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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  How to go about getting anything was a bitter thought. Would hehave to go personally and ask; wait outside an office door, and,then, distinguished and affluent looking, announce that he waslooking for something to do? He strained painfully at thethought. No, he could not do that.
2.  "I don't know what I'm going to do about clothes," she said oneevening when they were together. "I need a hat."
3.  Idleness, however, and the sight of the company, backed by thepolice, triumphing, angered the men. They saw that each day morecars were going on, each day more declarations were being made bythe company officials that the effective opposition of thestrikers was broken. This put desperate thoughts in the minds ofthe men. Peaceful methods meant, they saw, that the companieswould soon run all their cars and those who had complained wouldbe forgotten. There was nothing so helpful to the companies aspeaceful methods.All at once they blazed forth, and for a week there was storm andstress. Cars were assailed, men attacked, policemen struggledwith, tracks torn up, and shots fired, until at last streetfights and mob movements became frequent, and the city wasinvested with militia.
4.  "Oh, you needn't do that," said Carrie, hurt by the pity of it."But there must be other things."
5.  On the stage, Mrs. Van Dam was making her cruel insinuationagainst Laura.
6.  "I was listening to the music."


1.  "Well, you know, I saw your picture in the Sunday paper, but yourname threw me off. I thought it must be you or somebody thatlooked just like you, and I said: 'Well, now, I will go rightdown there and see.' I was never more surprised in my life. Howare you, anyway?"
2.  They were happy in being near one another--in looking into eachother's eyes. Finally, when the long flush of delight had subsided, he said:
3.  "Well, that's as much as to say that I'm a sort of life pill."
4.  "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked softly.
5.  This recovered her sufficiently and she went excitedly on, hardlybreathing until the shadow moved away from behind her. Then sheheaved a great breath.
6.  The place that had been so comfortable, where he had spent somany days of warmth, was now a memory. Something colder andchillier confronted him. He sank down in his chair, resting hischin in his hand--mere sensation, without thought, holding him.


1.  "Could you get me one?"
2.  He was let loose and recovered himself. Now he recognised twoofficers. He felt as if he would faint from exhaustion.Something was wet on his chin. He put up his hand and felt, thenlooked. It was red.
3.  The next day there was even a larger notice of it. "BrooklynitesWalk," said the "World." "Knights of Labour Tie up the TrolleyLines Across the Bridge." "About Seven Thousand Men Out."
4.  "Oh, he's not here now," said the policeman.
5.   "Isn't that clever?" he said, handing it to her and showing herhow it worked. "You never saw anything like that before."
6.  He nodded his head.


1.  "At about twenty minutes of five."
2.  Carrie remembered this with a start. Where to get the money? Shehad none laid up for such an emergency. Rent day was drawingnear.
3.  "One of those fellows on the Fifth Avenue line must have had ahell of a time, according to the papers," drawled another. "Theybroke his car windows and pulled him off into the street 'forethe police could stop 'em."
4、  A big, motherly looking woman invariably stood guard at the doorduring the entire operation and counted the admissible number.The men moved up in solemn order. There was no haste and noeagerness displayed. It was almost a dumb procession. In thebitterest weather this line was to be found here. Under an icywind there was a prodigious slapping of hands and a dancing offeet. Fingers and the features of the face looked as if severelynipped by the cold. A study of these men in broad light provedthem to be nearly all of a type. They belonged to the class thatsit on the park benches during the endurable days and sleep uponthem during the summer nights. They frequent the Bowery andthose down-at-the-heels East Side streets where poor clothes andshrunken features are not singled out as curious. They are themen who are in the lodginghouse sitting-rooms during bleak andbitter weather and who swarm about the cheaper shelters whichonly open at six in a number of the lower East Side streets.Miserable food, ill-timed and greedily eaten, had played havocwith bone and muscle. They were all pale, flabby, sunken-eyed,hollow-chested, with eyes that glinted and shone and lips thatwere a sickly red by contrast. Their hair was but half attendedto, their ears anaemic in hue, and their shoes broken in leatherand run down at heel and toe. They were of the class whichsimply floats and drifts, every wave of people washing up one, asbreakers do driftwood upon a stormy shore.
5、  Mrs. Morgan looked at him as if she feared a personal assault.Her eye lightened with resentment.




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      "Yes," said Carrie.

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      "Isn't it bad?" she observed to Lola.

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       At the shoe factory she put in a long day, scarcely so wearisomeas the preceding, but considerably less novel. The head foreman,on his round, stopped by her machine.

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      Carrie flushed a little.

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    {  "You said the first of the week," said Carrie, greatly abashed.

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      "I'll be back in a moment," said her companion, who saw nothingin the inventor.

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      Once at home, she changed her clothes and straightened the roomsfor herself. In the matter of the arrangement of the furnitureshe never took the housemaid's opinion. That young womaninvariably put one of the rocking-chairs in the corner, andCarrie as regularly moved it out. To-day she hardly noticed thatit was in the wrong place, so absorbed was she in her ownthoughts. She worked about the room until Drouet put inappearance at five o'clock. The drummer was flushed and excitedand full of determination to know all about her relations withHurstwood. Nevertheless, after going over the subject in hismind the livelong day, he was rather weary of it and wished itover with. He did not foresee serious consequences of any sort,and yet he rather hesitated to begin. Carrie was sitting by thewindow when he came in, rocking and looking out."Well," she said innocently, weary of her own mental discussionand wondering at his haste and ill-concealed excitement, "whatmakes you hurry so?"

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       "Let's go up here and have something to eat. George! but I'mglad to see you again."

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    {  "Oh, no," said Carrie. "I would take anything to begin with."

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      The next morning he looked over the papers and waded through along list of advertisements, making a few notes. Then he turnedto the male-help-wanted column, but with disagreeable feelings.The day was before him--a long day in which to discoversomething--and this was how he must begin to discover. Hescanned the long column, which mostly concerned bakers,bushelmen, cooks, compositors, drivers, and the like, finding twothings only which arrested his eye. One was a cashier wanted ina wholesale furniture house, and the other a salesman for awhiskey house. He had never thought of the latter. At once hedecided to look that up.