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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Yes, sir, yes, that is Master Godfrey all over. He was alwayscourageous. There's not a tree in the park, sir, that he has notclimbed. Nothing would stop him. He was a fine boy- and oh, sir, hewas a fine man.'
2.  "You informed the police, I suppose?"
3.  "'Yes, sir,' I answered, pushing a chair towards him.
4.  "But Holmes said that he was not going to Briarbrae."
5.  "Excellent! This is far the most important of all for our purpose.It fills me with hopes. Now, Mr. Hilton Cubitt, please continue yourmost interesting statement."
6.  "It is a privilege to be associated with you in the handling of acase," said the inspector, warmly. "You will excuse me, however, ifI speak frankly to you. You are only answerable to yourself, but Ihave to answer to my superiors. If this Abe Slaney, living atElrige's, is indeed the murderer, and if he has made his escapewhile I am seated here, I should certainly get into serious trouble.""You need not be uneasy. He will not try to escape."


1.  "I think that there you ask a little too much," responded hisLordship. "I may be forced to acquiesce in these recentdevelopments, but I can hardly be expected to make merry over them.I think that with your permission I will now wish you all a verygood-night." He included us all in a sweeping bow and stalked out ofthe room.
2.  Half-past two had chimed, and it was the darkest hour which precedesthe dawn, when we all started as a low but sharp click came from thedirection of the gate. Someone had entered the drive. Again therewas a long silence, and I had begun to fear that it was a false alarm,when a stealthy step was heard upon the other side of the hut, and amoment later a metallic scraping and clinking. The man was trying toforce the lock. This time his skill was greater or his tool wasbetter, for there was a sudden snap and the creak of the hinges.Then a match was struck, and next instant the steady light from acandle filled the interior of the hut. Through the gauze curtain oureyes were all riveted upon the scene within.
3.  "No, sir. Nothing seemed to have been touched."
4.  "Well, well! What next?" said he. "Brother Mycroft is coming round.""Why not?" I asked.
5.  "There is one door from the outside. There is another which leads upby a stair to the passage in which Lady Beatrice's room is situated.""These are deep waters, Mr. Mason; deep and rather dirty. You saythat Sir Robert was not at home last night?"
6.  "No."


1.  "You didn't know this dead man, McCarthy. He was a devilincarnate. I tell you that. God keep you out of the clutches of such aman as he. His grip has been upon me these twenty years, and he hasblasted my life. I'll tell you first how I came to be in his power."It was in the early '60's at the diggings. I was a young chap then,hot-blooded and reckless, ready to turn my hand at anything; I gotamong bad companions, took to drink, had no luck with my claim, tookto the bush, and in a word became what you would call over here ahighway robber. There were six of us, and we had a wild, free lifeof it, sticking up a station from time to time, or stopping the wagonson the road to the diggings. Black Jack of Ballarat was the name Iwent under, and our party is still remembered in the colony as theBallarat Gang.
2.  "No, I am not."
3.  "The greatest and perhaps the wealthiest. I am aware, Mr. Holmes,that you take a very high line in professional matters, and that youare prepared to work for the work's sake. I may tell you, however,that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousandpounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where hisson is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men whohave taken him."
4.  "Now, Susan, wheezy people may not live long, you know. It's awicked thing to tell fibs. Whom did you tell?"
5.   "Her doctor would certify that for months her symptoms havethreatened such an end."
6.  "The man's eyes flashed fire.


1.  "Surely," answered Holmes, "it is not hard to say that a man withthat bearing, expression of authority, and sun-baked skin, is asoldier, is more than a private, and is not long from India.""That he has not left the service long is shown by his still wearinghis ammunition boots, as they are called," observed Mycroft."He had not the cavalry stride, yet he wore his hat on one side,as is shown by the lighter skin on that side of his brow. His weightis against his being a sapper. He is in the artillery.""Then, of course, his complete mourning shows that he has lostsomeone very dear. The fact that he is doing his own shopping looks asthough it were his wife. He has been buying things for children, youperceive. There is a rattle, which shows that one of them is veryyoung. The wife probably died in childbed. The fact that he has apicture-book under his arm shows that there is another child to bethought of."
2.  "Quiet, sir- a long mantle down to her feet."
3.  "Yes," said our ally, "I am Bob Carruthers, and I'll see thiswoman righted, if I have to swing for it. I told you what I'd do ifyou molested her, and, by the Lord! I'll be as good as my word.""You're too late. She's my wife."
4、  "It would strike him that in disappearing he might throw all pursuitoff his track, and at the same time have an ample and crushing revengeupon his old sweetheart, if he could give the impression that he hadbeen murdered by her only child. It was a masterpiece of villainy, andhe carried it out like a master. The idea of the will, which wouldgive an obvious motive for the crime, the secret visit unknown tohis own parents, the retention of the stick, the blood, and the animalremains and buttons in the wood-pile, all were admirable. It was a netfrom which it seemed to me, a few hours ago, that there was nopossible escape. But he had not that supreme gift of the artist, theknowledge of when to stop. He wished to improve that which was alreadyperfect- to draw the rope tighter yet round the neck of hisunfortunate victim- and so he ruined all. Let us descend, Lestrade.There are just one or two questions that I would ask him."The malignant creature was seated in his own parlour, with apoliceman upon each side of him.
5、  "We were dashing along the smooth white country road, with thelong stretch of the Broads in front of us glimmering in the redlight of the setting sun. From a grove upon our left I could alreadysee the high chimneys and the flagstaff which marked the squire'sdwelling.




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      "The letter arrived on March 10, 1883. His death was sevenweeks later, upon the night of May 2d."

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      Our client seemed horrified at the suggestion.

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       "`It would be injustice to hesitate,' said he. `You will,however, I am sure, excuse me for taking an obvious precaution.'With that he seized my hair in both his hands, and tugged until Iyelled with the pain. `There is water in your eyes,' said he ashe released me. `I perceive that all is as it should be. But wehave to be careful, for we have twice been deceived by wigs andonce by paint. I could tell you tales of cobbler's wax whichwould disgust you with human nature.' He stepped over to thewindow and shouted through it at the top of his voice that thevacancy was filled. A groan of disappointment came up from below,and the folk all trooped away in different directions until therewas not a red-head to be seen except my own and that of themanager.

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      "What is the use of asking me questions when I tell you I knownothing whatever about it?"

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    {  "Well, I don't like it, but I suppose it must be," said I. "Whendo we start?"

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      Peters, as I will now call him, started and stared hard at hisformidable pursuer. "I guess your name does not frighten me, Mr.Holmes," said he coolly. "When a man's conscience is easy you can'trattle him. What is your business in my house?"}

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      "Go on, Mr. Mason. You get more and more interesting."

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      Such was the problem which my visitor laid before me. Itpresented, as the astute reader will have already perceived, fewdifficulties in its solution, for a very limited choice ofalternatives must get to the root of the matter. Still, elementaryas it was, there were points of interest and novelty about it whichmay excuse my placing it upon record. I now proceeded, using myfamiliar method of logical analysis, to narrow down the possiblesolutions.

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       "Well, sir, when a man does one queer thing, or two queer things,there may be a meaning to it, but when everything he does is queer,then you begin to wonder. I believe Shoscombe Prince and the Derbyhave turned his brain."

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    {  Count Sylvius threw up his eyes to the ceiling. "And you talkabout bluff!" said he.

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      "'Certainly,' I answered. 'But perhaps you would have the goodnessto let me have the name of the steamer and of the line by which hesailed, together with the date. I have no doubt that I should beable to get a letter through to him.'