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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But you do not know this man."
2.  "Probably."
3.  "Yes, if it isn't contrary to the rules."
4.  "Ah, reverend sir," cried Caderousse, clasping his hands,and drawing nearer to Monte Cristo, "I may indeed say youare my deliverer!"
5.  "Yes."
6.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "so this gentleman is anAcademician?"


1.  "Ma foi," said Franz, "it would be the easiest thing in theworld; for I feel eagle's wings springing out at myshoulders, and with those wings I could make a tour of theworld in four and twenty hours."
2.  "You are a fool, M. Baptistin. Thieves might strip the house-- it would annoy me less than to be disobeyed." Baptistinbowed.
3.  "Ma foi, yes."
4.  "No, no," said Noirtier's look.
5.  "I know it, sir; a young man, who still adheres to my fallenfortunes, passes a part of his time in a belvidere at thetop of the house, in hopes of being the first to announcegood news to me; he has informed me of the arrival of thisship."
6.  "Perfectly well, my good friend; and I will prove it to youby putting the dots to the `i,' or rather by naming thepersons. You were walking one evening in M. de Villefort'sgarden; from what you relate, I suppose it to have been theevening of Madame de Saint-Meran's death. You heard M. deVillefort talking to M. d'Avrigny about the death of M. deSaint-Meran, and that no less surprising, of the countess.M. d'Avrigny said he believed they both proceeded frompoison; and you, honest man, have ever since been askingyour heart and sounding your conscience to know if you oughtto expose or conceal this secret. Why do you torment them?`Conscience, what hast thou to do with me?' as Sterne said.My dear fellow, let them sleep on, if they are asleep; letthem grow pale in their drowsiness, if they are disposed todo so, and pray do you remain in peace, who have no remorseto disturb you." Deep grief was depicted on Morrel'sfeatures; he seized Monte Cristo's hand. "But it isbeginning again, I say!"


1.  "Very well, let us go," said Caderousse; "but I don't wantyour arm at all. Come, Fernand, won't you return toMarseilles with us?"
2.  "Oh, if you take it in that sense," said Caderousse, "it isanother thing. But I thought you were a Catalan, and theytold me the Catalans were not men to allow themselves to besupplanted by a rival. It was even told me that Fernand,especially, was terrible in his vengeance."
3.  "No," said Morrel; "I am not mistaken. I have known him forten years, the last four of which he was in my service. Donot you recollect, I came about six weeks ago to plead forclemency, as I come to-day to plead for justice. Youreceived me very coldly. Oh, the royalists were very severewith the Bonapartists in those days."
4.  "Indeed, I should think not," replied Monte Cristo; "dormiceare bad neighbors for us who do not eat them preserved, asthe Romans did."
5.   The inspector visited, one after another, the cells anddungeons of several of the prisoners, whose good behavior orstupidity recommended them to the clemency of thegovernment. He inquired how they were fed, and if they hadany request to make. The universal response was, that thefare was detestable, and that they wanted to be set free.
6.  "Die? and why so? Who talks of dying? Whence have you theseideas of death?"


1.  "Oh, if you do know him," cried Julie, "can you tell uswhere he is -- where we can find him? Maximilian -- Emmanuel-- if we do but discover him, he must believe in thegratitude of the heart!" Monte Cristo felt tears start intohis eyes, and he again walked hastily up and down the room.
2.  "Why? -- what do you mean by that question?"
3.  "The price of his blood!" she murmured.
4、  "No, merely his testamentary executor. `I once possessedfour dear and faithful friends, besides the maiden to whom Iwas betrothed' he said; `and I feel convinced they have allunfeignedly grieved over my loss. The name of one of thefour friends is Caderousse.'" The inn-keeper shivered.
5、  "No."




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      "How strong and courageous you are!" said the fair, frailgirl to her brunette companion.

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      "When will it be our turn to think of these things? Oh,Valentine, you who have so much influence over yourgrandpapa, try to make him answer -- Soon."

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       "Do I know M. Debray? -- do I wish to know him? -- do I wishto know that he gives advice? -- do I wish to follow it? --do I speculate? No; you do all this, not I."

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      "What do you advise?" said Valentine, raising her eyes toheaven and sighing. "I am free," replied Maximilian, "andrich enough to support you. I swear to make you my lawfulwife before my lips even shall have approached yourforehead."

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    {  "I am sorry to say I cannot," replied the baron; "and I wasjust asking the same question of Albert."

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      "Something which will surprise you."}

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      "To preserve it, sealed up as it is, doubtless," said theprocureur.

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      "Just as they were sitting down to table, M. de Monte Cristoarrived. He took his seat amongst them; they played, and Iwon. I am almost ashamed to say that my gains amounted to5,000 francs. We separated at midnight. I could not defer mypleasure, so I took a cabriolet and drove to the horsedealer's. Feverish and excited, I rang at the door. Theperson who opened it must have taken me for a madman, for Irushed at once to the stable. Medeah was standing at therack, eating his hay. I immediately put on the saddle andbridle, to which operation he lent himself with the bestgrace possible; then, putting the 4,500 francs into thehands of the astonished dealer, I proceeded to fulfil myintention of passing the night in riding in the ChampsElysees. As I rode by the count's house I perceived a lightin one of the windows, and fancied I saw the shadow of hisfigure moving behind the curtain. Now, Valentine, I firmlybelieve that he knew of my wish to possess this horse, andthat he lost expressly to give me the means of procuringhim."

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    {  "You?" exclaimed Morrel, with increasing anger and reproach-- "you, who have deceived me with false hopes, who havecheered and soothed me with vain promises, when I might, ifnot have saved her, at least have seen her die in my arms!You, who pretend to understand everything, even the hiddensources of knowledge, -- and who enact the part of aguardian angel upon earth, and could not even find anantidote to a poison administered to a young girl! Ah, sir,indeed you would inspire me with pity, were you not hatefulin my eyes."

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      "With what?"