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捕鱼赚钱能提现的软件【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "On my word, I think you are right, Lucien," said Albertabsently.   Two soldiers were accordingly sent for, and the inspectordescended a stairway, so foul, so humid, so dark, as to beloathsome to sight, smell, and respiration.

    "I would rather die a hundred times -- oh, yes, die!"

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   "Dearest," exclaimed Valentine, with her adorable smile,"awake, and look at me!" Morrel uttered a loud exclamation,and frantic, doubtful, dazzled, as though by a celestialvision, he fell upon his knees.

   "Then it is Danglars."


    Having arrived before the Pont du Gard, the horse stopped,but whether for his own pleasure or that of his rider wouldhave been difficult to say. However that might have been,the priest, dismounting, led his steed by the bridle insearch of some place to which he could secure him. Availinghimself of a handle that projected from a half-fallen door,he tied the animal safely and having drawn a red cottonhandkerchief, from his pocket, wiped away the perspirationthat streamed from his brow, then, advancing to the door,struck thrice with the end of his iron-shod stick. At thisunusual sound, a huge black dog came rushing to meet thedaring assailant of his ordinarily tranquil abode, snarlingand displaying his sharp white teeth with a determinedhostility that abundantly proved how little he wasaccustomed to society. At that moment a heavy footstep washeard descending the wooden staircase that led from theupper floor, and, with many bows and courteous smiles, minehost of the Pont du Gard besought his guest to enter.

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   He thought a moment, cut a branch of a resinous tree,lighted it at the fire at which the smugglers had preparedtheir breakfast, and descended with this torch. He wished tosee everything. He approached the hole he had dug. and now,with the aid of the torch, saw that his pickaxe had inreality struck against iron and wood. He planted his torchin the ground and resumed his labor. In an instant a spacethree feet long by two feet broad was cleared, and Dantescould see an oaken coffer, bound with cut steel; in themiddle of the lid he saw engraved on a silver plate, whichwas still untarnished, the arms of the Spada family -- viz.,a sword, pale, on an oval shield, like all the Italianarmorial bearings, and surmounted by a cardinal's hat;Dantes easily recognized them, Faria had so often drawn themfor him. There was no longer any doubt: the treasure wasthere -- no one would have been at such pains to conceal anempty casket. In an instant he had cleared every obstacleaway, and he saw successively the lock, placed between twopadlocks, and the two handles at each end, all carved asthings were carved at that epoch, when art rendered thecommonest metals precious. Dantes seized the handles, andstrove to lift the coffer; it was impossible. He sought toopen it; lock and padlock were fastened; these faithfulguardians seemed unwilling to surrender their trust. Dantesinserted the sharp end of the pickaxe between the coffer andthe lid, and pressing with all his force on the handle,burst open the fastenings. The hinges yielded in their turnand fell, still holding in their grasp fragments of thewood, and the chest was open.

    "Your excellency," said the man, "you are fully persuaded ofmy entire devotion to you, are you not?"

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   * The Genoese conspirator.

    "M. de Monte Cristo is apprised that this night a man willenter his house in the Champs-Elysees with the intention ofcarrying off some papers supposed to be in the secretary inthe dressing-room. The count's well-known courage willrender unnecessary the aid of the police, whose interferencemight seriously affect him who sends this advice. The count,by any opening from the bedroom, or by concealing himself inthe dressing-room, would be able to defend his propertyhimself. Many attendents or apparent precautions wouldprevent the villain from the attempt, and M. de Monte Cristowould lose the opportunity of discovering an enemy whomchance has revealed to him who now sends this warning to thecount, -- a warning he might not be able to send anothertime, if this first attempt should fail and another bemade."

<  "At La Reserve! Oh, yes; I can see it all before me thismoment."   "Bah," said Caderousse, "when you have access to countlessstores." One would have said Andrea anticipated hiscompanion's words, so did his eye flash like lightning, butit was but for a moment. "True," he replied, "and myprotector is very kind."

    "Why, your excellency," returned the landlord, chuckling andrubbing his hands with infinite complacency, "I think I maytake upon myself to say I neglect nothing to deserve thesupport and patronage of the noble visitors to this poorhotel."


<  "Yes, sir; and I can even add that I have only just left hiscompany. The history which he related to me of his lost sontouched me to the quick; indeed, his griefs, hopes, andfears on that subject might furnish material for a mosttouching and pathetic poem. At length, he one day received aletter, stating that the abductors of his son now offered torestore him, or at least to give notice where he might befound, on condition of receiving a large sum of money, byway of ransom. Your father did not hesitate an instant, andthe sum was sent to the frontier of Piedmont, with apassport signed for Italy. You were in the south of France,I think?"   "I would rather die a hundred times -- oh, yes, die!"

    "Which they deserve, do they not?"





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