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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "From you?"
2.  "No matter! I could never agree to it."
3.  "Yes, a telegraph. I had often seen one placed at the end ofa road on a hillock, and in the light of the sun its blackarms, bending in every direction, always reminded me of theclaws of an immense beetle, and I assure you it was neverwithout emotion that I gazed on it, for I could not helpthinking how wonderful it was that these various signsshould be made to cleave the air with such precision as toconvey to the distance of three hundred leagues the ideasand wishes of a man sitting at a table at one end of theline to another man similarly placed at the oppositeextremity, and all this effected by a simple act of volitionon the part of the sender of the message. I began to thinkof genii, sylphs, gnomes, in short, of all the ministers ofthe occult sciences, until I laughed aloud at the freaks ofmy own imagination. Now, it never occurred to me to wish fora nearer inspection of these large insects, with their longblack claws, for I always feared to find under their stonewings some little human genius fagged to death with cabals,factions, and government intrigues. But one fine day Ilearned that the mover of this telegraph was only a poorwretch, hired for twelve hundred francs a year, and employedall day, not in studying the heavens like an astronomer, orin gazing on the water like an angler, or even in enjoyingthe privilege of observing the country around him, but allhis monotonous life was passed in watching hiswhite-bellied, black-clawed fellow insect, four or fiveleagues distant from him. At length I felt a desire to studythis living chrysalis more closely, and to endeavor tounderstand the secret part played by these insect-actorswhen they occupy themselves simply with pulling differentpieces of string."
4.  "For France?"
5.  "And he told you nothing?"
6.  "Do you think so?"


1.  Franz and Albert descended, the carriage approached thepalace; their excellencies stretched their legs along theseats; the cicerone sprang into the seat behind. "Where doyour excellencics wish to go?" asked he.
2.  "Did you fear that we should forget it?"
3.  "I don't want anybody else to talk to me. My father said Iwas his `joy' -- you style me your `love,' -- and both ofyou have called me `my child.'"
4.  "I may go where I please."
5.  Fernand wiped away the perspiration steaming from his brow,and slowly entered the arbor, whose shade seemed to restoresomewhat of calmness to his senses, and whose coolnesssomewhat of refreshment to his exhausted body.
6.  "Sire, the duke is right, and I believe your majesty willthink it equally important."


1.  "But, my dear count," said Albert, "we shall abuse yourkindness."
2.  "And that one, if I mistake not, a lamprey."
3.  "In that case," said Andrea, "everything is all right,excepting your refusal, which quite grieves me."
4.  Dantes dug away the earth carefully, and detected, orfancied he detected, the ingenious artifice. He attackedthis wall, cemented by the hand of time, with his pickaxe.After ten minutes' labor the wall gave way, and a hole largeenough to insert the arm was opened. Dantes went and cut thestrongest olive-tree he could find, stripped off itsbranches, inserted it in the hole, and used it as a lever.But the rock was too heavy, and too firmly wedged, to bemoved by any one man, were he Hercules himself. Dantes sawthat he must attack the wedge. But how? He cast his eyesaround, and saw the horn full of powder which his friendJacopo had left him. He smiled; the infernal invention wouldserve him for this purpose. With the aid of his pickaxe,Dantes, after the manner of a labor-saving pioneer, dug amine between the upper rock and the one that supported it,filled it with powder, then made a match by rolling hishandkerchief in saltpetre. He lighted it and retired. Theexplosion soon followed; the upper rock was lifted from itsbase by the terrific force of the powder; the lower one flewinto pieces; thousands of insects escaped from the apertureDantes had previously formed, and a huge snake, like theguardian demon of the treasure, rolled himself along indarkening coils, and disappeared.
5.   "Well, in one of your late conversations with him, you saidthat I appeared to be forgetful and irresolute concerningthis marriage, did you not?"
6.  "With Beauchamp."


1.  "The mother retires into the country, and the son enters thearmy."
2.  "Oh, I am done with considering! I am tired of hearing onlyof market reports, of the end of the month, of the rise andfall of Spanish funds, of Haitian bonds. Instead of that,Louise -- do you understand? -- air, liberty, melody ofbirds, plains of Lombardy, Venetian canals, Roman palaces,the Bay of Naples. How much have we, Louise?" The young girlto whom this question was addressed drew from an inlaidsecretary a small portfolio with a lock, in which shecounted twenty-three bank-notes.
3.  The following day Dantes presented Jacopo with an entirelynew vessel, accompanying the gift by a donation of onehundred piastres, that he might provide himself with asuitable crew and other requisites for his outfit, uponcondition that he would go at once to Marseilles for thepurpose of inquiring after an old man named Louis Dantes,residing in the Allees de Meillan, and also a young womancalled Mercedes, an inhabitant of the Catalan village.Jacopo could scarcely believe his senses at receiving thismagnificent present, which Dantes hastened to account for bysaying that he had merely been a sailor from whim and adesire to spite his family, who did not allow him as muchmoney as he liked to spend; but that on his arrival atLeghorn he had come into possession of a large fortune, lefthim by an uncle, whose sole heir he was. The superioreducation of Dantes gave an air of such extreme probabilityto this statement that it never once occurred to Jacopo todoubt its accuracy. The term for which Edmond had engaged toserve on board The Young Amelia having expired, Dantes tookleave of the captain, who at first tried all his powers ofpersuasion to induce him to remain as one of the crew, buthaving been told the history of the legacy, he ceased toimportune him further. The following morning Jacopo set sailfor Marseilles, with directions from Dantes to join him atthe Island of Monte Cristo.
4、  Villefort pronounced these last words with a feverish rage,which gave a ferocious eloquence to his words.
5、  The wall of which he spoke was the one in which was fixedthe loophole by which light was admitted to the chamber.This loophole, which gradually diminished in size as itapproached the outside, to an opening through which a childcould not have passed, was, for better security, furnishedwith three iron bars, so as to quiet all apprehensions evenin the mind of the most suspicious jailer as to thepossibility of a prisoner's escape. As the stranger askedthe question, he dragged the table beneath the window.




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      "Yes, we will wait," replied Valentine, who revived at thesewords; "there are so many things which may save unhappybeings such as we are."

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      "A pretty silence truly!" said the old father of thebride-groom, as he carried to his lips a glass of wine ofthe hue and brightness of the topaz, and which had just beenplaced before Mercedes herself. "Now, would anybody thinkthat this room contained a happy, merry party, who desirenothing better than to laugh and dance the hours away?"

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       "How do I know? Is it my affair? I am not in love withMademoiselle Mercedes; but for you -- in the words of thegospel, seek, and you shall find."

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      "And it was Peppino you saved, was it not?" cried Morcerf;"it was for him that you obtained pardon?"

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    {  "And when is he to be married?"

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      The sweat started forth on Dantes brow. Until this day andfor how long a time! -- he had refrained from talking of thetreasure, which had brought upon the abbe the accusation ofmadness. With his instinctive delicacy Edmond had preferredavoiding any touch on this painful chord, and Faria had beenequally silent. He had taken the silence of the old man fora return to reason; and now these few words uttered byFaria, after so painful a crisis, seemed to indicate aserious relapse into mental alienation.

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      "Oh, real enough, from anxiety doubtless, -- at any ratethey postponed the matter for two months. There is no hurry,you know. I am not yet twenty-one, and Eugenie is onlyseventeen; but the two months expire next week. It must bedone. My dear count, you cannot imagine now my mind isharassed. How happy you are in being exempt from all this!"

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       "Our civil dissensions are now happily extinguished,mother," said Villefort; "M. d'Epinay was quite a child whenhis father died, he knows very little of M. Noirtier, andwill meet him, if not with pleasure, at least withindifference."

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    {  "I worked at night also," replied Faria.

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      "You know, mother, M. de Monte Cristo is almost an Oriental,and it is customary with the Orientals to secure fullliberty for revenge by not eating or drinking in the housesof their enemies."