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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "About the same as usual," said Hurstwood, smiling genially.
2.  The effect of this was like roiling helpless waters. Carrietroubled over it in her rocking-chair for days.
3.  "Yes, sir," she said.
4.  Once he paused in an aimless, incoherent sort of way and lookedthrough the windows of an imposing restaurant, before whichblazed a fire sign, and through the large, plate windows of whichcould be seen the red and gold decorations, the palms, the whitenapery, and shining glassware, and, above all, the comfortablecrowd. Weak as his mind had become, his hunger was sharp enoughto show the importance of this. He stopped stock still, hisfrayed trousers soaking in the slush, and peered foolishly in.
5.  "What a queer town this is," said Carrie, who marvelled at itsolely because it was not like Chicago.
6.  "It's from Hurstwood," said Drouet, noting the superscription ashe tore it open.


1.  "Yes," she said, nodding her head.
2.  "I'll see her about that," he said to himself, passionately,feeling that he had been unduly wronged. "I'll find out,b'George, whether she'll act that way or not."
3.  It was the manager's duty, as well as his custom, after all weregone to see that everything was safely closed up for the night.As a rule, no money except the cash taken in after banking hourswas kept about the place, and that was locked in the safe by thecashier, who, with the owners, was joint keeper of the secretcombination, but, nevertheless, Hurstwood nightly took theprecaution to try the cash drawers and the safe in order to seethat they were tightly closed. Then he would lock his own littleoffice and set the proper light burning near the safe, afterwhich he would take his departure.
4.  "I don't know about that," she answered.Eventually she took off the ballroom episode with considerablefeeling, forgetting, as she got deeper in the scene, all aboutDrouet, and letting herself rise to a fine state of feeling.
5.  On coming down from his room at six, he looked carefully about tosee if Drouet was present and then went out to lunch. He couldscarcely eat, however, he was so anxious to be about his errand.Before starting he thought it well to discover where Drouet wouldbe, and returned to his hotel.
6.  "Lord," he said, hastening out of the street into which the morefortunate were pouring, "I've got to get something."


1.  "That's the way," he thought. "She's getting a start now. I'mout of it."
2.  "I came out here to-day," he went on, solemnly, "to tell you justhow I feel--to see if you wouldn't listen to me."
3.  To recover herself she went into the front room while hesearched. Presently she returned. He had a pencil, and waswriting upon an envelope.
4.  They ran the car to the end and both got off. Hurstwood wentinto the barn and sought a car step, pulling out his paper-wrapped lunch from his pocket. There was no water and the breadwas dry, but he enjoyed it. There was no ceremony about dining.He swallowed and looked about, contemplating the dull, homelylabour of the thing. It was disagreeable--miserablydisagreeable--in all its phases. Not because it was bitter, butbecause it was hard. It would be hard to any one, he thought.
5.   "Out for a little stroll, are you, this evening?"
6.  "Well," he said in answer, "we'd be glad to consider yourapplication. We shan't decide for a few days yet. Suppose yousend us your references."


1.  "Look out, Kitty," called another, "you'll jar your back hair."
2.  "I see," said this individual, who wore sporting clothes of themost attractive pattern, and had a field-glass strung over hisshoulder, "that you did not get over to our little entertainmentlast evening."
3.  "Isn't it fine?" said Carrie.
4、  Sitting in the lodging-house room, he came to his last fiftycents. He had saved and counted until his health was affected.His stoutness had gone. With it, even the semblance of a fit inhis clothes. Now he decided he must do something, and, walkingabout, saw another day go by, bringing him down to his lasttwenty cents--not enough to eat for the morrow.
5、  She made no answer, but he felt his victory.




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      He little knew as he went out of the door that night what asecret flame he had kindled in the bosom of the girl he leftbehind. Carrie was possessed of that sympathetic, impressionablenature which, ever in the most developed form, has been the gloryof the drama. She was created with that passivity of soul whichis always the mirror of the active world. She possessed aninnate taste for imitation and no small ability. Even withoutpractice, she could sometimes restore dramatic situations she hadwitnessed by re-creating, before her mirror, the expressions ofthe various faces taking part in the scene. She loved tomodulate her voice after the conventional manner of thedistressed heroine, and repeat such pathetic fragments asappealed most to her sympathies. Of late, seeing the airy graceof the ingenue in several well-constructed plays, she had beenmoved to secretly imitate it, and many were the little movementsand expressions of the body in which she indulged from time totime in the privacy of her chamber. On several occasions, whenDrouet had caught her admiring herself, as he imagined, in themirror, she was doing nothing more than recalling some littlegrace of the mouth or the eyes which she had witnessed inanother. Under his airy accusation she mistook this for vanityand accepted the blame with a faint sense of error, though, as amatter of fact, it was nothing more than the first subtleoutcroppings of an artistic nature, endeavouring to re-create theperfect likeness of some phase of beauty which appealed to her.In such feeble tendencies, be it known, such outworking of desireto reproduce life, lies the basis of all dramatic art.

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      "A very little," said Carrie.

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       "You couldn't have tried so very hard," said Carrie. "I gotsomething."

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      "Sixty-seven," the coach-caller was saying, his voice lifted in asort of euphonious cry. "Sixty-seven."

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    {  Feeling well! Mrs. Hurstwood could have echoed the words afterhim open-mouthed. As it was, she extricated herself from hermingled impulse to deny and question, and said, almost raspingly:

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      "Aren't you afraid?" she asked.}

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      There was something delicate and lonely in her voice, but hecould not hear it. He had not the poetry in him that would seeka woman out under such circumstances and console her for thetragedy of life. Instead, he struck a match and lighted the gas.

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      "I will be there to show you," and so Mr. Withers withdrew.

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       "All right," said Carrie, noticing the air of the petted andwell-groomed woman in Mrs. Vance's general appearance. Shelooked as though she was dearly loved and her every wishgratified. "What shall we see?"

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    {  This crying made her eyes red, and when, in preparing his bed,she lighted the gas, and, having prepared it, called him in, henoticed the fact.

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      "Ah, you scab, you!" yelled the crowd. "You coward! Steal aman's job, will you? Rob the poor, will you, you thief? We'll getyou yet, now. Wait."