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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  An hour afterwards, Sherlock Holmes, in his usual garb and style,was seated in my private room at the hotel. His explanation of hissudden and opportune appearance was simplicity itself, for, findingthat he could get away from London, he determined to head me off atthe next obvious point of my travels. In the disguise of aworkingman he had sat in the cabaret waiting for my appearance."And a singularly consistent investigation you have made, my dearWatson," said he. "I cannot at the moment recall any possibleblunder which you have omitted. The total effect of your proceedinghas been to give the alarm everywhere and yet to discover nothing.""Perhaps you would have done no better," I answered bitterly."There is no 'perhaps' about it. I have done better. Here is theHon. Philip Green, who is a fellow-lodger with you in this hotel,and we may find him the starting-point for a more successfulinvestigation."
2.  "She was next of kin, no doubt, and you were aware that the oldfellow would make no will."
3.  "I think that we may safely say," returned Holmes, "that she iswherever Sir George Burnwell is. It is equally certain, too, thatwhatever her sins are, they will soon receive a more than sufficientpunishment."
4.  "I'm too ill to think."
5.  "What? Another one?"
6.  -THE END-


1.  "Remarkable, is it not? But consider the facts. Is it acoincidence that it is found at the very point where the train pitchesand sways as it comes round on the points? Is not that the place wherean object upon the roof might be expected to fall off? The pointswould affect no object inside the train. Either the body fell from theroof, or a very curious coincidence has occurred. But now consider thequestion of the blood. Of course, there was no bleeding on the line ifthe body had bled elsewhere. Each fact is suggestive in itself.Together they have a cumulative force."
2.  The inspector rubbed his chin and looked at me with dubious eyes."I wish I could see what was in your mind, Mr. Holmes. Perhapsit's those fishing-boats."
3.  "Then Dr. Watson and I will come round in time. For the present,Mrs. Warren, good-bye."
4.  "Without a word?"
5.  "'It was a long hour before we reached it, and at first we fearedthat we had come too late to save anyone. A splintered boat and anumber of crates and fragments of spars rising and falling on thewaves showed us where the vessel had foundered; but there was nosign of life, and we had turned away in despair, when we heard a cryfor help and saw at some distance a piece of wreckage with a man lyingstretched across it. When we pulled him aboard the boat he proved tobe a young seaman of the name of Hudson, who was so burned andexhausted that he could give us no account of what had happeneduntil the following morning.
6.  "My Jacky!"


1.  "Well, gentlemen," he asked, "what can I do for you?"
2.  "Highly honoured, sir, I am sure."
3.  "And you might add of the attempted murder of one SherlockHolmes," remarked my friend with a chuckle. "To save an invalidtrouble, Inspector, Mr. Culverton Smith was good enough to give oursignal by turning up the gas. By the way, the prisoner has a small boxin the right-hand pocket of his coat which it would be as well toremove. Thank you. I would handle it gingerly if I were you. Put itdown here. It may play its part in the trial."
4.  "Look here, Holmes, this is simply impossible. This is a desperateman, who sticks at nothing. He may have come to murder you."I should not be surprised."
5.   "Good gracious, Mr. Holmes, do you mean to tell me that, all thetime I was talking to Bannister in this room, we had the manprisoner if we had only known it?"
6.  "Yes, I am all that, Mr. Holmes; and, in addition, I am the mostunfortunate man at this moment in London. For heaven's sake, don'tabandon me, Mr. Holmes! If they come to arrest me before I havefinished my story, make them give me time, so that I may tell youthe whole truth. I could go to jail happy if I knew that you wereworking for me outside."


1.  We had hardly alighted at North Walsham, and mentioned the name ofour destination, when the stationmaster hurried towards us. "I supposethat you are the detectives from London?" said he.
2.  "Come in, Sherlock! Come in, sir," said he blandly, smiling at oursurprised faces. "You don't expect such energy from me, do you,Sherlock? But somehow this can attracts me."
3.  "Suddenly, as she spoke, I saw her white face grow whiter yet in themoonlight, and her hand tightened upon my shoulder. Something wasmoving in the shadow of the tool-house. I saw a dark, creepingfigure which crawled round the corner and squatted in front of thedoor. Seizing my pistol, I was rushing out, when my wife threw herarms round me and held me with convulsive strength. I tried to throwher off, but she clung to me most desperately. At last I got clear,but by the time I had opened the door and reached the house thecreature was gone. He had left a trace of his presence, however, forthere on the door was the very same arrangement of dancing men whichhad already twice appeared, and which I have copied on that paper.There was no other sign of the fellow anywhere, though I ran allover the grounds. And yet the amazing thing is that he must havebeen there all the time, for when I examined the door again in themorning, he had scrawled some more of his pictures under the linewhich I had already seen."
4、  It was a wild morning in October, and I observed as I was dressinghow the last remaining leaves were being whirled from the solitaryplane tree which graces the yard behind our house. I descended tobreakfast prepared to find my companion in depressed spirits, for,like all great artists, he was easily impressed by his surroundings.On the contrary, I found that he had nearly finished his meal, andthat his mood was particularly bright and joyous, with that somewhatsinister cheerfulness which was characteristic of his lighter moments."You have a case, Holmes?" I remarked.
5、  "I have inquired. They know nothing."




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      "'"I've not had my 'poIogy," said he sulkily, glancing in mydirection.

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      "Can I see her first?"

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       "Yes, sir."

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      "Well, sir, there's the box-room opposite. I could arrange alooking-glass, maybe, and if you were behind the door-""Excellent!" said Holmes. "When does he lunch?"

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    {  "Then put on your hat and come. I am going through the Cityfirst, and we can have some lunch on the way. I observe thatthere is a good deal of German music on the programme, which israther more to my taste than Italian or French. It is

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      "As he spoke we came round the curve of the avenue and saw in thefading light that every blind in the house had been drawn down. Aswe dashed up to the door, my friend's face convulsed with grief, agentleman in black emerged from it.}

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      The banker recoiled in horror. "I should not dream of trying,"said he.

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      It was quite evident that The Three Gables was under very closesurveillance, for as we came round the high hedge at the end of thelane there was the negro prize-fighter standing in the shadow. We cameon him quite suddenly, and a grim and menacing figure he looked inthat lonely place. Holmes clapped his hand to his pocket."Lookin' for your gun, Masser Holmes?"

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       "Would you do this?"

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    {  "Well, then," said Holmes with a mischievous twinkle, "I supposethat you have no objection to helping me?"

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      "I get so little active exercise that it is always a treat" said he."You are aware that I have some proficiency in the good old Britishsport of boxing. Occasionally, it is of service, to-day, forexample, I should have come to very ignominious grief without it."I begged him to tell me what had occurred.