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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  My Dear Child, Hold yourself ready. OUR FRIEND will see you soon,and he will only see you to release you from that imprisonment in whichyour safety required you should be concealed. Prepare, then, for yourdeparture, and never despair of us.
2.  "You approach that famous point of free will which is a mortalrock. You face the insinuations of the Pelagians and the demi-Peligians."
3.  And remounting his horse, which Cahusac led to him, he salutedthem with his hand, and rode away.
4.  "The advice is good, monsieur, and tomorrow I will set out.""Tomorrow! Any why not this evening?"
5.  "Impossible, madame, impossible," murmured Felton, who felt tothe bottom of his heart the justness of this argument. "Aprisoner, you will not recover your liberty through me; living,you will not lose your life through me."
6.  Upon which M. D'Artagnan the elder girded his own sword round hisson, kissed him tenderly on both cheeks, and gave him hisbenediction.


1.  "Half an hour had not passed when the same symptoms began toappear; but as I had only drunk half a glass of the water, Icontended longer, and instead of falling entirely asleep, I sankinto a state of drowsiness which left me a perception of what waspassing around me, while depriving me of the strength either todefend myself or to fly.
2.  "By Guards brought by the men in black whom you put to flight.""Why did he not tell them his name? Why did he not tell them heknew nothing about this affair?"
3.  "So much the worse for you, my dear host, so much the worse!When I am happy, I wish all the world to be so; but it appearsthat is not possible."
4.  The travelers had chosen crossroads in the hope that they mightmeet with less interruption; but at Crevecoeur, Aramis declaredhe could proceed no farther. In fact, it required all thecourage which he concealed beneath his elegant form and polishedmanners to bear him so far. He grew more pale every minute, andthey were obliged to support him on his horse. They lifted himoff at the door of a cabaret, left Bazin with him, who, besides,in a skirmish was more embarrassing than useful, and set forwardagain in the hope of sleeping at Amiens.
5.  "Charlotte Backson, Comtesse de la Fere, Milady de Winter," said he,"your crimes have wearied men on earth and God in heaven. If you know aprayer, say it--for you are condemned, and you shall die."At these words, which left no hope, Milady raised herself in all herpride, and wished to speak; but her strength failed her. She felt thata powerful and implacable hand seized her by the hair, and dragged heraway as irrevocably as fatality drags humanity. She did not, therefore,even attempt the least resistance, and went out of the cottage.Lord de Winter, D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, went out closebehind her. The lackeys followed their masters, and the chamber wasleft solitary, with its broken window, its open door, and its smoky lampburning sadly on the table.
6.  Lord de Winter perceived nothing of this. When he hadfinished, he went to a table upon which was a salver withSpanish wine and glasses. He filled two glasses, and by asign invited D'Artagnan to drink.


1.  "But on what day will this ball take place?" asked Anne ofAustria.
2.  The bell of the convent gate was sounded; Milady was not mistaken."Go to your chamber," said she to Mme. Bonacieux; "you have perhaps somejewels you would like to take."
3.  "It is not necessary for Milady* to be seen by this fellow,"continued the stranger. "She will soon pass; she is alreadylate. I had better get on horseback, and go and meet her. Ishould like, however, to know what this letter addressed toTreville contains."
4.  "I mean to say that since we last met you have changed yourreligion. You have not by chance married a Protestant for athird husband, have you?"
5.   "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."
6.  "That concerns your Majesty more than me," said the cardinal. "Ishould affirm the culpability."


1.  "Monsieur," said the cardinal, "you have been arrested by my orders.""So they tell me, monseigneur."
2.  Milady saw the trouble. She felt by intuition the flame of theopposing passions which burned with the blood in the veins of theyoung fanatic. As a skillful general, seeing the enemy ready tosurrender, marches toward him with a cry of victory, she rose,beautiful as an antique priestess, inspired like a Christianvirgin, her arms extended, her throat uncovered, her hairdisheveled, holding with one hand her robe modestly drawn overher breast, her look illumined by that fire which had alreadycreated such disorder in the veins of the young Puritan, and wenttoward him, crying out with a vehement air, and in her melodiousvoice, to which on this occasion she communicated a terribleenergy:
3.  "I am all attention," said D'Artagnan.
4、  "Oh, I resolved that it should take place as soon as possible. Ihad no doubt he would return the following night. During the dayI had nothing to fear.
5、  Milady shut the window, extinguished the lamp, and went, asFelton had desired her, to lie down on the bed. Amid the moaningof the storm she heard the grinding of the file upon the bars,and by the light of every flash she perceived the shadow ofFelton through the panes.




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      "Oh, you love her still," said Kitty, who had not taken hereyes off the young man's countenance for an instant."No, Kitty, you are mistaken. I do not love her, but I willavenge myself for her contempt."

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      D'Artagnan raised his head and uttered a cry of joy. It was the man hecalled his phantom; it was his stranger of Meung, of the Rue desFossoyeurs and of Arras.

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       D'Artagnan detained her by her night dress of fine Indialinen, to implore her pardon; but she, with a strongmovement, tried to escape. Then the cambric was torn fromher beautiful shoulders; and on one of those lovelyshoulders, round and white, D'Artagnan recognized, withinexpressible astonishment, the FLEUR-DE-LIS--that indeliblemark which the hand of the infamous executioner hadimprinted.

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      In the Rue de Seine he met Planchet, who had stopped beforethe house of a pastry cook, and was contemplating withecstasy a cake of the most appetizing appearance.He ordered him to go and saddle two horses in M. deTreville's stables--one for himself, D'Artagnan, and one forPlanchet--and bring them to Athens's place. Once for all,Treville had placed his stable at D'Artagnan's service.Planchet proceeded toward the Rue du Colombier, andD'Artagnan toward the Rue Ferou. Athos was at home,emptying sadly a bottle of the famous Spanish wine he hadbrought back with him from his journey into Picardy. Hemade a sign for Grimaud to bring a glass for D'Artagnan, andGrimaud obeyed as usual.

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    {  "This chamber?"

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      At his announcement D'Artagnan felt himself tremble to the verymarrow of his bones. The coming instant would in all probabilitydecide the rest of his life. His eyes therefore were fixed in asort of agony upon the door through which the king must enter.Louis XIII appeared, walking fast. He was in hunting costumecovered with dust, wearing large boots, and holding a whip in hishand. At the first glance, D'Artagnan judged that the mind ofthe king was stormy.}

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      "Let us first withdraw from this house; afterward we shall see."The young woman and the young man, without taking the trouble toshut the door after them, descended the Rue des Fossoyeursrapidly, turned into the Rue des Fosses-Monsieur-le-Prince, anddid not stop till they came to the Place St. Sulpice."And now what are we to do, and where do you wish me to conductyou?" asked D'Artagnan.

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      "That's true. How much do you want?"

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       D'Artagnan smiled--for he understood that Athos was sure of hisvengeance when he revealed such a secret. Porthos and Aramis looked ateach other, and grew pale. Lord de Winter thought Athos was mad."Now, retire to your chambers," said Athos, "and leave me to act. Youmust perceive that in my quality of a husband this concerns me. Only,D'Artagnan, if you have not lost it, give me the paper which fell fromthat man's hat, upon which is written the name of the village of--""Ah," said D'Artagnan, "I comprehend! that name written in her hand.""You see, then," said Athos, :there is a god in heaven still!"

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    {  "My Friend, it is the will of fate that we should be stillfor some time separated; but the delightful days of youthare not lost beyond return. Perform your duty in camp; Iwill do mine elsewhere. Accept that which the bearer bringsyou; make the campaign like a handsome true gentleman, andthink of me, who kisses tenderly your black eyes."Adieu; or rather, AU REVOIR."

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      Five seconds has scarcely elapsed after the disappearance of theofficer, when the door opened, and a new personage entered."It is he!" cried Bonacieux.