemore exalted. Now, to follow out this reasoning, what is themarvellous? -- that which we do not understand. What is itthat we really desire? -- that which we cannot obtain. Now,to see things which I cannot understand, to procureimpossibilities, these are the study of my life. I gratifymy wishes by two means -- my will and my money. I take asmuch interest in the pursuit of some whim as you do, M.Danglars, in promoting a new railway line; you, M. deVillefort, in condemning a culprit to death; you, M. Debray,in pacifying a kingdom; you, M. de Chateau-Renaud, inpleasing a woman; and you, Morrel, in breaking a horse thatno one can ride. For example, you see these two fish; onebrought fifty leagues beyond St. Petersburg, the other fiveleagues from Naples. Is it not amusing to see them both onthe same table?"
2.  "My mother begs you to come."
3.  "I fear I shall not have that honor."
4.  "Do not take any witnesses with you when you go to Beauchamp-- visit him alone."
5.  "Yes; I will mention one to you. He had a remarkably finegarden, full of vegetables, flowers, and fruit. From amongstthese vegetables he selected the most simple -- a cabbage,for instance. For three days he watered this cabbage with adistillation of arsenic; on the third, the cabbage began todroop and turn yellow. At that moment he cut it. In the eyesof everybody it seemed fit for table, and preserved itswholesome appearance. It was only poisoned to the AbbeAdelmonte. He then took the cabbage to the room where he hadrabbits -- for the Abbe Adelmonte had a collection ofrabbits, cats, and guinea-pigs, fully as fine as hiscollection of vegetables, flowers, and fruit. Well, the AbbeAdelmonte took a rabbit, and made it eat a leaf of thecabbage. The rabbit died. What magistrate would find, oreven venture to insinuate, anything against this? Whatprocureur has ever ventured to draw up an accusation againstM. Magendie or M. Flourens, in consequence of the rabbits,cats, and guinea-pigs they have killed? -- not one. So,then, the rabbit dies, and justice takes no notice. Thisrabbit dead, the Abbe Adelmonte has its entrails taken outby his cook and thrown on the dunghill; on this dunghill isa hen, who, pecking these intestines, is in her turn takenill, and dies next day. At the moment when she is strugglingin the convulsions of death, a vulture is flying by (thereare a good many vultures in Adelmonte's country); this birddarts on the dead fowl, and carries it away to a rock, whereit dines off its prey. Three days afterwards, this poorvulture, which has been very much indisposed since thatdinner, suddenly feels very giddy while flying aloft in theclouds, and falls heavily into a fish-pond. The pike, eels,and carp eat greedily always, as everybody knows -- well,they feast on the vulture. Now suppose that next day, one ofthese eels, or pike, or carp, poisoned at the fourth remove,is served up at your table. Well, then, your guest will bepoisoned at the fifth remove, and die, at the end of eightor ten days, of pains in the intestines, sickness, orabscess of the pylorus. The doctors open the body and saywith an air of profound learning, `The subject his died of atumor on the liver, or of typhoid fever!'"
6.  "I only suppose so. What else can a strapping chap oftwenty-one mean with a fine wench of seventeen?"


1.  "The 28th of February, 1815, at half-past two in theafternoon."
2.  "A most dangerous conspirator, a man we are ordered to keepthe most strict watch over, as he is daring and resolute."
3.  "So rich, dear sir, that your fortune resembles thepyramids; if you wished to demolish them you could not, andif it were possible, you would not dare!" Danglars smiled atthe good-natured pleasantry of the count. "That reminds me,"he said, "that when you entered I was on the point ofsigning five little bonds; I have already signed two: willyou allow me to do the same to the others?"
4.  Chapter 53Robert le Diable.
5.   "`See here,' exclaimed Caderousse. `You cannot think ofgoing out in such weather as this.' -- `Oh, I am not afraidof thunder,' said the jeweller. -- `And then there arerobbers,' said La Carconte. `The road is never very safeduring fair time.' -- `Oh, as to the robbers,' said Joannes,`here is something for them,' and he drew from his pocket apair of small pistols, loaded to the muzzle. `Here,' saidhe, `are dogs who bark and bite at the same time, they arefor the two first who shall have a longing for your diamond,Friend Caderousse.'
6.  "I did not like to say so," answered Dantes, smiling.


1.  "Oh," said Andrea, "my father's old servant. Well, you gavehim the two hundred francs I had left for him?"
2.  "One only?"
3.  "Have we come to any?"
4、  "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.
5、  "But if any one should come here" --




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      "But what shall you do with him?"

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      "Of course."

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       "It was not I who made that promise," cried Morcerf; "itmust have been some one else whom you have rescued in thesame manner, and whom you have forgotten. Pray speak of it,for I shall not only, I trust, relate the little I do know,but also a great deal I do not know."

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      "Oh, Valentine, he asks if I love him. Valentine, tell himif you love Maximilian." The count felt his heart dilate andthrob; he opened his arms, and Haidee, uttering a cry,sprang into them. "Oh, yes," she cried, "I do love you! Ilove you as one loves a father, brother, husband! I love youas my life, for you are the best, the noblest of createdbeings!"

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    {  "I knew his father, M. Zaccone."

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      Chapter 95Father and Daughter.}

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      Such was the conversation in almost all the carriages; thesetwo sudden deaths, so quickly following each other,astonished every one, but no one suspected the terriblesecret which M. d'Avrigny had communicated, in his nocturnalwalk to M. de Villefort. They arrived in about an hour atthe cemetery; the weather was mild, but dull, and in harmonywith the funeral ceremony. Among the groups which flockedtowards the family vault, Chateau-Renaud recognized Morrel,who had come alone in a cabriolet, and walked silently alongthe path bordered with yew-trees. "You here?" saidChateau-Renaud, passing his arms through the youngcaptain's; "are you a friend of Villefort's? How is it thatI have never met you at his house?"

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      "Listen to me, Franz," said Albert; "I am glad that theoccasion has presented itself for saying this to you, for Ihave noticed how cold you are in your bearing towards thecount, while he, on the other hand, has always been courtesyitself to us. Have you anything particular against him?"

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       "Albert will tell you," replied the count "that I gave himthe same advice. Look," added he. "I am finishing the mostexecrable morning's work."

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    {  "What did he say?"

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      "No, lest on the first demonstration I make in favor ofMehemet Ali, the Sultan send me the bowstring, and make mysecretaries strangle me."