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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes. Did not the messenger say your father's safetydepended upon it?"
2.  "Yes, but to be captain one must do a little flattery toone's patrons."
3.  "In the hour of rest, between noon and one o'clock" --
4.  Cocles opened the gate, and Baptistin, springing from thebox, inquired whether Monsieur and Madame Herbault andMonsieur Maximilian Morrel would see his excellency theCount of Monte Cristo. "The Count of Monte Cristo?" criedMorrel, throwing away his cigar and hastening to thecarriage; "I should think we would see him. Ah, a thousandthanks, count, for not having forgotten your promise." Andthe young officer shook the count's hand so warmly, thatMonte Cristo could not be mistaken as to the sincerity ofhis joy, and he saw that he had been expected withimpatience, and was received with pleasure. "Come, come,"said Maximilian, "I will serve as your guide; such a man asyou are ought not to be introduced by a servant. My sisteris in the garden plucking the dead roses; my brother isreading his two papers, the Presse and the Debats, withinsix steps of her; for wherever you see Madame Herbault, youhave only to look within a circle of four yards and you willfind M. Emmanuel, and `reciprocally,' as they say at thePolytechnic School." At the sound of their steps a youngwoman of twenty to five and twenty, dressed in a silkmorning gown, and busily engaged in plucking the dead leavesoff a noisette rose-tree, raised her head. This was Julie,who had become, as the clerk of the house of Thomson &French had predicted, Madame Emmanuel Herbault. She uttereda cry of surprise at the sight of a stranger, and Maximilianbegan to laugh. "Don't disturb yourself, Julie," said he."The count has only been two or three days in Paris, but healready knows what a fashionable woman of the Marais is, andif he does not, you will show him."
5.  "So that now, if there were anything to inherit from him,they may do so with easy conscience. He is dead, and nomistake about it."
6.  "Come," said Madame Danglars, "leave music and compliments,and let us go and take tea."


1.  "Then," continued Chateau-Renaud, "since you have anestablishment, a steward, and a hotel in the Champs Elysees,you only want a mistress." Albert smiled. He thought of thefair Greek he had seen in the count's box at the Argentinaand Valle theatres. "I have something better than that,"said Monte Cristo; "I have a slave. You procure yourmistresses from the opera, the Vaudeville, or the Varietes;I purchased mine at Constantinople; it cost me more, but Ihave nothing to fear."
2.  "You wish to speak to me about the circumstance which hasjust happened?"
3.  "Oh, fear not," said Maximilian, stopping at a shortdistance, "I do not intend to render another man responsiblefor the rigorous fate reserved for me. Another mightthreaten to seek M. Franz, to provoke him, and to fight withhim; all that would be folly. What has M. Franz to do withit? He saw me this morning for the first time, and hasalready forgotten he has seen me. He did not even know Iexisted when it was arranged by your two families that youshould be united. I have no enmity against M. Franz, andpromise you the punishment shall not fall on him."
4.  "Go!" said the gendarmes, thrusting Dantes forward.
5.  "Very good, very good! But the wound remains and will reopenat the first loss."
6.  "In an hour."


1.  It was indeed Madame Danglars and her daughter whomValentine had seen; they had been ushered into Madame deVillefort's room, who had said she would receive them there.That is why Valentine passed through her room, which was ona level with Valentine's, and only separated from it byEdward's. The two ladies entered the drawing-room with thatsort of official stiffness which preludes a formalcommunication. Among worldly people manner is contagious.Madame de Villefort received them with equal solemnity.Valentine entered at this moment, and the formalities wereresumed. "My dear friend," said the baroness, while the twoyoung people were shaking hands, "I and Eugenie are come tobe the first to announce to you the approaching marriage ofmy daughter with Prince Cavalcanti." Danglars kept up thetitle of prince. The popular banker found that it answeredbetter than count. "Allow me to present you my sincerecongratulations," replied Madame de Villefort. "PrinceCavalcanti appears to be a young man of rare qualities."
2.  "Do you recollect in the arbor of the Hotel des Postes, atPerugia, seeing a man in a brown cloak, whom your stepmotherwas questioning upon aqua tofana? Well, ever since then, theinfernal project has been ripening in her brain."
3.  "And for pirates?"
4.  "From day to day he lived on alone, and more and moresolitary. M. Morrel and Mercedes came to see him, but hisdoor was closed; and, although I was certain he was at home,he would not make any answer. One day, when, contrary to hiscustom, he had admitted Mercedes, and the poor girl, inspite of her own grief and despair, endeavored to consolehim, he said to her, -- `Be assured, my dear daughter, he isdead; and instead of expecting him, it is he who is awaitingus; I am quite happy, for I am the oldest, and of courseshall see him first.' However well disposed a person may be,why you see we leave off after a time seeing persons who arein sorrow, they make one melancholy; and so at last oldDantes was left all to himself, and I only saw from time totime strangers go up to him and come down again with somebundle they tried to hide; but I guessed what these bundleswere, and that he sold by degrees what he had to pay for hissubsistence. At length the poor old fellow reached the endof all he had; he owed three quarters' rent, and theythreatened to turn him out; he begged for another week,which was granted to him. I know this, because the landlordcame into my apartment when he left his. For the first threedays I heard him walking about as usual, but, on the fourthI heard nothing. I then resolved to go up to him at allrisks. The door was closed, but I looked through thekeyhole, and saw him so pale and haggard, that believing himvery ill, I went and told M. Morrel and then ran on toMercedes. They both came immediately, M. Morrel bringing adoctor, and the doctor said it was inflammation of thebowels, and ordered him a limited diet. I was there, too,and I never shall forget the old man's smile at thisprescription. From that time he received all who came; hehad an excuse for not eating any more; the doctor had puthim on a diet." The abbe uttered a kind of groan. "The storyinterests you, does it not, sir?" inquired Caderousse.
5.   "Yes, I know," said Franz, "that human justice isinsufficient to console us; she can give blood in return forblood, that is all; but you must demand from her only whatit is in her power to grant."
6.  Danglars shrugged his shoulders. "Foolish creature," heexclaimed. "Women fancy they have talent because they havemanaged two or three intrigues without being the talk ofParis! But know that if you had even hidden yourirregularities from your husband, who has but thecommencement of the art -- for generally husbands will notsee -- you would then have been but a faint imitation ofmost of your friends among the women of the world. But ithas not been so with me, -- I see, and always have seen,during the last sixteen years. You may, perhaps, have hiddena thought; but not a step, not an action, not a fault, hasescaped me, while you flattered yourself upon your address,and firmly believed you had deceived me. What has been theresult? -- that, thanks to my pretended ignorance, there isnone of your friends, from M. de Villefort to M. Debray, whohas not trembled before me. There is not one who has nottreated me as the master of the house, -- the only title Idesire with respect to you; there is not one, in fact, whowould have dared to speak of me as I have spoken of themthis day. I will allow you to make me hateful, but I willprevent your rendering me ridiculous, and, above all, Iforbid you to ruin me."


1.  "So that," said the abbe, with a bitter smile, "that makeseighteen months in all. What more could the most devotedlover desire?" Then he murmured the words of the Englishpoet, "`Frailty, thy name is woman.'"
2.  "What is the matter, sir?" asked Monte Cristo, advancing tomeet the commissioner.
3.  "Thank you, no, sir "
4、  The total amount was found to be as M. Noirtier had stated."It is all as he has said; it is very evident that the mindstill retains its full force and vigor." Then, turningtowards the paralytic, he said, "You possess, then, 900,000francs of capital, which, according to the manner in whichyou have invested it, ought to bring in an income of about40,000 livres?"
5、  "Poor devil! -- and he is dead?"




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      "No, no," continued Danglars; "if we resolve on such a step,it would be much better to take, as I now do, this pen, dipit into this ink, and write with the left hand (that thewriting may not be recognized) the denunciation we propose."And Danglars, uniting practice with theory, wrote with hisleft hand, and in a writing reversed from his usual style,and totally unlike it, the following lines, which he handedto Fernand, and which Fernand read in an undertone: --

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      "We have no masks, and it is absolutely necessary to procurethem."

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       "Disappeared," said Caderousse, "yes, as the sun disappears,to rise the next day with still more splendor."

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      Villefort fell on his knees. "Listen," said he; "I have notthe strength of mind you have, or rather that which youwould not have, if instead of my daughter Valentine yourdaughter Madeleine were concerned." The doctor turned pale."Doctor, every son of woman is born to suffer and to die; Iam content to suffer and to await death."

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    {  "Now go," returned Franz, "or I shall go myself and bargainwith your affettatore, who is mine also; he is an old friendof mine, who has plundered me pretty well already, and, inthe hope of making more out of me, he will take a less pricethan the one I offer you; you will lose the preference, andthat will be your fault."

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      She loved Villefort, and he left her at the moment he wasabout to become her husband. Villefort knew not when heshould return, and Renee, far from pleading for Dantes,hated the man whose crime separated her from her lover.}

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      "Yes," said Monte Cristo "you were a major; that is thetitle the French give to the post which you filled inItaly."

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      "You will describe it to me," replied Franz, "and therecital from your lips will make as great an impression onme as if I had witnessed it. I have more than once intendedwitnessing an execution, but I have never been able to makeup my mind; and you, Albert?"

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       "But you say you do not wish to kill me?"

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    {  "There are few ports that I could not enter or leave with abandage over my eyes."

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      "Who told you we were intimate, Maximilian?"